Lone Wolf and Cub Exploded Baby Cart


A Criterion Collection commission, for a hidden exploded baby cart diagram for a box set of all the chanbara Lone Wolf and Cub films! Drawn with pigment pens and brush pens with carbon black ink, ink wash, over printed blue lines on 11×14″ inch smooth strathmore bristol.

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Photo by Josh Zyber on highdefdigest.com

Criterion Collection commissioned this from me for their box set of DVD and Blu Ray disks featuring all six of the chanbara film adaptations of the classic Manga series! 

The poster came with the box set, hidden in the spine of the packaging! A very cool gig, I was proud to have a small part in it! If you’re looking for it, check out the spine of the box, as you can see in the photos here.

I worked out the diagram in rough after researching the cart’s various gags by re watching many of the films and reading up on them. We also had a crude fan made diagram as a tip sheet – it was very inaccurate but provided a good base listing to start with.

Once i’d gotten the rough to where I wanted it and got the go ahead from my client, I rendered this over printed blues of those roughs with brush pens, pigment pens, and ink wash. On my usual Strathmore smooth bristol, 11×14″ inch.

Really loved doing this work, and the final art is nice and clean. It would look pretty sweet on the wall of a genre film buff.