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Alan Turing would have been 100 today.

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The man that made all this possible.
Alan Turing would have been 100 today.
I made a poster to honour him.

I’d planed to draw this, but my mood has been off,
wasn’t feeling it with the brush
so used some collage to do it instead.
Like how it came out anyway as an exercise in design.
Might still try to draw it one day…
Some cool Turing links care of the great Wiki.

100 years from Alan Turing birth
Alan Turing RKBExplorer
Alan Turing Year
Google Doodle for Alan Turing 100th Birthday
CiE 2012: Turing Centenary Conference
Visual Turing
Turing Machine calculators at Wolfram Alpha
Alan Turing site maintained by Andrew Hodges including a short biography – Turing Archive for the History of Computing by Jack Copeland
The Turing Archive – contains scans of some unpublished documents and material from the Kings College, Cambridge archive
Jones, G. James (11 December 2001). “Alan Turing – Towards a Digital Mind: Part 1”System Toolbox (The Binary Freedom Project).

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