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Get a haircut Max!Start early and often.

At 6 rather than lemonade, I sold drawings from a box by the curb. In grade 7 I was selling art for the cover pages of my fellow students presentations, making money for gravy with my ill-gotten fries! I drew often and early.

Despite these seemingly obvious hints, I fancied a career as a rocket scientist or geologist. Went to computer camp and watched Cosmos & Connections. But despite loving to learn on my own time, school was another story and that didn’t work out. It was not clear in the ’70s but I am dyslexic, I had poor math and spelling scores so most educators in my life did not encourage me to pursue my other challenging interests. So I kept drawing.

I had lots of other notions about what to “be”. A bicycle mechanic? A builder? At one time I thought maybe a forger! How fun! I read about the craft of copying, and how to study another artists work. But pretty early on I got sucked into drawing comics. Their legality, safety, complexity, narrative possibilities and allowances for taking credit meant they won in the end.

I started publishing zines through the 80′s, and by the early 90′s was working professionally as a comic artist at Marvel drawing Night Breed, Saint Sinner, and assorted 2099 titles. While it’s been bumpy at times, I’ve been lucky. In the 20 years since then I’ve spent much of my time drawing both commercial, and creator owned or underground comix.

Along the way I’ve also paid the bills in animation, as an illustrator, designer, editor, and teacher.

Nominated “Best Emerging Talent” for the 2005 Doug Wright Awards for my personal anthology project RevolveR, in 2007 I drew Therefore Repent! with collaborator Jim Monroe, and have work in the Eisner winning anthologies Comic Book Tattoo, Popgun 4, and in Awesome 2: Awesomer. And my longest solo work to date, Dream Life, has earned me a nomination for Outstanding Web Comics Creator in the 2011 Joe Shuster Awards.

In my spare stolen moments I founded and publish the comics news metablog Sequential.

Salgood Sam is I, is Max Douglas. Backwards. And while I still tend to be a bit of a science fanboy, and avid consumer of knowledge and news, I no longer know what I would do without art.

You will find me drawing at my desk most days, in a comfy old chair, laptop close by.


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