A Portrait of Marc Bell


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Years ago I lived in Toronto and had my first comics published by Caliber Press. At a London Ont show tabling with Gary Reed and the Caliber crew I met another artist, a local guy my age whose first book was published by them too! Marc Bell!

I recall taking a liking to Marc right away, and some years later when he found himself between apartments once for a few days I was happy to let him crash on my couch until he could move to his new place nearby.

I took a few pictures that afternoon, I was studying photography at the time a bit more earnestly and was making enough to waste a lot on film. Natural light with my old Nikon F. Was pretty happy with that one.

About 6 years later I used it as refrence for a portrait study. Always liked how it came out, used to keep it on my studio wall when I had more bare wall space for it. It became symbolic of being at ease with life for me. It could go there again someday, but I’m ready to pass it on to a new appreciative home!

Done in ink, pencils, marker, and other things. Paper is strathmore bristol. with a bit added to the bottom to extend it’s length. Making it 18×11″ inches.