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Salgood Sam @ Toronto ComiCon – Table P23A!

rollupartWBWhat do you think of my new pull up Con banner!

Been putting off getting one of these for a long time, the standing banners everyone has now for their convention appearances!

This one incorporates bits of art from 5 stories, some of my favorites. Top is from A Bastards Tale, bottom is from Dream Life. And the small insets are Sea of Red,Dracula Son of the Dragon, and Therefore, Repent!

Found a good rate as it turned out with my regular go to copy shop too, going to take it in to get printed for next week’s appearance at the Toronto Comic Con!

I’ll be at table P23A!

Look for it there, right between Marco RudyDavid Cutler, two tables from my mentor Ty Templeton and in spitting distance of the infamous Rob Liefeld! Say what you will about the guy’s art but I hear he’s a gent, so look forward to making the acquaintance. If nothing else I owe him thanks for his part in the invention of Image comics! There will be a bunch of other freinds and roll models there so looking forward to it!


I’ll have Dream Life with me, and Therefore Repent! Along with prints and some original art. My Con sketches will go for between $40 and $80 or so, subject to and depending on complexity. 

Friday, March 18, 20164:00pm – 8:30pm

Saturday, March 19, 20169:30am – 6:30pm

Sunday, March 20, 20169:30am – 4:30pm

South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, ON


Montreal Comic Con! SEP 12th-14th!

mtlconI have a table at the upcoming Montreal Comic Con!

UPDATE: I have my table number now, I’m going to be at booth 2738! And look for the school I teach Dynamic Drawing at, Syn Studio, at table 2629 in Artist Alley. The floor plan is here on the Con’s site, and posted bellow is one with our spots highlighted!

Good news for Dream Life, we moved a nice chunk of books at the show in Toronto, including adding three new retailers to our distribution efforts! Hope to match that in Montreal at least in part. I have some home court advantage maybe, so that might help? Any rate, It’ll be primarily Dream Life, and prints on hand. Thinking about making some coupon code/gift cards for my digital comics? We’ll see if i can spare it the brain cells in the next few days.

If you want to buy some art from me, check out this page and order in advance, to pick up from me at the show? I’ll have some art there as well for sale. And if you’d like to pre-order a copy of my book to pick up at the show, buy it via this link and in the special instruction, mention you’ll be at the show, between now and the 12th, and i’ll make sure to have one ready for you there! I’ll be doing personalized portraits in the copies at request.

I’ll be up for doing commissions too, if you’d like to reserve one in advance the limit will be 4 done before the show! Contact me about the details.

I mentioned that I was able to utilize the closing hours of FanExpo, to present Dream Life to a few retailers in the Toronto area and persuade them to stock a hand full of copies of the first [Launch] editions! Here’s the list of my new good friends. :) Thanks for taking a chance on my book guys!

The venerable and recently reborn Silver Snail! Had a nice brief face to face with George about doing things in store in the near future. This would be fantastic. And with the copies he took from me that means i’m stocked at both stores now, assuming Ottawa still has one left.

The guys at Gotham Central in Mississauga seem really enthusiastic about supporting Canadian creators! Got a lot of interests I intend to follow up talking with them about, and they took 4 copies from me for their shelves.

And, I sold a pair to Doug Wright Spotlight Award winner,  Steven Gilbert. One for him and one to try out at Fourth Dimension Comics in Newmarket! The man obviously has excellent taste!

That brings the number of stores that are or have stocked Spilt Ink books, Including Dream Life | a late coming of age, &/or physical issues in some cases of Revolver Quarterly, up to 30 since the relaunch of the imprint!

For independent distribution, via a one man operation done when I have time over the summer, so too bad! A solid start anyway, in a long game.

So, i’ll see you at the Montreal Comic Con? Watch my twitter for the announcement of my table number, and i’ll be around the Syn Studio table as well at some point, and they will know where to find me too.

mtlconfloorplanpartial mtlconfloorplan

Steven Gilbert with his personalized copy of my book! Thanks Steven!

