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My current main project is a long 300 page graphic novel called…

a late coming of age

I’ve been publishing it online with the TX comics collective, there are some changes planed for the TX site though so for the moment I’m hosting it here – took the opportunity to do some re-designing too.

I will soon be looking for a publisher so any interested parties are welcome to contact me about that.

Thanks goes to the Canadian Council of the Arts for supporting this project with a grant.

In Print


RevolveЯ Quarterly

SpiltInk/self published

RevolveЯ is my personal anthology project. Conceptually something like Acme Novelty Library, Eightball, that sort of thing. A place to put whatever I’m working on at the moment. There was an early print incarnation of the project, which was nominated for a few things. “Best First Issue!” CBG’s Year end round table: The Best of 2004. Best” Emerging Talent” Salgood Sam nominated for the 2005 Doug Wright Award & Short listed for the 2005 Prix Expozine. But was not able to find a publisher willing to put it out, and didn’t have time to keep up self publishing it then. It took some time but with new utilities and digital superpowers, i’ve relaunched the series under my own imprint spiltinkyou can order it here.

IDW Publishing 2010

Scripted by Dara Naraghi. Art and lettering by Salgood Sam. Colors by Bernie Mireault. You can check out some of my work on the book HERE.

Love is in the air – literally! – as Winston befriends an attractive woman with a ghostly problem in her apartment. But trapping the love-struck apparition proves to be more complicated than the Ghostbusters originally thought. Can Winston step up and save the day? Just how far will Peter go to find a date? And do Ray and Egon ever stop to think about girls, or is it always about trans-dimensional ectoplasmic anomalies with those two?

Popgun 4: Honolulu Lories Lava Love Lounge
Image Comics 2010

Years ago I wrote a silly poem at a bar. I had the notion to make a short comic out of it, then for fun I ran it through babble fish 3 times [Eng-French?-Eng. Might have been Spanish].

Later I was invited to contribute to the Popgun series.

So i made this experimental short story for it. I’m republishing it in RevolveЯ Two as well.

Awesome 2: Awesomer “WIDOWS”
Top Shelf 2009

A man spends the weekend at a cabin trying to reconnect with his family, only to have his wife pull further away. All the while something is hatching on the porch…

This is a short moody story I did with Rantz Hoseley just after working with him on Comic Book Tattoo. When he first told me about it he described it as “drawing parallels between the disintegration of a marriage and a black widow infestation.” For the story I pushed my work towards early EC influences, and went for the melodrama. We did it as a contribution to the fund raiser ISR anthology, AWESOME 2: AWESOMER. Edited by hosts Charlito and Mr. Phil, and published by Top Shelf.  I’m republishing it in RevolveЯ Two as well.

This Is A Souvenir: The Songs Of Spearmint & Shirley Lee “We Invented Someone”
Image Comics 2009

Continuing its efforts to meld indie rock with graphic storytelling Image Comics published “This is a Souvenir: The Songs of Spearmint and Shirley Lee,” its third anthology of music-inspired stories. For this one i wrote and drew my own story. We Invented Someone is a short story based on the lyrics of ‘I invented someone’ by SPEARMINT, it’s my own spin/words, but closely rifts off their song [we were encouraged not to directly use their work so as to make questions of copyright simpler].  I’m republishing it in RevolveЯ Three as well.

Comic Book Tattoo “Upside Down”
Image Comics 2008

Mark Sable and I teamed up to do a story for this incredible Eisner winning anthology of stories dedicated to the music of Tori Amos! I’m republishing it in RevolveЯ Three as well.

Therefore Repent! a post rapture graphic novel
IDW Publishing & No Media Kings 2007

Written by Jim Munroe. Drawn by me! Salgood Sam

What if the religious right… were actually right? Without warning, multitudes of Christians float bodily up into the sky. For the immoral majority, life goes on pretty much as usual. Except that after the Rapture, magic works — for those willing to risk demonic mutations. And an angelic army appears to have been deployed to mop up the sinners. But through it all, outsiders Raven and Mummy face the possibility of a bigger problem than the end of the world: the end of their relationship. Critically acclaimed and poplar with readers, Therefore Repent! is an unconventional apocalyptic page turner. Jim was nominated as an“Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer” for the 2008 Shuster Awards for his work on this book!

Read more about this book HERE.

