Isn’t She Great


Drawing study of a woman in costume, cut from a sketchbook, just over 9×7″ inches, done in ink with a pentel pocket brush.

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Waiting for our call on the set of Isn’t She Great. In June of 1998 I worked for a night as an extra on the set of “Isn’t She Great” starring Bette Midler and Nathan Lane.

After we were put in costume we had to wait for a while before the set was ready. So I drew the people next to me. The film is set in the 60s, we were in full period dress.

Drawing was in a sketchbook, just over 9″x7″ now, done in ink with a pentel pocket brush. I’ve also uploaded this image with some alterations up to Society6, so you can get it on Ts and a variety of things, including in classy framed prints, or on a coffee mug!