Steven Gilbert with his personalized copy of my book! Thanks Steven!


FanExpo 2014 – where to find me and what i’m bringing.



I have a floor plan now! Here’s how to find me @ FanExpo 2014!

FBbanerfanexpoWhen you enter the main hall of the South building, after going down all those elevators as I recall, the artists are all in the far left side of the room. And I’m in the back row against the far wall, at P6B. It’s behind the artist ally. Just after the Raid Row and around the bend. I’m bringing prints and original art with me to sell, and some of my books, mostly just Dream Life | a late coming of age. I may have a few Revolver‘s with me but not many. I am going to have an offer to take an order of a bundle of them from me direct if my square works — need to look into that — and i’ll ship them to you no cost! I’ll be there Friday and Saturday for sure, Sunday if those two go well. Watch my twitter feed for updates! Cheers! See you there PS: you can still make sketch request reservations still, I take Paypal!



Pre-order sketches and art for Fan Expo


Hey so I’m a guest at Fan Expo this year! Learned a bit last minute, hence the late announcement.

I’m going to be at table P6B, Friday Aug 29th, Saturday the 30th, and if things go well Sunday the 31st.

I’ll be presenting mostly Dream Life, the late notice means I don’t have time to re-stock Revolver Three for the show.  I might have a few but to keep things simple I’ll focus on the new Graphic Novel. I will have my prints though, and art!

I usually get a hand full of sketch requests at the show, so I thought i’d also put out there the option to pre-reserve up to 8 sketches.

It’s a good option for you as I tend to do better work at home in my studio too. Contact me if you would like to commission a convention sketch. I’m charging $40 for each.

Also you can pre-buy some of my art here, purchase here on the site and we’ll arrange for you to pick up the work at the show.

Order By
Price: $500.00$450.00
A Bastards Tale: HURT was last modified: by Max
Price: from $200.00
Choose Option »
Art of Therefore, Repent! was last modified: by Max
Price: from $100.00
Choose Option »
Art! Bruce and Zatanna Elseworlds Concept art for DC was last modified: by Max
Price: $300.00$200.00
Art! Cover illustration for Sequential Pulp 3 was last modified: by Max
Ink and watercolour illustration for a prop book cover

Art! Ink and watercolour, Pulp Book Art, for a TV prop!

Price: $100.00
Art! Ink and watercolour, Pulp Book Art, for a TV prop! was last modified: by Max
Price: from $100.00
Choose Option »
Art! The Shock Monkeys! 11×14, 1991 was last modified: by Max
Price: from $100.00
Choose Option »
Art! The Snake Warrior. 11×14, pen and ink on Bristol, 1991. was last modified: by Max
Price: from $65.00
Choose Option »
Art! Unpublished GR 2099. 22 pages of “Horrorshow” by Warren Ellis & Salgood Sam was last modified: by Max
Price: $80.00
Black Harted Woman : a whitechapel remake/remodel sketch was last modified: by Max


Price: $90.00
Boxers was last modified: by Max
Price: $150.00
Cover art for the unpublished Nature of the Beast 3 was last modified: by Max
Price: $80.00
Cover art from Therefore, Repent! was last modified: by Max
Price: $100.00
Gaming art: Reaper Scorpion was last modified: by Max
Price: from $200.00
Choose Option »
Honolulu Lories Lava Love Lounge was last modified: by Max

Inks: Splinter Cell Echoes #1

Price: from $175.00
Choose Option »
Inks: Splinter Cell Echoes #1 was last modified: by Max
Price: from $175.00
Choose Option »
Inks: Terminator 3: Before the Rise was last modified: by Max
t3b2p47b- spotted blacks sample

Inks: Terminator 3: Before the Rise - P2

Price: from $75.00
Choose Option »
Inks: Terminator 3: Before the Rise – P2 was last modified: by Max

MTL Political Zombies

Price: $200.00
MTL Political Zombies was last modified: by Max
Price: $200.00
One Sunny Day After The Rapture! was last modified: by Max
Price: from $160.00
Choose Option »
Original artwork from Dream Life | a late coming of age. was last modified: by Max

Working overtime, had to miss the con….

