SOLD:Saint Sinner book 1 cover art!

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B&W art, on heavy bristol, done in pens and markers, with white gouache and pasted onto official marvel paper. There’s some minor damage to the paste over of the angel on the left on a seam where i revised my drawing of her, but otherwise it’s in good condition.

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My first regular gig for marve after a couple issues of Night Breed was on the Clive Barker project Saint Sinner. This was the second version of the cover I drew, after the first was rejected for “having a cross on it”, I was told it might offend some. Yeah, I know, the books called Saint Sinner right? Well they didn’t like this either, and ended up cut and pasting stats of both together to come up with the cover that was published. Ah well whatever. You can see how it ended up in the gallery. The first version of the cover has already been sold.