Revolution on the Planet of the Apes
Mr Comics 2006

Script by Ty Templeton, Joseph O’ Brien & Sam Agro. Art by Denis Rodier, Attila Adorjany, Gabriel Morrissette, Tom Fowler, Sam Agro, Kent Burles, Steve Molnar & Salgood Sam. Colours by Bernie Mireault, Salgood Sam & Art Lyon.

I’m not a the biggest sci-fi film fanatic of them all, but I watch way more than the average monkey. Of all the properties I’d choose to work on, this is one of the top three I would’ve picked [BSG, POTA & Blade Runner]. Fun stuff as WFH gigs go!  I worked with an old roll model, artist and writer Ty Templeton, and drew 4 stories in 4 of the 6 issues in this Slimline format comic. One of which i was able to color as well. Very enjoyable job.

The book was extremely well received by POTA fans and critically acclaimed in general.  you can see all my art from the series HERE.

Sea of Red: vol#1. ‘No Grave But the Sea’
Image comics 2005

Art by Salgood Sam, Scripted by Rick Remender & Kieron Dwyer, Layouts buy Kieron Dwyer. Co-owned & created by Rick Remender, Kieron Dwyer & Salgood Sam.

For this series I got layouts from Kieron; was fun, freed me from a lot of the heavy thinking at that first stage. I was free to work them, make appropriate changes. It was a very comfortable approach, and having Kieron as sometimes foil to bounce things off of was rewarding. For the stylized rendering in this book I used India ink & wash predominantly, and developed a method from separating the art for 2 color printing – the book was printed on yellowish paper and in a deep, dried blood like red brown; and black ink. Successfully achieving a very intense moody feel.

you can see the art HERE.


Terminator 3: Before the Rise
Beckett Comics 2003

Scripted by Ivan Brandon, Pencils by Goran Pavlov, Inks by Salgood Sam, Colours by Paul Mounts.

The largest inking job I’ve ever done at 80+ pages. There we a few hiccups in the schedule as pencils were interrupted by disruptions in artist Goran Pavlov’s life, when the pace was steady I enjoyed this project, found it very educational. Was asked to do a Toth inspired style line that took a few pages to get into but once i found the right feeling for it i really enjoyed the crisp lines and Goran’s clean pencils were mostly a joy to work over.

Some samples of our work can be seen HERE.

Muties #1 & #6
Marvel Comics

Script by Karl Bollers [#6 co scripted by Salgood Sam]. Art by Peter Ferguson, Patrick Spaziante, Dean Haspiel, Trent Kanuiga, Charlie Adlard & Salgood Sam.

In 2002 i revisited the halls of Marvel comics, and worked on two books in the experimental Muties line, stories about mutants who are not superheros.  I worked on the first and the last issues of the series, and did the painted cover art for the last book. For the first book of the series, Muties #1 ‘The Changeling’, I did brake downs for illustrator Peter Ferguson who painted the book. There my prime job was to work out the story telling and flow of the pages here. On the last, sixth issue of Muties #6 ‘The Patriot Game’, I did full B&W art chores. I worked closely with artists and colourist Bernie Mireault to come up with the pallet and feel of the book and the technique we used which involved tinting the tonal art I was rendering. I also was involved in lettering the issue, and got to do an extensive re-write with the writer. I remain exceptionally pleased with the issue.

You can see samples of my work on #6 HERE.

Legal Action Comics Volume One & Two

Published by Danny Hellman 2001 and 2003

Legal Action Comics were pair of comics anthologies edited by illustrator Danny Hellman featuring work from many alternative comics artists. The first volume in the series was published in 2001, and the second followed in 2003. The Legal Action Comics series was initially conceived as a means to raise money for Hellman’s legal fees after fellow cartoonist Ted Rall filed a 1.5 million dollar lawsuit against him. Cartoonists featured in the Legal Action Comics series include Hellman, R. CrumbArt SpiegelmanKim DeitchRobert WilliamsTony MillionaireMichael KuppermanR. SikoryakMike DianaJohnny RyanSam HendersonSpain RodriguezJohn Linton RobersonLauren Weinstein and more. I was in very good company! I published “Helpless” in vol.#2. And “Where The Wild Things Went” in vol.#1. Both can be found in RevolveЯ now.