Was planing to attend the Montreal Comic Con today, but had to skip it in favor of inking for the Ghostbusters book. Blew most of my slack at the start of the gig attending cons and stuff, so it goes.

Pages are coming out well, nice to get back to a simple inked line. been considering pulling back on dream life to something like that. Was my original plan, to do it B&W. Might be the best one as far as getting it done anytime soon.

can always colour and tone it later if i want to.

Speaking of colour, here’s a peek at a colored Ghostbusters page by my man, Bernie Mireault.


On the desk.


New art from Dream Life

Hope the slump in GN sales brakes by the time RevolveR comes out – have’t been talking about it yet but the release date has been pushed back a bit, syncs up now with a cool festival so that’s a good thing but going to keep mum till the ink drys.

Also K is coming along, i hope to be able to wrap the art of it this month.

Some appearance to mention in September: I’m a guest at The Montreal Comic Con September 19th-20th. They have a new site for the convention and seems like a some new staff running things, look forward to seeing how that goes.

Then Sunday September 27th in my capacity as publisher of Sequential the Canadian comics blog, i’ll be at Toronto’s Word on the Street, Sponsoring & co-moderating two panels with Bryan Munn. I’ll post more details about that in August.

See you @ EXPOZINE 2008 | Sat Nov 29 & Sun Nov 30

stock for Expozine 08

So I’m going to be at Expozine, along with much of the alternative comix scene for Montreal and many from all over Canada and the US!

Expozine has evolved into the biggest zine fair in Canada now, it’s been amazing to watch; I’ve attended every year so far.

This year I have lots of books. Not as many copies of Therefore Repent as I’d have liked it looks like, just 10!

Ordered more but unless they show up Friday I think they got held up with thanksgiving in the US.

That kind of sucks because i can probably sell 3 times as many as I have. But what you going to do?

I will have other books though, lots of RevolveR‘s, a few copies of Comic Boot Tattoo, Sea of Red, old jam zines and some other older books i’ve done. Also going to bring a long box of old books from my personal collection, stuff i’d like to start divesting myself off. Also, i had some cool new 1″ pins I had made up too, hear they come out well, going to pick them up tomorrow!

The books are above, bellow is the art from the pins! See you at the show! Drop by and say hi if you read the blogs. :)


Home again home again, jiggidy jig

Back from my trip; whirl wind

through Gatineau

Toronto & Windsor.

fatherdaughter The 9th Rendez-vous international de la BD was lovely, Paul and friends go out of their way to make the guests feel welcomed. Also met some very cool people, made a few new friends. I’ve posted photos from the trip here.

CoverComp-bataCroped-B01In Toronto I got some work done , roughs for Work, and started on a new Bread and Butter project that’s proving to be off to a fun start. Will talk more about that later but for now you can see the art here>>.

I had a short interview with Dalson Chen of The Windsor Star, that ran the week before BookFest Windsor here. Came out well I think. Made me laugh when he asked about graphic novels, there was a national post article just before on the same theme that made me roll my eyes.

BookFest Windsor was a pleasure for the most part, including the funny social drama around the final night’s party, but I’m getting the impression this goes with the small book festival circuit a bit. Booze + Writers and Poets + Travel? :)

I have a few photos and stuff to post from that shortly.

Also spent a great and somewhat inebriated Halloween with my old friend George, roaming about the town checking out costumes and snapping shots. I made a bit of a video of that here.

Attending Book Festivals in Gatineau & Windsor

Hey, how was the Turkey?….

So later this month I’ll be on the road again, seems like i’ve been doing that a lot, and i won’t be even as much as half what i had planed to in the spring! Man, doing support touring for a book is crazy, or maybe I’m getting old. – Nawwwww……

From the 23rd to the 26th of October, I’ll be hanging around the Canadian Museum of Civilization – O_o

…attending the

9th Rendez-vous


de la BD

de Gatineau!

