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MUTIES #6 | The Patriot Game

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Published by Marvel Comics inc
Script by Karl Bollers
Art by Salgood Sam
Colours by Bernie Mireault
Letters by a.j.duric
B&W art: Pencil, ink & photoshop manipulation

“IRELAND – A place of great beauty too frequently shattered by violence. Boys often must become a men before their time. Those close to young Liam Connaughton — those that should be protecting him — make unfair, cruel demands on him. Ultimately a truer test of a boys manhood is not his loyalty to duty, it’s his loyalty to family and those he loves, but doing the right thing can exact a heavy price.”

UPDATE 06/07/13: Well, they brought him back.  We killed Liam dead, dead dead dead. There was no ambiguity in Karl’s intentions and I was always down with that. But that’s never stopped Marvel before! Long live Liam, you can now read of his latest adventures in the new X-Men Legacy #13. He’s joined a team, has some new skills [shoots stuff from his hands!] but still wares the same clothes he did 10 years ago, or however long it’s been in Marvel land. Art on the new book by Tan Eng Huat, looks pretty good. Story by Simon Spurrier. Both new to me!

I was experimenting a fair bit on this book. For the art i played with drawing the pages in pencil, doing some blacks in ink and then processing the pages in Photoshop.

And Karl was kind enough to let me do a dramatic re-write of the mid-third of the book as well, and write the dialogue in dialect. That was a very valuable experience, I owe him one.

The lettering we designed for it was less than ideal, but otherwise pretty happy with how it came together, even with the ridiculous censorship of “pig sex” on page 4 that made the scene even raunchier by implication.

You can see here in the B&W what we initially wanted to do, the kids get a bit embarrassed by the pigs and giggle and that’s it. No dialogue, no sound effects, just National Geographic level animals mating.

This was nixed and we were told to put it off screen, added some squealing, and Liam was given a line, cracks a joke saying “I guess the grown ups aren’t the only ones makin’ bacon'”….

Cus that’s so much better and not pornographic at all.

Any way, i face palmed, got the work done but have not felt super inclined to draw interiors for Marvel again since. Here’s a few highlights from the book. It’s pretty good, even with the graphic ham fisted suggestion of pig sex in it – Sorry James, but there was.

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