Realworlds: Wonder Woman vs. the Red Menace
DC Comics 2000

Scripted by Glen Hanson & Allan Neuwirth. Art by Salgood Sam. Colours by Bernie Mireault.

This 48pg trade was my First Graphic Novella. Done entirely with a Brush, the art is an intentional stylistic echo of 40′s comic art and the drawing traditions of H.G. Peter’s original comic. Bernie Mireault & I worked closely to choose a color palate for this book that captured the saturated colors of early comics, & the first Technicolor films. The original script would have called for a book that was several times longer to do justice to, and sadly had to be cut short due to preset page counts. The plot shows some odd brevity as a result, the missing development is missed. But despite that it reads well and I feel this book is an overall successes. Took a little longer to get done due to the delays from the script but it all got done in time in the end.

You can view a large selection of the art HERE.

“The Big Book of” series

DC Comics//Paradox press 1998 – 2000

I contributed 5 stories to 4 of these large cool factoid books. samples of the art are HERE from 3 of the stories.

The Big Book of the Seventies : Paradox press/DC comics – 2000.
‘Monsters of ROCK’ Scripted by Jonathan Vankin
3 pages of the history of corporate pop, from the Beetles to the Boss.
The Big Book of Vice : Paradox press/DC comics – 1999
‘Reefer Madness’ Written by Steve Vance and Dave Stern
3 pages of the history of the demonization of marijuana.
The Big Book of Vice : Paradox press/DC comics – 1999
‘The New Buffalo’ Scripted by Steve Vance and Dave Stern
Story of native reserve casinos in the USA in 3 pages
The Big Book of the Weird Wild West : Paradox press/DC comics – 1998
‘The Wire that Tamed the West’ Scripted by John Whalen
3 pages of the history of barbed wire

Spiderman 2099
Marvel Comics 1996

Drew a 10 page sci fi Spidy story in the anthology series, 2099 Unlimited # 8. Titled ‘Behind the EightBall’ scripted by Terry Kavanagh.

Doctor Strange #63 ‘Song of the Blood Opal’
Marvel Comics 1994

A fill in issue of Doctor Strange Scripted by David Quinn that i drew after leaving Saint Sinner. It was only ever a one off, but it got favorable reviews and many fans expressed a hope I’d do more at the time. Strange is a character I’d like to revisit one day, but only if i can have it on my terms.  You can see some of the art HERE.

DC’s Showcase ’94 ‘Hero of Choice’
DC Comics 1994

Drew the 10 page Bloodwynd story scripted by Ruben Diaz published in Vol.1 No.5 of Showcase. Bloodwynd reveals more about the nature of his morality and powers, and punishes a drug dealer by forcing him to experience the pain of his victims.

Ghost Rider 2099 [unpublished]
Marvel Comics 1994

I drew two file stories for the Sci Fi version of Ghost Rider that sadly did not ever get used.

They were completed, lettered and colored and everything.

The title was canceled before they got a chance. I have other unpublished file stories, about 2 or 3, mostly also with the 2099 line.

But these two were some pivotal stories for me so I like to mention them. ‘Horrorshow’  was a peak in my art, and ‘Daddy Dearest’ one of my first attempts at plotting professionally with the assist of my friend Scott Andrews.

Ghost Rider 2099 ‘Horrorshow’
Art by Max Douglas, Script by Warren Ellis
Marvel Comics / 2099
22 page Book – see some of the art from that HERE.

Ghost Rider 2099 ‘Daddy Dearest’
Art by Max Douglas, co-Scripted by Scott Andrews & Max Douglas
Marvel Comics/2099
22 page Book – You can read a B&W copy of the pages with my rough lettering guides here.

Ravage 2099 [unpublished]
Marvel Comics 1995 or 94?

Another One that never got published, a file story for Ravage 2099. Not sure what the title was now, and I don’t have the script any more I think. I’ll keep an eye out. But I was pretty happy with the art here. Rifting on some Dredd/2000 AD references in places. Wish I had more opportunities to do 2099 stuff that got printed. That and better scripts in general  This one was not even close to the worst but few were all that fantastic. Always remember getting half way through a script and thinking, ‘ah, yes, when (a) happens (b) always follows. Nothing like good old formula to take some of the excitement out of things for me. But the pages look even better now in hindsight, pretty happy with the work I did. I’ve posted B&W copies of it here.

