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This set showcases my pencilling/roughs/layouts/etc.

At the start we have layout pencils I did for Peter Ferguson for Muties 1 [Marvel]. He’s an experienced illustrator but at the time not confident in his storytelling skills so i did these to help him get the pages sorted. He used them as a guide, in some cases following them and in others doing his own thing. The two Strange Girl [Image] pages were done when I was talking to Rick about drawing the book, timing didn’t work out but I always liked them. They are relatively clean pencils done for myself to ink. Ghost Rider 2099 [Marvel] “daddy dearest” was a file story I did for the 2099 book that i drew and inked myself, these are the rough thumbnails done in ink for my own use and for the editor. The Revolution on the Planet of the Apes [Mr. Comics] pencils were done for me to ink myself, and the Sea of Red [Image] rough pencils/layouts were for Paul Harmon who was running behind on the book at the time. And last are pencils for my Graphic Novel Dream Life.

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