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Illustration Portfolio 2009

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I take both privet and commercial commissions.
Contact me to inquire. If you have a problem with flicker or want a clean page to look at use this my dedicated illustration site here.

Portrait of cartoonist Marc Bell45 shoping for Fish PissHonolulu Lorie’s Lava Love Lounge page oneChicago StreetsCommuting Homethe Wrigley Building in Chicago
A fantastic vision of ChicagoSpacingEveryone Goes HomeEveryone goes Home 2, it's all fun and gamesNashvillekali
EliotDream Life page page oneDream Life page page twoDream Life page page threeDream Life page page fourDream Life page page five
Dream Life page page tenCover art for (k) episode 1Cover art for the first edition of RevolveRCover for Therefore Repent!Chapter brakes for Therefore Repent!Chapter brakes for Therefore Repent!
Chapter brakes for Therefore Repent!Chapter brakes for Therefore Repent!shop poster - jan 15 08Repent Poster Nov 08



Responses (2) to “Illustration Portfolio 2009”

  1. john grist says:

    i’m digging the interface, but not being able to see details on larger pieces is unfortunate!

  2. max says:

    click on the link to the flick page or the art in the slide show to go to the gallery so you can. :)

    That’s just for purdy posting.