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Despite getting cleaned out by some kind of gastro bug last weekend and taking a day and a bit to sleep off the effects, I’ve  been pretty happy with the pace on work last little while.

By Sunday I already had the next Dream Life page coloured and lettered [seen here in B&W] and composed this new version of Joseph’s sketches for Pin City – also for this coming weekend. Since then I’ve also mostly coloured another page, and done some prep work for other things. If I can keep this up I might actually get these monsters done! :) At the lest by the end of the week I should have a month of web comics posts backlogged.

For father’s day sort of, I put up some new posts on Lionel’s site, some photos and some poems. And have been talking to a few old friends of Lionel’s and some luminaries of the Canadian theatre trying to identify the play in the photos – so far no luck.

I’ve also been working on the site here, building  new proper pages/galleries for my past comics work, under the menu you’ll fine ones for Ghostbusters Holiday Special: Tainted LoveREVOLUTION on the PLANET OF THE APESTherefore Repent! & and one for Sea of Red I put up last week. That last one has hidden treasures. ;)

Emily Carroll won the Shuster for Outstanding Web Comics Creator /Créateur Exceptionnel de Bandes Dessinées Web – her work is well deserving of the honour. Looks like she got her site set up a bit more sorted out in time for the award, it used to be hard to find the comics but now it’s really nice and clean, check them out! Wish I could have made it to Calgary for the wards and the con, sounds like it was a fun show.

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