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Some of the most common questions. Suggest an addition.

Do you have standard rates?

Yes! You’ll find my base rates here, but feel free to write me about specific projects.

Where can I get your books?

Books: RevolveЯ [print on demand and digitial editions] ● Therefore Repent! ● Clive Barker’s Nightbreed #23 ● Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, #20 ● Doctor Strange 63 ‘Song of he Blood Opal’ ● Ghostbusters: Tainted Love ● Muties #1 & #6 ● Nature of the Beast ● Realworlds: Wonder Woman vs The Red Menace! ● Revolution on the Planet of the Apes ● Saint Sinner ● SEA OF RED ● Terminator 3: Before the Rise

Anthologies: 2099 Unlimited # 8 ‘Behind the EightBall’ ● Awesome 2: Awesomer● Comic Book Tattoo ● DC’s Showcase ’94 ‘Hero of Choice’● Ghostbusters: Haunted Holidays● Legal Action Comics Vol 1 ● Legal Action Comics Vol 2 ● Morbius the Living Vampire #25 ‘Drainage System’ ● Popgun Volume 4 ● The Big Book of the Seventies ● The Big Book of the Weird Wild West ● The Big Book of Vice ● This Is a Souvenir: The Songs of Spearmint & Shirley Lee


Two sites at the moement, a long form [est 300pgs] graphic novel that i’ve been publishing as a webcomic as i compleate it called Dream Life. And RevolveЯ, my personal anthology comix site.

Why Salgood Sam?


Stereotypical questions about proses

I see blue, are you drawing in blue pencil?

& Do you use a printer to print blues?

Yes, I print out the page in incrementally larger sizes up to 4 time on average I’d say. From inch high thumbs to final art, on Dream life 14 inches high.

The technique lets me work in a very fast free and spontaneous manor. I’ve had the same erasers for a years now [that’s rubbers to my UK friends].

And I take full advantage of the opportunity to edit in between each stage in photoshop.  On paper i use both col-erase pencils, blue and other colours. And ball point pens, also many colours.  And white out, and a some erasing to.

Seems like a lot of colours, why?

It’s fun. Also it helps visually and digitally separating the versions. Picked up the habit while working in animation at Nelvana. Very handy and fun, you should try it.

Semms like a lot of paper? Have you tried a tablet?

Yes, actually my mother is an artist, she works in animation and as a children’s illustrator. I’ve taken a spin on her Cintiq set up. Very nice. Forget which model but one of the nice big table top numbers. Very slick. Arna always likes to ride in style.

I’m cheep so i don’t know if i’ll go there any time soon. But maybe.

For now I have a HP TouchSmart tm2, sort of the graphire of wacom driven touch screens. I use it a fair bit since i first acquired it. As my primary machine for the first 6 months. Very good. It’s fun to sketch on. We live in the future! :)

For me part of the art is the tactile. and the chaos. Why i do it. Digital stuff is great, the most mind blowing innovation in my time i think it’s safe to say. I was an early adopter, i used Photoshop to generate the Character FX in 1993 for Kento Kanto in Saint Sinner, along with a lot of other tricks i’d have had to go to a print shop to do before. I had a shit computer, a Macintosh LC II. But the little fucker still boots.

But all the same you’ll take my paper and pens from my cold, dead, hands. Making magical marks on dead trees is what it’s all about.

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