Kali, in pigment pens and brush pens with pencil for tones. Drawing over printed bluelines of the rough drafts on 9×12″ strathmore smooth bristol.

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Kali here was an illustration originally, for defunct SF Kitchen Sink Magazine.

Killing Time : Animal Sacrifice in India
by Erin Johansen
WC: 1407
“India is a land of opposites, where the putrid and the sublime mingle like raw sewage and incense. So naturally, a place dominated by a religion espousing nonviolence and strict vegetarianism has a dark and violent flip side. My first day in Calcutta led me to the famous old Kalighat temple, where, in the 118-degree monsoon weather, amidst pilgrims carrying offering baskets full of fruits and flowers, I scratched a friendly little black baby goat behind the ears. It took me a few moments to realize that the kid was about to be a blood offering to the goddess enshrined there…”

Here you can see two of the roughs that went into the work.

Also, this is one of my more popular prints on Society6! I really like the version for the mugs myself!