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My FBDM YouTube reports for Sequential

The first Festival de Bandes Dessinées de Montréal! A small but promising start.

Watch the clip above, click here to read my written report of my brief first visit to the event.

Video of Day 3 below.

And here a final report.
Use tag “FBDM” to track all posts about the festival on Sequential.

My TCAF 2012 report!

Recorded some of the sights and sounds of various events on my trip to Toronto for TCAF this year.

I was a tourist this time for a change, so was able to take in a lot of stuff. Great fun and got to spend some quality time with lots of old friends. Also met and talked a few times briefly with Fabio Moon which was nice. Been an admirer of his and his brothers work for years. Ran into him last at the wrap party but was so wasted i probably gave him a funny impression! Ah well, they seem like very laid back guys. Hope to chat with them under more calm, less profession defined circumstances one day.

Also had a few good short chats with Tom Neely, enjoyed a nice diner with James Turner, Brian Evinou, and Noel Tuazon. Also had a nice diner on the last night with my colaberator on Sequential Bryan Munn. Met Jason Bradshaw in person finally and got a full set of his Boredom pays minies including he said the last copy left ever of his first issue. Had a warm chat on the TCAF floor with Artist and printer Tyrone McCarthy.

I could go on and on probably but can’t recall all the names i should right now so lets get on with it. Update: Jason Turner did a nice diary comic report about his trip, including the part where he danced at Lee’s palace! I was witness to this so i thought i’d ad a link here to it!

 Ok, Here’s my Video log, links to stuff, and some of the audio I recorded over the course of the 4 days.

In order of appearance and with links as follows…

Comics vs Games Creative Jam art show at the Magic pony.

New Narrative V: Bodies/Citie
I recorded audio podcasts of some of this…

A few highlights of the first instalment of The Comic Book Lounge’s On the couch [should that not be chesterfield?] with Ty Templeton! His guests were Mark Askwith (producer, InnerSpace), Award-winning cartoonist Scott Chantler (Three Thieves, Two Generals), artist & designer Ken Lashley (Blackhawks), and Will Pascoe (director, Lost Heroes Movie).

And I got roped into this one too at the end. Sorry about my quite voice and poor rhetoric, i don’t level well in a setting like that, I have to be right on top of the mic to be audible most of the time. very low voice and I’m not in the habit of projecting it a lot.

That’s followed but a good 12 or so min of table porn, i tried to scan everything that was on display at TCAF. I missed a room in the back and a few other small spots but otherwise this is just about ever inch of exhibitors spreads, shot in the last hour of the show on Sunday.

Some shots of my Haul from the trip, 22 books i traded for, was given or bought. Look for a nice clean shot of that at the end of the post here.

Some footage of the kick off event, Jeff Smith, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon in conversation moderated by Mark Askwith! Listen to it here

And last, some snaps of the drawing jam between Becky Cloonan & Zach Worton at the Third Annual Official TCAFête – on the clip i misidentify it as the Topatoco’s Welcome to TCAF Party. Sorry, to damn tired to re-edit it to fix that….

It was all a blast! This is just a tinny bit of what i saw and did. TCAF gets bigger every year and this is my first time just going to hang out and take in the sights [i’ve exhibited i think every year since 2005?] It’s a hell of a lot more fun to attend then exhibit i have to say.

For more on the festival go here, for more reporting on the festival go here.



CH0-003 by salgood

For those of you who don’t know, ch0 was a radio show I produced on CIUT in Toronto. From 92 to 97 every Monday at midnight I had my way with the air waves. These days I use the name for pod-casts & playlists I put together from time to time.

this one is as follows: no talk talk from me.
Broncho – Try Me Out Sometime : 0.00
Mil Memorias – Neon Walrus : 2.33
Miracles of modern science – Luminol : 6.34
Netherlands – Something or Nothing : 12.04
Workin’ Man Zombie – 4onthefloor : 15.32
BATS – These Ones Lay Eggs : 20.31
tycho – dive : 25.09
Charles Spearin – Mr. Gowrie : 33.14
Sam Cooke – Peace In the Valley :39.31

Honour Bound – The Exile of Adolf Busch

I worked on the art for this last year, the music is by the ARC Ensemble of the Royal Conservatory, enjoyed it mostly. Directed by James Murdoch and produced by Simon Wynberg and James Murdoch. To be honest I’m not entirely happy with how the art was animated, would love to have a go at that myself some time. But the short has been well received and is now officially up on the ARC site after it’s run on BRAVO. You can check out a full gallery of the art from this project here.

