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Had a productive couple of weeks since FanExpo.

Been getting two to three pages done a week since, been in a good zone.

Decided to work on getting the book to a readable B&W stage asap, so to help I’m stopping short of colouring for a while, to help speed up the bulk of the work – Each time i stop to colour it feels like starting all over again when I go to the next page.

Waiting ’till later to do it cheats the pace i find, lets me move on faster for now. So as a result, Dream Life is back to regular posting and I think for a while i can up the pase; twice weekly!

Next tree weeks are already loaded up, you can peek into the future and see what I’m doing on G+ twitter or Facebook.

This latest page is one I really enjoyed coming up with – a peek inside Charlie’s anxieties via his media diet?



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