Postcard Commissions!


A small simpler sketch commission that can fit inside standard postage envelopes, of anything or anyone, real or fictional that you like [within reason]! From Batman to a sketch portrait of you! The gallery images here are samples of past sketches in this class.

 I’ll contact you for the details of your request and you can include them in the notes section I belive checking out too.

Shipping is included but these will be sent via the regular mail in a standard envelope with a bit of cardboard to reinforce it but that’s it!. If you would like more protective packaging or parcel service contact me about arranging that.


Postcard Commissions are small sketch drawings rendered on paper smaller than 9×6 inches, typically around 8.5×5.5″.  They can be of anything within reason [nothing I find objectionable to draw], roughly 30 min sketches tops so not too complex or elaborate! Ideally, FUN! :) These can include portraits of yourself or a family member, a pet, drawings of your favorite character, maybe a portrait of you AS your favorite fictional character? Those are fun to do. I will not be charging shipping for these items and they will be shipped via regular letter mail in a standard envelope!