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Dracula: Son of the Dragon

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In Development

By Mark Sable
& Salgood Sam

A few years back, after working together on Comic Book Tatoo, Mark and I put together this pitch for a Zuda comic. We submitted just a short time before Zuda shut down and missed the window there.

So we put it aside while other things got done, but kept talking about what we might do with it. Soon, we’ll be unveiling a new incarnation of this story. For now, here’s a peek at the old version.

Hope you enjoy and keep you’re eye’s pealed for our Kickstarter drive to fund the new book…


Dracula impales the Sultan’s undead army in God’s name, only to learn that he shall be denied access to Heaven for his deeds. His last chance to escape eternal damnation? Become a vampire himself.


We know the story of Vlad Tepes, the so-called “historical Dracula”. But how did the 15th century Impaler really become known as the world’s most famous vampire?

Initiated into the Holy Roman Emperor’s crusading Order of the Dragon, Dracula is sent by his father to the legendary Scholomance to be educated in the black arts and fight the unholy Ottoman Turks. But Dracula uncovers the truth. The Scholomance is run by a Dragon – the Devil incarnate – who creates vampires to do his bidding on earth.

Dracula escapes with his little brother, only to be sent away again as a hostage to the Ottoman Sultan. The Scholomance’s newest vampire – one of Dracula’s former fellow students – is secretly sent into Turkish captivity along with him.

The Order duplicitously hopes the vampire will plague the Turks. Instead the Sultan uses it to create an unholy army, weaned and addicted to vampire blood. His father assassinated by his own allies, the still mortal Dracula leads a Turkish vampiric army to avenge the death & claim the throne.

He succeeds in vengeance, but fails to recapture his birthright. Worse, he sees that he has unleashed an unstoppable horror on his people. A marauding army of Turkish undead. Dracula turns his back on magic & vampires, embraces his faith, and sets to re-conquer his homeland. With a peasant army and brilliant but deadly guerrilla tactics he leaves forests of impaled vampire foes in his wake.

Alas the very Church he fights for betrays him, condemning Dracula to hell for his deeds. Dracula seeks the alternative to Eternal Damnation – Earthly Immortality. Returning to The Scholomance he accepts the Dragon’s embrace, and becomes the most powerful vampire of them all.

After a bloody rain or terror, he is beheaded by the Sultan. But that is not enough to destroy him as his body slowly but surely pulls itself together.

He will return to stalk London centuries later. But if the Sultan could not kill him, will Van Helsing prove more successful?

First 8 pages of act 1 from the Zuda Pitch. We’ve done a lot of re-writing and expanding on the story, the story still spans the same time frame but now includes many more scenes and back story, running about 34 pages for this first chapter.

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