Color Polished Commissions


A 11″ × 14″ or 11″ x 17″ commission, of anything or anyone, real or fictional that you like [within reason], in color! The gallery images here are samples of past commissions in this class. This is also my starting price for a commercial illustration job.

I’m often very pleased with the imaginative things people ask me to draw of this sort. Manky of the images have gone on to be popular prints while the originals live happily in their owners homes! Past commisions have included Tom Waits song themed wedding and anniversary presents, a wild thing flying over Montreal like ET, and a modern version of Nelvana of the Northern Lights!

Shipping will be calculated at checkout, i’ll contact you for the details of your request and you can include them in the notes section I belive checking out too.


Polished Color Commissions can be of anything you would like within reason really [nothing I find objectionable to draw], moderately complex or elaborate, done on bristol or mixed media paper, in ink and wash, pencils, pens, water colors, color pencils and other media! I’ll write you to get specifics about your request, and if it’s a portrait of someone to get reference of them as well! These can include portraits of yourself or a family member, a pet, drawings of your favorite character, maybe a portrait of you AS your favorite fictional character? Those are fun to do. There will be some rough sketch stage where the client can give me feedback and limited revisions can be done, and then a final work will be rendered and shipped to you!