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RevolveЯ is my personal anthology project.

 Along with the free content on the web site, there are now two issues of RevolveЯ in print.

RevolveЯ One

Copies can be ordered from HP’ excellent print on demand service MagCloud.

The RevolveЯ series is conceptually sort of like Acme Novelty Library, Rubber Blanket or 8-ball? Short stories, ongoing longer ones. I experiment with style, narrative, and even format from book to book.

RevolveЯ One

52 pages, published 27 SEP 2011

In this remastered new edition of the first RevolveЯ, now in full color, you will find seven short stories & assorted words & pictures. Exploring diverse themes of mortality, belonging, and identity.

RevolveЯ One was first published in B&W in 2004, Nominated Best Emerging Talent @ the Doug Wright Awards [2005]. Best First Issue! in CBG’s Best of 2004 – & short listed in the 2005 Prix Expozine! It was never widely distributed though, no more than 200 copies were ever sold.

Much of the work was done in color and today’s self publishing tools make it possible to bring this work to a larger audience in a hansom full color 52 page book.

Print: $15.00 ~ Free Digital with Print Purchase!
Digital alone: 99¢ 

RevolveЯ Two

28 pages, published 4 MAR 2012

RevolveЯ Two is a small affordable sampler/pamphlet version of the book.

Inside you will find two short comic stories. ‘Widows’, a homage to EC horror comics depicting the end of a marriage. And ‘Honolulu Lorie’s Lava Love Lounge and Poodle Emporium’, a tale of bar flies and shenanigans in the style of a Tom Waits ballad.

Also one short autobiographical text, some old Monthly Montreal Comix Jam pages [Collaborations with Jai Granofsky, Billy Mavreas, Jesse Bochner, Marr, Peter Ferguson, and Sherwin Sullivan Tjia]. And a few original pieces from my sketchbooks.

RevolveЯ Two

A great little pocket book sized reader of some of the best from Salgood Sam.

Print: $6.00 ~ Free Digital with Print Purchase!

Digital only: 99¢

The rest of my books!

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My Søciety6 Line.

Søciety6 is a creator oriented, high quality print on demand service for art prints, posters, shirts, Iphone cases and laptop skins. They also have some kind of retialer network going, sounds good. I’m looking forward to is the option to get a large stretched canvas version or framed pint in the 26″ X 38″ size range, but each image can be purchased on any of their item options. They use reputedly only the best of the best and ethical. so you can purchase with a clean conscious. I always liked it when Mr. Rogers took you to places where they made things, in the spirit of that you can watch their factory at work in this clip, check it out, and click on any of the items bellow to go to my Søciety6 shop!


I’ve also set up shop on, where you have an incredible amount of flexibly to edit and customize your item.

The down side of that is I can’t make you any warranties about where the shirts or other merchandise are manufactured or how. They do use american appeal, so that’s an option. I’ll look into them some more in the future but for now buyer be aware.

As for the quality, it’s not bad at all! I’ve made a few things for myself to test them out. As they claim, it’s professional grade merchandise. Their printed shirts don’t look exactly the same as silk screen shirts do, more like the images on photographic fabric prints like those [now retro] 70s shirts I grew up with. The ink is in the fabric rather than on it? But it looks good and i like them because I find they breath better than silk screen T’s do under larger full colour image areas. I’m confident the images i’ve selected will look very good on you, and i’ve left most set with the option for you to go in and resize and position the art to your tastes if you like.

So far I’ve set up 22 cool original shirts available in a wide selection of styles. But you can get something printed on just about anything via this company, from dishes to bags to phone cases of all kinds to do-dads and thingamadoodles. So something I’m offering via Zazzle is limited edition made to order items. You can order a sketch, or illustrations from me, [see the bottom of the page for my rates], and have them printed on whatever you like from the Zazzle catalogue! Or maybe you want a new business card? After we design it if you like it could be produced and shipped to you via zazzle.

I’ll be experimenting with different designs and items, check back in for things to your taste, or make a request! These sites make fabrication stupid easy so within reason, anything could be arranged. So yes, if you have a custom item you’d like to have contact me about it.

Original Art Rates

These are my basic rates,
if you have questions or special requests
that fall outside of these specks or for larger contracts,
feel free to contact me to negotiate for your commission.

based on an average 8.5″ x 11″ image
hourly rate option
Comps & Renderings start at
$200 – $250
depending on the complexity of the illustration
Black & White

“Convention Sketches”
B&W one-off sketches of comic characters and the like.
8.5″ x 11″ $40 to $80
[depending on complexity]

Hand drawn Postcards
Of whatever I happen to feel like but open to suggestions.
$15 + postage

Comics pages
Pencils $160/page - Inks $150/page
Colours $90/page - Flats $20 - Lettering $50/page
(All of the above) – $450/page
B&W inked pages – $300

Prices are roughly based on The Graphic Artist’s Guild Handbook for Pricing and Ethical Guidelines.