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Raising funds for publishing by selling things? ED: And an excellent review of Revolver!

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UNPUBLISHED GHOST RIDER 2099 COVER ART FROM 1995What a novel idea! Yeah I’m close to being done work on Dream Life book one, and have to scare up resources to print books.

I’ll be running a pre-order sale once the last page is inked, in March is the plan. Might try other things too. But don’t want to leave it till then and I am getting kind of broke right now. So lets sell some art and books why don’t we!? Yes lets. Studio is too crowded anyway.

To sweeten the deal, for the next 30 days [ends march 15th] i’m going to offer a free sketch with orders of 40$ or more, something comparable to this one I did at TCAF. Mailed to you either with your art if you buy art, or separately if what you order does not come directly from my home.

Ok, what’s for sale? I’ve added and will continue to add more Art to my store for sale directly from my site, here

So far it’s mostly old work for hire stuff, with more to come. Will also be putting up pages from more recent books to. If the sticker price is a bit high for you i’m offering to re-ink some by hand, a smaller 9×12 rendering for a lower price too.

And I’m totally open to doing original commissions, from your basic convention sketch to things more involved. So those of you paying attention, if you commission a 50$ conventions sketch from me? you’ll get two! Or I should say a second smaller one too! Deal eh?

I’ve also got an eBay auction going right now, to sell off a 22 page lot of camera ready art from my unpublished ’95 Ghostrider 2099 story with Warren Ellis, “Horrorshow”. This is not the original art I did, but stats of the pages with the lettering pasted on them. The only real physical copy of the full story in existence. Individually not worth much I think but as a set I thought of value to a collector? Hope so anyway. Check it out and consider bidding here. The cover art from that [seen top left of this post] is on sale in my store here too by the way.

Therefore Repent! - get yours now!And last for this post, please consider buying my books! I sell high quality digital copies directly from my site here. You can get my critically acclaimed Revolver One for $2.50 as a CBR or PDF, with no DRM.

Also i’m still offer a 30% discount if you order 3 or more copies. Revolver is not yet in a lot of stores, you can get it at a few, and order it from Amazon. But bulk ordering from me is the cheapest way [free shipping, and 30% off] and it’s a very direct way to support and help promote my work. Convince two friends or more to pitch in and order the book! Make it four friends and you’ll spend enough to get a free sketch too!

FYI Revolver Two is running late but soon to be launched.

And last but hardly least, I’ve also just added a new color extended digital edition of my best selling 2007 graphic novel with Jim Munroe, Therefore Repent! Unlike any past digital version we released, this one has the pages tinted in the same kind of dark blue as the printed books. I’ve also added some new back mater consisting of 18 pages of rough layout art, design sketches, notes, and two new sections of script that was cut. You won’t find this extended digital version anywhere else for now. Just here! Price is $3.50, available In CBR or PDF, with no DRM.

Cheers, hope you see something that you like and help me get Dream Life published by buying some of my past art or books.
best – max


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