Salgood Sam, is Max Douglas, backwards. Sometimes also Sadax Gorky.

Salgood Sam aka Max Douglas grew up in downtown Toronto, now lives in Montreal with three cats and his wife. He’s been a freelance artist for nearly three decades, working mainly in comics, animation and illustration, with a side order of graphic design, concept art and mural painting. The last 5 years as an art teacher part time.

His pen name is derived from the revise spelling of his given name, it was adopted for a few reasons but mostly because it’s fun, and he was named after Maxim Gorky in the first place, the pen name of Alexei Maximovich Peshkov, so there seemed a nice symmetry to adopt a one [or two] himself.

Ink wash and line are his primarily modes of expression, combined with mixed media and digital colour. His favourite themes are urban life, science & nature, theatre & dance, fantasy & sci fi, social issues & psychology, technology & engineering. And things he’s not thought of doing before.

Past notable clients include IDW, Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Scholastic, The Criterion Collection, Bravo TV, Nokia, ABB Robotics, Nelvana Studios, and Fox. Future clients include you.

-ss 11/8/18