Remote Whaam!


A smaller ink and wash drawing, done on strathmore smooth bristol, originally 9×12″ trimmed down to just under 8.5×12″. Sold unframed, signed.

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Roy Lichtenstein’s famous Whaam, was a rift on the work of three comics artists. He probably loved their work but was spotty about giving credit. I did this as a nod to that and Irv Novick, the one responsible for the compostion mine exploits.

Irv Novick did the panel layout, the plans probably come from other comics by Jerry Grandenetti & Russ Heath! Alls fair in art and remix, but the fact was paved over a bit by art critics and dealers for fear probably of the cost of being associated with commercial art.

The truth has long since come out, and been talked about from a few different POV. Part of that discussion recently was the offsite response called Image Duplicator, at London’s Orbital Comics in May 2013, to a Tate London Gallery retrospective of Lichtenstein’s art. The Tate in London has owned Whaam since 1966, and put on a major show of his work.

Dave Gibbons spearheaded the exhibit, I read of it and immediately did this image in about 40 minutes. I scanned it and did the rest for the pop arty version digitally. I later learned Dave was doing one of the same Lichtenstein, but luckily we had very different takes on it, his more a commentary on Pop Art itself.

This is a nice little original, it would look great framed. Done in ink and wash over printed bules on strathmore bristol, 9×12 inch trimmed down to 8.5 tall.

You can also get copies of my ‘Remote Whaam!’ image as a print, or on various items via Society6 here!