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This is my home base site. I’m currently rebuilding it but you can find my other projects online at the following sites.

Social Networking, yeah I do. Google+Facebook, Twitter, TumblrLinkedInLive Journal, and Flickr.

RevolveЯ is my personal comics anthology project, short stories and irregularly updated longer projects to be found here.

Dream Life is a ongoing OGN I’m publishing online with the Transmission X collective, new pages go up roughly weekly, scheduling allowing.

For 3 yeara I served as Editor of Graphic Fiction for carte blanche, a web based literary journal. I continue as a part time contributing editor and designer. Carte blanche publishes twice yearly with monthly supplements on our blog, you can read my last entry here.

I have a new blog here, even has most of my old stuff archived, but you can find my old one on blogspot here for now. I’ve started an Archive site to publish my Fathers photography and writing, it’s called The Italian Machine Project. While I’m talking about family –  I don’t have anything to do with running her site but my mother, film-maker and artist Arna Selznick, has a site here with her partner, and a new blog here.

lastly, I publish the Canadian comics news site Sequential, check that out here.

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