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A BUSY WEEK! Expozine, Someday Funnies, & 3Macs carte blanche Prize!

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Publishing a new Dream life page today, it’s a landmark, page 90! Just a pinch from 1/3rd done! I’m considering trying to put together the first 100 pages in some form for TCAF next year… Update: damn, the WP database seems to be down, wrote Ramon about it but till he fixes the site you can also read it here on G+ too.

Crazy week ahead for me.

Carte blanche 14 is live, and tonight is the 3Macs carte blanche prize! The three finalists are Howard Scott for his translation of Ex(o)ilium by Rodica Draghincescu. Gillian Sze, for her poem Like This Together. And Daniel Ha, for his story A Sunset! The juror for this year’s prize was Joseph Salvatore, author of To Assume a Pleasing Shape, and his choice will be posted on-line after the QWF galla tonight.

Tomorrow is the Launch of the Someday Funnies at the D+Q shop! Looking forward to that, i posted about it last week here.

The day after I give a talk to Kelly Tindall’s comics art class and spend a few hours subing with them in an inking workshop. Been thinking about teaching myself so looking forward to feeling it out filling in.

Then things get rolling for Expozine. Had fun last night coming up with a new light weight display for my prints.

Friday night there’s the Expozine 10th Anniversary and FOUR MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT launch! Going to try to make it to this year, sounds like fun.

Then Saturday & Sunday, I’ll be planted at my table solo most of the time at EXPOZINE 2011! I’m bringing posters and books including 25 copies of the new colour RevolveЯ!

And Saturday night is the EXPOZINE 10th ANNIVERSARY PARTY! 8 p.m. – 3 a.m., Casa del Popolo, 4873 St. Laurent, free admission. If i have anything to spare energy wize i might stick my head in, but probably after a day on the floor I’ll be hitting the sac to get up early for day two. But sounds like fun for the bunnies, Music by J.A.S.S. (Jazz Amnesty Sound System).

So that’s the week!

Oh, and any time you feel like it, drop on by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to check out the free Big Bang exhibition, featuring along with a lot of other cool stuff, a huge room of B&W murals by En Masse, including a few square feet of art by me!

He he. Bellow is a nice set of shots of the walls, but it’s nothing like being there!

And check out this group shot. That’s not even the whole crew, 10 are missing!



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