I’ll be joined there by 9 other creators, some of who’s stuff is eye popping! ; Philippe Aymond, Johanna, Daniel Bosshart, Thierry Coppee, Delaf & Dubuc, Michel Falardeau, Sandra Breault, and Craig A. Taillefer, who i have to thank for getting invited!

The Program and other details are here, in french, and posted here on Sequential in English.


Thu 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
& 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am to 11:00 am
& 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Sun 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
& 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

They have me booked for something calledMasters at Work 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Thursday.

And from 11 to 11:30 am for Live illustration with Salgood Sam on Saturday.

Basically in both cases it looks like they want me to draw live in front of people! Going to be needing the antiperspirants there. All of that’s @ the main venue, The Canadian Museum of Civilization – Level 2 / Foyer of the Museaum’s Theatre [100 Laurier Street]

Looking forward to this. Hope the live show goes well, and if nothing else, getting to spend whatever spare time i have checking out the Museum will be cool!

After that i get on a train – have a few days to kill in Toronto – then I’m booked to attend…

Book Fest Windsor
[across the river from Detroit]

Where I’ll be spending some time with an old buddy of mine,
George Rizok, one of the lifers’ at Rogues Gallery and resident loon on The Comic Book Syndicate [YouTube page].

Saturday at 1pm till 3pm I’ll be on a panel discussion:

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Book!

….ok, corny name i know, but i promise to do my part to make sure it’s interesting! We’ll be i
n the Studio Room, with Mary-Lou Gelissen, Tony Gray, & George!

I’ll also be available for signings and stuff, in the main space of the book festival with the other authors, and Friday I’ll be at the Rogues Gallery comic shop as well from 6pm on.

Going to bring some recent art with me, which I’ll be selling maybe but probably not on sight, at least not in Gatineau anyway – but you’ll be able to look at it and arrange for something if you seem something you like.

Believe books at both events will be supplied, for sure Therefore Repent! will be on hand, and I’ll be making up a batch of RevolveR One’s for the occasion, maybe a little something else too, just for the trip!

Also, Expozine has JUST been announced, going to go over to the site now and register, so see you THERE too!

New York New York

Hey all, I’ll be attending the New York Comic Con this upcoming 18th, 19th and 20th, to promote Therefore Repent! and other stuff in Manhattan.

I will be appearing; *pop*, imp like; on Saturday from 3 to 4 pm with ‘Man of Action’ Joe Kelly at the Image booth to do some sketches and stuff.

& Sunday I’ll be hanging out with my friends at Indy Spinner Rack from 1 to 4pm along with Alec Longstreth in podcast ally.

And finally on Monday the 21st from 6 to 8 pm at Jim Hanley’s Universe [4 West 33rd St.] I’ll be joining pirate captain RICK REMENDER (Fear Agent), TONY MOORE (The Exterminator), & GREG THOMPSON (Sinbad: Rogue of Mars) for the JHU’s “NYCC HANGOVER CURE”.

So see you in Manhattan!

Therefore Repent & the NYCC

Hey all, some nice stuff for the clip pile here; stumbled across this a bit late, Comic News Insider featured the book on their weekly top three list when it came out in January. This is a clip from Episode 125 – Tue, 29 January 2008!

I’m Going to be at the upcoming New York Comic Con – April 18-20, 2008!

I’ll be joining my pod cast collaborators Charlito and Mr. Phill at the ISR table, and doing an hour or so of sketches and signings at the Image table too.

Also i’ve confirmed with Vito, I’m booked to do a singing for Therefore Repent! on the 21st the Monday after the con with my co-creator on Sea of Red, Rick Remender (Fear Agent) and Tony Moore (Walking Dead) @ Jim Hanley’s Universe downtown store in New York City [map]! If your in town i hope you can make it out to the store.

Also really look forward to meeting the guys, Tony did some awesome work on my covers for Sea of Red, I’ve worked with both of them but i haven’t met either of them in the flesh so it’s going to be cool to actually encounter the real people! Hope it goes well :)

Time TBA

and last…

And we got a nice short blurb in the March 2008 issue of Rue Mourge!

