Salgood Sam, is Max Douglas. Backwards. Sometimes, also Sadax.

At 6 rather than lemonade, I sold drawings from a box by the curb.

Signing for the launch of Dream Life at 4-Colour, 8-Bit: Comics & Games in Kingston, Ontario. 2014. Photo by Niall Eccles
19 year old me in the old loft on dupont, just as I was working on my first published comics. 1989-90. Photo by Michelle Breslin.

Despite that early hint I fancied a career as a rocket scientist or geologist as a child. Went to computer camp and watched Cosmos & Connections. But despite loving to learn that didn’t work out. I had lots of other notions about what to “be” too.

A bicycle mechanic? A builder? After I saw ‘F for Fake!‘ as a kid I thought maybe a forger! How fun! Growing up with an artist for a mother got me started on the study of art and drawing early so while I pondered other paths by the time I entered high school I wasn’t sure if I’d be a pirateer or a portraitist, but some kind of professional doodler for sure it was looking like.

Pretty early on, I got sucked into drawing comics. Their legality, safety, complexity, narrative possibilities and allowances for taking credit meant they won in the end! I could entertain my interest in all things, justified by the need to research for the art and writing I have to do in making them. I thought maybe, film maker as a backup? Because I’m very practical. I thought I could study that in university if I ever got that far. Instead I dropped out at 17 and was already trying to pick up the kind of freelance work I saw my mother doing before she got involved in animation.

Before that I’d started publishing comics zines in the mid 80′s with my highschool buddies, I kept doing that and studies comics in all my spare time. I fell in love with drawing so it was easy.  just before I moved out on my own at 18 I started collaborating with one of the owners at my local comics shop on my first book, Nature of the Beast. And by the early 90′s was working professionally as a comic artist at Marvel drawing Nightbreed, Saint Sinner, and assorted 2099 titles to name a few. While it’s been bumpy at times, I’ve been lucky.

In the 20 years since then I’ve spent much of my time drawing both commercial, and creator owned or underground comix. The business can break your heart sometimes but it’s a damn sight more fun a way to make my living than washing dishes! Along the way I’ve also paid the bills working in animation, as an illustrator, designer, editor, and teacher too. That last I’ve come to love as a regular instructor at Syn Studio.

Kudos: My Comics have enjoyed modest sales and critical acclaim over the yearsI’m please to have three times been the recipient of sizable grants from the Canada Council for the Arts. And to be Nominated “Best Emerging Talent” for the 2005 Doug Wright Awards for my personal anthology project Revolver. It was a little amusing to be considered emerging after 12+ years working in the business at the time! I’ve always been a little slow.

In 2007 I adapted and drew Therefore Repent with collaborator Jim Monroe, which became a bestseller in the Canadian market.

And i’m proud to have work in the Eisner winning anthologies Comic Book Tattoo, Popgun 4, and in Awesome 2: Awesomer.

The Blocky Thing | Dream Life

And my longest solo work to date, Dream Life, earned me a nomination for Outstanding Web Comics Creator in the 2011 Joe Shuster Awards when I was publishing it online. And it was brought into the world with the help of the amazing support of backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo both, at different stages.

These days I only make longer sequentials for myself, but I happily hire out my teaching, story telling, illustrating and designing skills to clients for shorter comics or other kinds of design and illustration contracts.

Current Projects: Revolver Quarterly, a personal anthology for short stories and longer work in serial. Featured content for the last two issues is Dracula Son of the Dragon & A Bastards Tale. You can read a selection of my short stories here on this site.

In my spare stolen moments I found and publish the can-con comics news site Sequential.

-ss 3/7/17