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Dream Life Indiegogo funding drive is live!

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 Text from Indiegogo page

I’m just 30 pages shy of completing Dream Life | a late coming of age.

Hi, my name is Max Douglas, I’m a cartoonist, working under the pen name Salgood Sam, and with your help I’d like to get the first half of the longest story I’ve ever tried to tell completed in time for TCAF 2013.

I’m very close already, over 115 pages are done, just a mere thirty left to complete the first three chapters. I hope with this campaign I can dedicate the rest of this year to making those thirty pages my primary focus.

This story is a labour of love. A work of fiction with fantastic and adventure elements. It borrows from my own life–as close to autobiography as I’ve dared in many ways. The cast is an amalgam of people I’ve known and myself, played off archetypes. The situations and conflicts borrow from my own experiences and stories I’ve been close to.

Charlie’s childhood friend is about to die.
Hitch hiking in BC PJ’s luck runs out.
Lionel is in existential free-fall.
Leslie is a therapist and part time drug dealer.
It’s just occurring to her she hates her job.
Dan’s daughter thinks he needs to grow up.

The story of five friends.
Dreams, drugs, & denial
all failing to weather
the arc of life unscathed.
Each coming to terms with lives peter panned,
and in danger of going off the rails.

I’ve worked both commercially and independently for others most of the 20+ years that I’ve been a cartoonist. I’ve been lucky to often make my living doing that but there are always trade-offs and limits to the work.

With Dream Life I’m trying to do all the things i’ve always wanted to, tell a story that I’d want to read–without compromise or conditions.

I‘ve been very lucky to receive grant funding for Dream Life in the past. That had been a huge help getting this far. But life throws us unforeseen curves: In early 2011, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and had an operation to remove it. I got lucky, hopefully will stay lucky. But I did lose a lot of time to that, dealing with the stress, distractions, and recovering from the operation.

And just as I was getting back to feeling normal, I got slammed by a bacterial infection in my stomach in the fall, lost fifteen pounds in two weeks, and a couple months due to being laid out and exhausted by that. So while the grant made getting as far as I have possible, and recovering a lot less stressful, I did not get as far as I had wanted to. So close though. So so close.

So it goes. I’m grateful and I’ll keep at it one way or another, but the grant funds are gone now. Working as a freelancer takes up most of my time. Between finding the next job and doing the jobs, I’m left with little space to squeak out pages.

So I thought I’d try crowdfunding to make room to wrap up this first half of the book, and put a small run of 100 B&W first editions in time for TCAF 2013. To do that I need to finance 3 months of focused work on this and this alone.

I also plan to upload the book to Create Space [Amazon] so it will be available to all right away, either in print or digitally via their app market.

On my own I’ll get there one day but probably not in time for TCAF, and I have other obligations in 2013 that will probably cause even more delays. So now’s the time to make this happen.

What I Need & What You Get
[update: i’ve added printed edtions care of Create Space for some!]

The minimum to ensure this all happens is I think, $3500.

I’ve set the goal here at $3800 because of the site fees. If we reach $3800, what I’ll get is just a bit over $3500. If we fall short the fees are a bit higher [4% if we match the goal, 9% if we fall short].

If we can surpass the goal, the surplus initially will go into better printing and/or a larger run for the first edition, and a bit more time/peace of mind.

If it looks like we’re really going to knock it out of the park I’ll think of some new worthy expanded goals, and perks. More art and reserved copies of the first edition are the first likely candidates.

For now I want to keep the bar low, so $3000 to cover living expenses while I do the work, and $500 to go mostly towards perks, maybe a bit left over for printing the first editions.

The smallest support option is $5, with the perk of getting a digital edition [PDF or CBR, specify your preference when you dontate] of Dream Life | a late coming of age, book one. And all supporters will get your name listed on the thank you page in the book and on my site unless you request otherwise.

For the supporters backing with $15 or more, their digital editions will be personalized, with a scanned handwritten signature, note, and sketch inside the “front page”.

The physical copy of signature pages will be mailed to you via regular letter post [no express or registered mail].

Starting at $25, due to eary demand for the option, most packages now come with the option to get a copy of the book!

Attention: If you’re outside of the contenental US, shipping is $10 extra.

There is also an all digital option at $25, good for Ipad lovers and haters of sipping costs.

For $35 you get both the digital copy with signature page AND an edition of the printed book! You can paste the signature page into your copy, almost like you got it signed in person! :)

For $45 or more, you will get a full digital set of my self published and independent books and zines. The 150-page graphic novel Therefore Repent! with author Jim Munroe, my personal anthology Revolver-books one and two, and the personalized digital edition of Dream Life-book one & a copy of the book from create space.

Probably a few other digital goodies too like my early zines and Jam comix. When it gets done you’ll also be sent a digital copy of book two of Dream Life, but I can’t tell you exactly when that will be.

For $80, instead of a copy of the book you will get you a print of my art from society6, along with the digital catalog of my comics.

$85 gets you a post card and a copy of the book instead of the print. Digtal catolog including personalized Dream Life-book one.

$90 and it’s the print and book, along with the digital catolog including personalized Dream Life-book one.

For $100, you will get you a bit part as an extra for one or more panels in Dream Life. There are about seven pages with scenes that call for extras in the final thirty pages. You also get Dream Life-book one, the the digital catalog of my comics and I’ll send you a small print of your cameo along with the signature page in the mail.

Finally, $200 will get you either a piece of original art from Dream Life, or a private commision. Anything you like within reason [I won’t draw something I find offensive or otherwise objectionable]. This perk also comes with the printed book, and the digtial catolog including personalized Dream Life-book one.

I’ve been tweeking the perks and added a few more stages. Have a look and see what fits you! Feel free to make suggestions too!

What will be the Impact?

Well put simply, you will make my day, life, etc. It’s really frustrating to be so close to being done this chunk of the book, and have to work on it in dribs and drabs.

I want Dream Life to be my BEST work. So, having the freedom to dedicate my energy to it alone for any amount of time will be awesome.

I can’t promise you this book will change the world or solve poverty, but it will change my life; getting as far as I have already has, as it’s already been noticed and got me nominated for an award last year as a web comic. Completing it and being able to present it in time for TCAF next year will mean the accomplishment of a major life and career goal. And for what it’s worth, I do think work that aspires to the standards and richness I hope to bring to Dream Life, enriches our world over all. Stories that have heart and integrity and try to make us think while being entertaining and beautiful.

With your help that’s what I hope to bring forth.

Other Ways You Can Help

I’ve made it easy to pitch in even a little, but if you’re really unable to support Dream Life financially, you can always help by telling as many other people as you can about this funding drive, and Dream Life generally. Use the Indiegogo social sharing tools, ‘like’ the fan page on Facebook, and share this link to the first 100+ pages online, on FacebookGoogle+, or the webcomic page here, free to read.

Many thanks.


I would not have gotten this far without help.
Thanks to Jonathan Sugarman, who helped inspire this story, started the adventure with me and left lots of fun words to play with.

Thanks to Sadoceanspacebear, for the beautiful sounds.

To a.j.duric for showing me how to craft a grant application.

& A.J.Murphy for checking my grammar.

And many more too numerous to name.

And far from least, the generous funding of
the Canadian Council for the Arts

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, which last year invested $154 million to bring the arts to Canadians throughout the country.

Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien. L’an dernier, le Conseil a investi 154 millions de dollars pour mettre de l’art dans la vie des Canadiennes et des Canadiens de tout le pays.

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