The Italian Machine


I just


this link

very cool! is hosting streaming video of an early David Cronenberg short film titled The Italian Machine [ED:Sadly the film is no longer on the site :P].

You can watch it there, I Grabbed a copy for myself from the site while it was up. If you like to see it there’s a rare DVD collection of early Cronenberg shorts that includes it, i’ll have to get my hand on a copy of that some day. I found a bit of background on the production from this site, The Italian Machine was actually meant to be a 60 minute long TV film for CBC before the head of CBC Drama removed Cronenberg from the editing of the final cut to create her own 30 minute long version, or so the story goes.

It’s central character is based loosely on real ‘legendary acid and pot dealer’, general trouble maker, writer and photographer, Lionel Douglas [played in the film by Gary McKeehan], who was killed in a freak motorcycle accident in 1979. It features an array characters all to familiar to me, and displays Cronenberg’s classic off beat approach to his subjects.

“When motorbike fanatic Lionel learns that a rare and prized Ducati has been bought by a rich art collector purely for the purpose of display, he enlists the help of his friends to liberate the motorbike.”

Now while I am a Cronenberg fan, my reasons for being hyped about tracking this down are a tad more personal. The real Lionel was my father. This version is an exaggerated caricature, but I recognise the source material.

I’m told that the premise may have been influenced by a true story about a bike being displayed as art and Lionel’s reaction to the idea “how can they not want to make it go!!”. The other guys in the film with him are loosely based on people who shared a garage with my father in behind his house. I remember bikes in parts, being worked on all the time, made to go a bit faster and bit smother, tuning till they hummed like instruments. Always lots of talk and laughter. And the smells of metal, oil, cleaners and gas. That garage, and him talking with other people around the kitchen table about all sorts of crap, astrology to philosophy, these are probably the most common icons in my memory of my father.

He and Cronenberg were close friends I’m told, they went to university together and rode bikes out at mosport speedway a bit one summer. My grandmother says there was a time when the two were inseparable. This film was meant as a little tribute to him. Lionel was a larger than life kind a guy; he left his mark on a lot of people. Every once in a while someone comes along whom knew him, and when they find out that I’m his son their behaviour towards me tends to change, suddenly I get these wired reverent looks. When Ron Mann made his short documentary about Rochdale College called Dream Tower (1994) he contacted us about looking through my fathers photos for stills to use [a number of which ended up in the film]. In researching the film he told us, every one he talked to told him look up Lionel Douglas, he’s the guy you should talk to, until he found someone who told him Lionel had died. So then he tracked us down to get permission to use his photos.

He had watched some film of my dad giving speeches at the collage found with the reels of old film he dug up on Rochdale, and he showed up in some early CityTV footage apparently. And even with that, not having met him in person, Ron talked to me about him with the same kind of mythic aw as everyone else did. I’ve never seem much of that footage Ron told us about, except a short bit that appeared in the film [He explains for the camera how they conducted security checks at the door of the building after Yorkville imploded].

For a long time this was all very strange and odd for me. Sadly I hardly remember the living Lionel now. I was 8 when he died, it knocked me for a loop as you would expect. When I came out of that emotional coma 10 years later I barely remembered him any more. I have his photos, a trunk full I’m planning to make a book from some day. And there is a small chap book sampling his poetry, text and photos his friends put together after he died.

My two copies are both raged and dogged. One, that I’ve had since I was a kid, is marked with tabs so that I can flip right to my favorite poems. Over the years I’ve tried to tease more of him out of my head by digging up more of him out there, so I’m always happy to find another bit of him floating around.

Bellow is a selection of some of my favorite bits of his book. I think you might be able to still get it here.

In the middle of the book is a piece between the poetry and the photos simply titled ‘Prose’. It was a bit of a philosophical guide through some parts of my life, my teens for sure. I made an audio file of my laptop reading it, you can grab that here.