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Strange Girl Development work.

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Before I worked with him on Sea of Red, Rick Remender and I had talked about working together for a little while after I contacted him to let him know how much i enjoyed his book with Kieron Dwyer, Black Hart Billy.

Summer of 2005 he wrote me about an book he was developing, Strange Girl, that the initial artist had bailed out on. It was a great idea I thought, probably more suited to me than Sea of Red was too. I spent a couple of weeks working on designs for it, and started some pages. But then my live in partner of 5 years and I broke up. I was a mess. Just could not think about doing anything in that moment. I knew Rick wanted to move fast on the book so as much as it pained me to do so, I felt the honorable thing was to bow out and let him find another artist quick rather than make him wait me out.

I always kind of regretted that, I felt a bit more together and able to work a few months later and we started around then working on Sea of Red then. But that story didn’t work out so well for me. In the end I got a chance to visit a similar genre of book with Therefore Repent, but I’d have liked to have done Strange Girl too.

Here’s the art I did get done, don’t know how much of it was shown to Eric or if it influenced anything he did. But I had a lot of fun with it.

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