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Saint Sinner | My trial-by-fire

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1993 – 1994
Saint Sinner Copyright
Clive Barker & Marvel Comics inc
Writer: Elaine Lee
Art by: Max Douglas
Editor: Marc McLaurin

This was very early on in my WFH days, after the 2 Night Breeds I was asked on to a new Series – part of the Razorline, a sub imprint consisting of 4 books that were outlined at the concept stage by Clive Barker.

My book was Saint Sinner, the flag ship title of the line.

“The story of  Philip Fetter, a boy possessed by a demon, and then the angel perusing it. With both trapped inside of him, fighting for control, he kills, and then kidnapped by monsters, taken to an alternate dimension and tortured by the Demon’s acolytes.  Years pass and as a young  man he escapes with a hand full of fellow prisoners. The two beings still trapped inside his soul, he is now a man containing both a very worst and the very best moral possibilities. He fights to maintain a balance between them as he learns to use their power for good. His associates – the infantile giant Bull Baby, the collage woman Mishmash, and Kento Canto, the inter-dimensional acrobat – are occasionally fellow adventures (and constant residents of the Saint’s mansion in the Vertresque). St. Sinner’s legend reaches earth, in the slums of Rio and Bangkok, in secret chapels at Lourdes, a new name is added to the list of saviors. He appears surrounded by creatures in the process of transformation; with a halo and a forked tail. He is known by many names but most frequently perhaps, as the Man Who Walks Between. Whether this will prove to be a blessed or a cursed condition only time, and our tales, will tell.”

I was very excited. This was a very prestigious gig to get so soon in my carrier. I had very little experience but lots of energy. When asked if I was up to it I was honest–it was more than I had ever taken on before but I was eager to take a swing. In the end, some of the problems that developed were probably due to my inexperience. But I was not happy with the way things went on the book–it was very hard to stay motivated and push to meet the deadlines when everything I liked about the characters and scripts got hacked out and my questions complaints and eventual protests went unheeded. In the end I retired from the book after four issues and helped ink a 5th.

It was a major learning experience for me and I’m proud of much of the art I contributed to the books.

‘World Without End’ Saint Sinner 1 :
Art – Max Douglas, Colours – Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
18pg story

‘Earthangel’ Saint Sinner 2
Art – Max Douglas, Colours – Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
22pg Book

‘It’s a Jungle In Here’ Saint Sinner 3
Art – Max Douglas, Colours – Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
22pg Book

‘The Fear Monger’ Saint Sinner 4
B&W Art – Max Douglas, Colours – Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
22pg Book

‘Arcadia pt2′ Saint Sinner 5
Pencils – Richard Pace, Inking – Max Douglas, Colours – Christie Scheele. Script – Elaine Lee
22pg Book


Cover art for book 1

One of the first problems I had on this book was with the cover art for the first issue. The book is called “Saint Sinner” so it struck me as a bit silly that the reason my first cover was rejected a few weeks after it was enthusiastically received and used for some early promo material, was supposedly that it had a cross on it. No, really.

A bit exasperated but eager to make good I said OK, what do you want for the cover? And I drew that exactly.

Then didn’t like it. I was trying to get the book done so I said OK, clearly I don’t do covers you like so why don’t you get someone else to do it? I’ll give it another try for the next issue but right now I’m falling behind on the book and need to focus on that.

Instead they cut and paste the two into what you see on the right. When I heard they also wanted to put an embossed foil cover on it I tried to explain how the audience they had told me they wanted to target {sandman readers} would never touch a gimmick like that. And gimmick buyers would not dig the comic. They ignored me.

Later it would in part cost me about 6 thousand CND. Retailers betting on speculators picking up anything with a gimmick cover ordered large numbers of Saint Sinner #1. Marvel cut me a check for nearly 5k US, 6 thousand in CND at the time In Royalties, “gratuities” they called them. I thought myself happy to be wrong. Marc my editor gloated at the time about it.

But then newsstands returned issue 1 in epic numbers wiping out the advantage, and subsequent issues went unsold. I didn’t know about this till almost a year later when Marvel raked back their “gratuities” by NOT paying me for work I was doing at that time. Yes, I was bitter for some time about that.


Cover art for book 2
Took another swing at the covers for book 2, I liked the moody one I first did, but it was not Marvel enough so i did one with more “action”. Without mentioning it to me they, ahem, enhanced it with some hokey green hands and bigger vines cluttering it up for the final print version. After that I took a pass on doing any more covers at all.

And here’s most of the first two issues B&W art.
For notes roll over the images, they don’t all have them but some do.

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