Expozine 2010

OK, so it was a pretty fun weekend though i got nailed by the flue after all that.

Fist i want to say thanks to Nadia Moss for the loan of her wheels when i thought i’d left my stove on – it was all good in the end and i was able to grab my forgotten lunch too. Nice ride as well. Wish i’d had the presence of mind in all the chaos to go by her table when i was shooting clips, she was presenting some nice prints. Check out her stuff on flickr and this strange little video she did with Automatic Vaudeville.

As i mentioned in my fist post when I was stuck on the stage I had horrid sales. Managed to move to a great spot on the main floor day 2 and it made a hell of a difference! Easily three times as many copies of Dream Life sold along with several other books I brought. That helped a lot but the slow day one – normally i do better day one and a little less day two – means over all this was not really a very profitable expozine for me – covered my expenses but it could have been better had i gotten there early day one.

That sucked and so did getting sick. Gave me time to edit the video i took though. Sorry for the crappy sound, mostly could not be helped, cheep camera. Will upgrade some time when i have the spare cash.

So i shot a two part tour of event, talked to a lot of people, and below the clips here i’m posting links to as many as i can manage. 

Part 1
Marc Taro Holmes posted the painting he’s doing at the start of the clip here Jack Ruttan posted his own clip of Expozine stuff, see that here. Jacques Boivin links Bio on Books for sale here The trippy prints of drawings of urban landscapes next to him were by Way Magazine by Jennifer Hamilton The Parti Rhinocéros, Rhinoceros Party of Canada F. A. Nettelbeck’s new book : Happy Hour Colon White Kristen Mccrea Poètes de Brousse Looper Projects – Allison Moore Valerie Sury Profile on the National Post site Frank Fournier – Détritus Lickety Split smut zine WORN Fashion Journal Robin Enrico, from Brooklyn, NY! MK REED Matt Reichmann online And a look at NU comix on facebook grab it at the Concordia co-op bookstore
Part 2
Doug Wright Award nominated artist, John Martz! Aaron Costain Dean Garlick (Anteism) Erik Volet’s art Ivan Klipstein – of The Auroratones Sherwin “sully” Tjia [“i’m drunk man, i can’t, i can’t…] Conundrum Press table Daniel Ha Véhicule Press table Matrix Magazine table Kim Hoang of the Love Love Hill Collective Freelance Blues table Wonderfuls table
Eric Theriault Emilio Esteban Plan B, Université du Québec en Outaouais comic’s program’s student anthology. Fanzinothèque table New Escapologist Robert Wringham Shanti’s Book of Panties By Samara Leibner Samara Leibner Jasper Jesse Bochner the Drawn & Quarterly table the anteism table Jimmy Beaulieu
and i lost track after that!

Got a musical crush

Still in Toronto for another day, but soon I’ll be back at work. In the mean time though….


After the con, i was able to finally catch Ronley Teper & co preforming @the Tranzac in Toronto Live. This is a band/performer i’ve been following for a little while now, found her via myspace, my cousin plays with her sometimes. you can check her out here.

Also lots of links on youtube with the vid, check them ALL out. :)

The great thing was that i wanted to see this show but forgot the day of about it, lost in Kensington market reminiscing w old friends. Made some new ones too. Then me and john walked up to Bloor on Brunswick to get some sushi, and lo there we were passing the Tranzac! Ronley was out side and we said hello, got the stage time and grabbed a great din before the show. Nice night.

So, want a bit more?

Trailer for Therefore Repent! a post-rapture graphic novel

So i heard this song recently – Dogs by Michelle Breslin! – i’ve been planing to do a trailer for Therefore Repent! for a while and this song just fit so perfectly.

You can download the original file here. Quality : 45.0 MB WMV file.

For more of Michelle and her music, check out this site, this one, and this one.