Hi there!

For commercial illustration work in North America,
I’m represented by Three in a box!For work in Canada contact Rob Scott ~ 416 704 5103
Work in the USA contact Andrew Long ~ 212 643 0896

Clients from elsewhere, & Non Profit Orgs, write with your query!
A rate sheet can be provided on request.

For sketch commissions of the sort you get at a convention or event, you’re on the wrong page!
Consult this section of my store. ;)

Comics Art Rates, based on the fair page rate standards and my past working rates.
I’m not actively looking for comics work right now but i’m open to proposals.
Rates are by page/unit. They do not include my IP in the work.
For that [negotiable] typically double the rate.

Full Colour Cover art:
Depending on complexity and publications run#, $650-$900.

Interior page layouts/pencil roughs: $100 per page.
B&W inked line art [no tones]: $300 per page.
B&W art w tones: $450 per page.
Colour Interior pages: $600 per page.
Colours for others: $100
Lettering; By hand: $30; Digital: $20 per page.
Writing: $75 per page.