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Post Expozine, back to work…

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Been busy with prepping for Expozine, didn’t get much of any drawing done the last 4 days.

I always find exhibiting a challenge, it’s fun but it’s also disruptive to my work routine so keeping up a proper apperance schedule and also getting the work done tend to compete. At least with Expozine it was right in town.

The great part of going to shows is seeing everyone. The vast majority of my friends are other artists and publishers, but mostly I only see them at events. This year’s Expozine was sluggish for sales, for me but a few others i talked to said it seemed to be to them too. I moved a good number of prints but not that many books.

Here’s a few photos from the event, a pan around the room before the doors opened on day one, and one of me with Michel Rabagliati & Nina Bunjevac, at the Conundrum table where i was slumming day one.

I picked up a few cool things. My Life as a Foot by my neighbour Richard Suicide is something i’ve been wanting for a while and it was on sale at the Conundrum table so i snapped up one myself just before they sold out. The book is a collection of translated short stories that were published in a variety of places in french. As far as i’m aware it’s his only English language book so far.

Kirsten McCrea presented a new little chap book of her work called DAN-D-NOSER published by Paper Pusher. Need to read it cover to cover properly but in the back the about explains that a DAN-D-NOSER is a taxidermy tool, and the book is a playful rift on masculinity exploring the overlap between dandys and taxidermy? Should be interesting. Also always like talking with JP King, the very enthusiastic pusher behind Paper Pusher. Will have to think of a project to propose to him some time.

We’ve talked online a little but finally met in person the man behind Taddle Creek finally as well, Conan Tobias. I just got a proper subscription for the magazine and picked up a couple back issues from him at the show. Would be fun to do something for the magazine one of these days. Also talked with the folks at Matrix a bit, likewise another publication i’d like to participate in at some point. And spotted a new publication i’m going to take a closser look at and submit something probably, Circéa Publishing. They had a very sexy over-sized first issue on display for the show.

And last I got a copy of Little men in little boxes and other comics by Jai Granofsky, a book collecting work from his time at The Center for Cartoon Studies.

Would have liked to pick up a lot more but my own lack of sales pretty much meant I was limited. Probably could have traded for more but didn’t think to do that till late on day two.

OK, so it’s back to work for me. Have some illustration to do for videos, and lots of penciling left of Dream Life. Here’s a few of the last 10 I got done, have 32 more to do in the next week and a bit to meet the schedule goal for this month.


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