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It’s gotten to be

that time again.

Spent the last year and a bit working on Dream Life with grant funding, but the funding is running out and de bills, they need de paying.

So Freelancing shingle goes out
[hmm, i should have one of those…]

Nice. I’m going to have to fabricate that now for sure.

Ok, specifically I know for sure
I’m free this summer, July to September,
beyond that I have the notion of plans
but open for considerations
and worthy offers.
See my ideal base rates here.
And note to the right,
i’m offering %10 off deal
for the rest of 2012!
Not to mention
a way for you to make money
if you help me find work.
Check it out.


First, Illustration work.
My flavorite!

 I have to say after years of drawing comics, i really love short sweet illustration work.
It’s a lot of fun, occasionally challenging, and much less intense than making comics.  Love it.
I’ve recently updated my set on Behance, and the primary ones I keep here.
You can view a large mixed gallery here

 or  view the smaller sets titled
Linear – Colour – Book Covers & Packaging

 Again my base rates are posted here. I think you’ll find I’m affordable.


I had a long post of them here,
but i’ve moved them to this page
and built in some navigation
to make it easier to browse…


Thumbs – Pencils – B&W inked art | Fast |Fast w tones | Slower/Better w tones | Slowest/Best w tones | Lettering – Colouring – Inks

I’m choosier when it comes to comics work, but not unreasonably. I don’t want to write for anyone else right now but anything else is an option. Prime skills i think are layout, and inking, especially tonal work with a lot of depth. The tones being something I probably could do on someone else’s inks. I can also colour. Pencil for someone else though ideally you want a strong inker to follow that up – I’m a messy penciller. Letter [digitally or by hand] and do ID package design work.

All are on the table for reasonable rates:)

If you care to know my work history you’ll find my CV here,

and a bibliography of my published comics work here.


I can help make you
some awesome comics

Or other art! Illustration,
portraits, drawing of your house?
Use your imagination.

For a fair price it can happen.
Have you got some work that needs doing?
Drop me a line at

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