Revolver Vol.3 & Vol.4 Two pack!


Revolver Vol.3 & Revolver Vol.4!: Get the second two issues of my personal antholagy. Starting with these two the series features two ongoing stories. My memoir A Bastards Tale. And Dracula Son of the Dragon, with Mark Sable! Along with short stories, one pagers, pin ups, poems, and more!

“Revolver is the very type of comic I want to make, pharmacy filled with poetic short stories of dreams and loneliness, buy cialis visually stunning and unique, with just the right mix of reality and fancy.” – Farel Dalrymple

“Always liked Salgood Sam’s compositions. Always a bit delirious“ – Scott McCloud

“Salgood Sam has one of the most interesting, unique voices in comics today.” – Mark Waid


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Revolver Vol.3:  Featuring Dracula Son of the Dragon! Pt1. A collaboration with Mark Sable! Co written and drawn by me, Salgood Sam.

Also appearing in this issue is the first instalment of A Bastards Tale, my memoir.

There are classic Comic Jam pages that include panels by old friends Peter Ferguson, Sherwin Sullivan Tjia, Jack Ruttan, Jack Ruttan, Richard Gagnon, Billy Mavreas, Jai Granofsky, Jesse Bochner, Tim Moerman, and jam founder Rupert Bottenberg!

And assorted pin ups including guest appearances by Richard Pace, Kevin Mellon, Leandro Fernández, and Jeremy Haun. Produced as contributions to the Dracula Kickstarter.

Trade Paperback: 36 pages. 10 x 8 x 0.1 inches $12 US!

Revolver Vol.4: Featuring the latest of my comics memoirs, A Bastards Tale.

Tales of Dracula’s youth, in a huge 30+ page instalment of Dracula Son of the Dragon! Pt2!

Dracula Son of the Dragon is a collaboration with Mark Sable.

I’ve also included a process article on the work going into making Dracula, from thumbs to pencils!

There are three pinups for Dracula, by James Romberger, Steven LeCouilliard & Paul Azaceta!

Widows is a short tale of domestic intrigue penned by artist and editor Rantz Hoseley!

It’s a thicker Trade Paperback: 68 pages! 10 x 8 inches. $15 US!

Twice the size of Vol.3 for just a few more dollars!

You get a LOT of comics for your buck with Spilt Ink comics!

Retailers! Interested in stocking Revolver Quarterly? Drop me a line!

Digital preview copies can be had at request and I offer 50% off for the US, and 40% in Canada wholesale.

And 50% off for all libraries and schools. A number of shops have carried my books now.

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