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Doodle Clips, a new service i’m offering…

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“doodle” animations reel

The RSA animates helped to popularize this style of presentation, though it kind of goes back even further, including the early animation work of Winsor McCay. I’ve started experimenting with the overhead, backlit approach and enjoyed it quite a bit.
It’s not whiteboard, but kind of looks like that. Ideal for communicating ideas with the right script. And viewers seem to enjoy watching cartoon art drawn on camera even just for its own sake! I can do it in a few mode, more cartoony is fun, but moderately more representational/realistic to a degree is possible. These are backlit drawings on marker paper, done freehand or over light blues that blow out on camera. That means we can refine the images at the boarding stage before I shot the clips.

I can provide full services from development of the script to final posting on Youtube or other video sites.

Contact me about rates for your next viral video project.

Music is for my reel is “Instrumental“, by Sinphonic from Man Vs Himself [1997]
Used with thanks to the talented George Westerholm and co.

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