The Spilt Ink Bundle


All my self published books to date+ the digital bundle, + a sketch portrait if you like [i’ll need a few photos to work from], scanned and sent to use with your social profiles.

Own all my self published books, a broad collection of stories and adventures to take, and the best comics i’ve ever made or written! I strive with my work to leave something worthwhile, timeless, and worth multiple readings. The physical books come with digital copies you can download right away at the checkout here on the site.

“Always liked Salgood Sam’s compositions–a bit delirious” – Scott McCloud on A Bastards Tale.

“I couldn’t put this down. Seriously. It’s a keeper.”  – Mark Waid on Dream Life.

“Those of us who love & cherish-involuntary interior rambles can enjoy more of a good thing diving into Salgood’s universal trance adapter.” – Jim Woodring on Dream Life.

“Salgood’s drifting vision has an incredible sense of space and freedom. Your eye moves across the page continuously, an angel floating through worlds.” – Sherwin Tjia on Revolver One.

“Revolver is – filled with poetic short stories of dreams and loneliness, visually stunning and unique, with just the right mix of reality and fancy.” – Farel Dalrymple on Revolver Three.

“This latest work by the legendary Montreal-based artist Salgood Sam has been called “neo-realist,” but it might be more accurately referred to as “honest.” — a stellar graphic novel…” – Joel W. Vaughan on Dream Life.

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Get all the Spilt Ink publications, Dream Life book one, and four issues of Revolver Quarterly, in one bundle.

I mean it when I write that I think this set of 345+ pages of comics is some of the best work I’ve ever done, hands down. Ever. It fills me with pride to have gotten this collection together. You’ll get the physical books via the post, and in your checkout you’ll find links to download digital copies as well! Plus a digital copy of my 2007 best seller with Jim Munroe, ‘Therefore, Repent!’.

Comics are a luxury I know. Of course you can also go for a purely digital option, you’ll find all my books on both the Spilt Ink store and on ComiXology in an affordable digital forms!

Retailers! Interested in stocking Revolver Quarterly? Drop me a line, Digital preview copies can be had at request and I offer 50% off for the US, and 40% in Canada wholesale. And 50% off for all libraries and schools. A number of shops have carried my books now and sell through is good.


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