Morbius the Living Vampire #25 ‘Drainage System’
Marvel Comics 1994

I drew a 10 page Vampire story tittled ‘Drainage System’ Scripted by Karl Bollers who I later collaborated on Muties with. I’ve posted the art here on site.

Morbius goes in search of a vampire fetish club where he was able to get a ethically kosher meal in the past, and stumbles on a cult led by a crazy man who idolized him, and is now sacrificing homeless men to his own image of as “Blood Leader”.

Saint Sinner
Marvel Comics/Epic 1993/94

This was very early on in my WFH days, after the 2 Night Breeds I was asked on to a new Series – part of the Razorline, a sub imprint consisting of 4 books that were outlined at the concept stage by Clive Barker. My book was Saint Sinner, the flag ship title of the line. Was very excited, a prestigious gig to get so soon in my carrier. I was not happy with the way things went in the end, but it was a major learning experience for me and I’m proud of much of the art I contributed to the books. You can view a sampling of it HERE.

‘World Without End’ Saint Sinner 1 :
Art – Max Douglas, Colours - Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
18pg story
‘Earthangel’ Saint Sinner 2
Art – Max Douglas, Colours - Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
22pg Book
‘It’s a Jungle In Here’ Saint Sinner 3
Art – Max Douglas, Colours - Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
22pg Book
‘The Fear Monger’ Saint Sinner 4
B&W Art – Max Douglas, Colours - Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
22pg Book
‘Arcadia pt2′ Saint Sinner 5
Inking – Max Douglas, pencils – Richard Pace, Colours - Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
22pg Book

Night Breed
Marvel Comics/Epic 1992/93

My First official WFH in mainstream Comics. I was hired on first to compleat an unfinished issue of Clive Barker’s Night Breed, #20 : Circle of Vengence pt3. It was the fastest i ever drew i think, did 19 full size [11x17"] pages of art in 10 days. Amazed me and impressed the editors who a month latter asked if I’d like another. That was ‘THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY’ in Clive Barker’s Night Breed #23, a 32 page story. This one also went fast and i’m still very pleased with a lot of the art i did on it.

Clive Barker’s Night Breed #23
Art by Max Douglas, Scripted by James Moore
Marvel Comics/Epic – 1993
32 page Book

‘Circle of Vengeance pt3.’
Clive Barker’s Night Breed, #20
Art by Max Douglas, Scripted by Gregory Wright
Marvel Comics/Epic – 1992
19 pages of a 32 page Book

Cloak and Dagger #18
Marvel Comics 1991

For a few days i assisted/apprenticed with Dave Ross, a professional comic artist i came to know via comic conventions. Not sure how it came about, if i bugged him for a chance to work with him or he asked, but it worked out well for both of us; he had a book behind schedule and i wanted to get a closer look at how you made a comic professionally. He paid me a little for each page to help out at first filling in just some backgrounds and secondary figures, and then let me draw larger portions of a few pages near the start of the book in Cloak and Dagger #18. Plot: Cloak, Dagger, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider are drawn into Mephisto’s realm in Hell to fight him on and free the victims of a Neo-Nazi he manipulated. I worked over loose sketched layouts and did my best to affect Dave’s work, and he seemed especially pleased with my drawings of the caves in Hell and Mephisto and let me render a few more panels of him as i recall. It was fun though i found this first early exp in someone else’s work environment slightly unnerving.

Nature of the Beast
Caliber Comics 1990/91

Nature of the Beast / written by Al Roy ; illustrated and co-created by Max Douglas.

My first published B&W book. I drew two issues, and half of a third for this fantasy series. Book two is posted on this site here. Unfortunately what i had proposed was a Sci Fi story inspired by Larry Niven’s ‘The Integral Trees’ and what i got was a violent furry version of “Lord of the Rings”. When i got the script for the end of book three and a scene in it included one of the prime players gratuitously having a breast bitten off, and the author was adamant it had to go in, i decided i needed to back away from this project.

published in 1991 by Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund

Before I drew Nature of the Beast with Al Roy, we worked on a short called Captain Censored Vs. Dr. Goingtofar, published in the CLLDF’s second anthology book.  It was a rant of a story, text took up half the panels. Al was a co-owner of one of the shops raided and charged by police, that the CLLDF published the book to aid. I think, this is the first professionally printed story I did.