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Some new old photos on the Italian Machine

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Getting settled into the new studio space set up, and back into work routines.

Some pencilling going on, I’ll share some of that later today.

Last night I posted some more of Lionel’s photos.

Two sets, one of a out door concert put on by CHUM radio, and one of people hanging out, I think before and after a Frank Zappa show — photos of which will be going up on the site soon too.

The one I’m posting here below is significant for animation geeks, this is a young Clive A. Smith, director and co founder of Nelvana Studios in Toronto.

He was a friend of my parents and much later my mother would work at Nelvana starting out on Rock and Rule [poster on the right] and going on to be a senior director there for several years before going freelance. You can check out here work on this site.

As a result I had the good fortune to get to grow up running around a large animation studio from when I was 9 till 15 or so when I stopped going as often. Later I also worked there myself a couple of times as a designer. It would be an understatement to call that a formative experience. My first sexy girl drawings were attempts to reproduce drawings of Angel from the studio character sheets when I was 10 or so.



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