Ghost Rider 2099 : Daddy Dearest pg 13


Page 13, inked original art by me, for Marvel Comics, for Ghost Rider 2099 ‘Daddy Dearest’.

Scripted by Scott K. Andrews [of for Marvel Comics/2099. I really liked drawing this version of the character. Had the chance to do both but loved this version the most.

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This was part of a 22 page story we did as a file story for the series in 1994, that sadly never got printed. The book was canceled before they were used!

Art is in great shape still, minimal yellowing. It’s on 11×17 inch marvel paper – Strathmore Stock 4/12/94 / PO 32627 #6485/6509. Nice stuff, something like a crisp bristol with a firmer serface, the top right of the page has a paste over revision patch. Glue is still holding well.

The art is Rendered in pigment pens and illustrators markers.