*SOLD: Orphan Black Ink


A group portrait of Clone Club and Kira. Done in brush pen and pigment pens, ink wash and graphite pencils for tones over printed blue line roughs, on strathmore smooth bristol, 9×12.

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A group shot of the core members of Clone Club, and Kira!

I watched Orphan Black with great appreciation. There was talk of a comic adaptation and I was asked to do a treatment, this was the end result.

It was tricky getting them all close enough to Tatiana Maslany for the twinning to work. But pretty happy with this one but the job didn’t pan out, which is ok I think as I heard through the grape vine it was a difficult one.

I’m putting the original up for sale as well. And if you like, you can watch a clip of me working on it here on youtube!