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The last pencils for Dream Life…

So close to getting so many things done, I kind of feel like there’s a brick about to fall on my head or something!

Just being dramatic but after all the hurdles getting this stuff done. Still some big one’s left to go too…

Got the last of these scanned a couple days ago, inking them by now. The rest of the book is done. These six wordless pages go in the middle, to help give PJ some room to breath as a character. She has one of the most intense narratives in the book. I’m hopping this will help put some of the pieces in place. Looking, here, think it works.

Have to get them done tout de suite! Inked and tones. Also got edits in from Mark for Dracula and the rest of revolver three. Some writing and curating to do too for the backers edition of Dream Life. Get some new quotes. Boy it’s all going to be tight! But once the art’s in the bag i can start some big wheels rolling.  [Time shifted post].

DYNAMIC DRAWING | Oct 5th to Dec 7th

Dynamic Drawing with Salgood Sam
live studies
strategies to get more fluid lines
sketching in public
Drawing live models in motion
Drawing live models in motion
Learn about how to get motion in your art
How to compose space and architecture with movement and energy
How to sketch with freedom.

Dynamic Drawing with Salgood Sam

live studies

strategies to get more fluid lines

sketching in public

Drawing live models in motion

Drawing live models in motion

Learn about how to get motion in your art

How to compose space and architecture with movement and energy

How to sketch with freedom.

Dynamic Drawing with Salgood Sam

Hey so i’m excited to announce i’m teaching a drawing class this fall, 10 classes at Syn Studio in Montreal, emphasising the physicality of drawing from technique to capturing motion and energy in your art.

Some unconventional aspects will be moving live models, field trips to events, and even a free 1hr T’ai chi class [included in base cost] to help you get into thinking about how your body and joints work both for tool use and relating to bodies in motion. Followed by an hour of drawing the T’ai chi instructor!

I’m hoping it proves to be a fun and engaging class! I’m happy to hear we already have a few students signed up, there’s still spots for open so consider joining us for it!



Dynamique Drawing
First class is Saturday the 5th of October 4:30 to 7:30pm.
Class dates are all at the same time.
Oct 5, 12, 19, 26
Sept 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Dec 7th, final class.
Year end party & exhibit TBA
Early Registration price is $410.
Regular registration rate is $470.
*Early Registration Deadline: August 7th at 11:59 P.M.

Some old Stuff!

I decided to upgrade
my portfolio plugin
and update the site

There were a few kinks but it’s all good now. It’s sweet.
Tablet users should look for and check out the full-screen option! It’s in the menu.

Used it to curate smaller illustration and design sets,
and added some old monsters I drew for a game.
Also created a proper abbreviated comic art samples page, for clients who don’t want
to wade through the full individual book sets.

 noticed on Bleeding cool that I had this GR2099 story up
at the same time so i’ve been getting a lot of hits from 2099 fans.

So let me point out a few of the other new, old pages of mine I posted.
Along with the unpublished Ghost Rider 2099 stories, “Horrorshow” & “Daddy Dearest“,
there’s an unpublished Ravage 2099 story up, sorry lost the script and the name.
A 10 page Spiderman 2099 story
called “Behind the Eight Ball“, published in Unlimited 2099.
A short Morbius The Living Vampire story
called “Drainage System
that i’ve had on Flickr
for a while.

And I also have put up my previously unpublished art
from Raven Chronicles 13: Leader of the Pack!
Written by Scott K. Andrews.
My co creator on ”Daddy Dearest“.

And last I’ve put up a set of three of the pages
I did for my first tryout for a job at one of the big two,
sample pages on Sandman for Karen Burger.

Work Diary: Title card art for Dream Life and reference photos for act 3

Hey all, just a update for the site here about what’s up for the new year.

I’ve got a lot on my plate, trying to prioritize things and be more organised than the last couple months. :P

Something to check out, on Carte Blanche we’ve posted a spoken work clip from the launch of issue 14.

“Bring the Doll to Life” was told by Taylor Tower at our storytelling evening, This Really Happened, at Café Sarajevo on December 6, 2011.

We’ll be presenting regular audio content from now on, keep your eyes out for the next This Really Happened.


For Dream Life i just completed the second act!


And posted the tittle card for act two : here’s a rough comp on the left of that, and on the right if you click through you’ll get the full final act.

Wrestling with the layouts now of act 3. And some work on Vlad as well. Going to try to get out and walk every day, then sit and treat myself to something hot and sketch page layouts. Plan for the week . [23-27/01/12]

Been mulling over plans with Bryan and folks about what to do for Sequential’s 10th anniversary, problem for me is I’ll have less time than usual this year to give over to producing the magazine. Need to find a designer[s] and funding solutions if Sequential Pulp is going to happen or be a part of the festivities. Anyone interested in participating should drop me a line. I’ll be posting a more formal note about this on the site later in the week.

Honour Bound – The Exile of Adolf Busch

I worked on the art for this last year, the music is by the ARC Ensemble of the Royal Conservatory, enjoyed it mostly. Directed by James Murdoch and produced by Simon Wynberg and James Murdoch. To be honest I’m not entirely happy with how the art was animated, would love to have a go at that myself some time. But the short has been well received and is now officially up on the ARC site after it’s run on BRAVO. You can check out a full gallery of the art from this project here.

My Saturday morning cartoons | Dream Life & Pin City

Been at the desk a lot this week trying to get ahead of myself for a change. So far so good. First things first, new pages are up on my comics sites…

Dream Life page 71 is here,

And on RevolveЯ, Pin City continues as well

And a peek ahead, after the jump you can check out my pencils for some upcoming pages of Dream Life.


New Dream Life, old Pin City, and other things I’m up to.

How ya been? I’ve been busy, doing shows like TCAF always take it out of me.

Takes a while to get back into the routine and catch up. I warmed up by rebuilding my home web page here, like the new look. Really converted to WP in a big way [have five sites working on the platform now] and i’m loving the themes from [this is one with a few small mods and so is this and this]. I’ve installed wpStoreCart, working on building one now, wondering what kind of things to sell? Would love to have some feed back from you all. I’ve got posters and some books to start, anyone interested in that? What other sort of things would you be interested in?

Ok, comics, comics, comics.

Dream Life, page 70

On Revolver, PIN CITY, with new lettering.

And that’s just to start!

The newest edition of Carte Blanche is up – I’m the graphic fiction editor there. For lucky #13 we are happy to present a special feature on CRISIS. There’s a lot of great stuff in the issue, including two excellent graphic fictions stories by some heavy hitters.

From the Eisner Award–winning creator of ‘Too Much Coffee Man’,
Shannon Wheeler, a classic gag comic, ‘Oil Spill’.

And from James Romberger, of ‘Seven Miles A Second’, ’2020 Visions’,
‘Bronx Kill’, and ‘Aaron and Ahmed’, we are very proud to present
a 16 page short story, called ‘Raymond’.

We had many other excellent submissions we couldn’t accept,
but i’m pleased to present a few of them on Sequential HERE instead!

That’s two pages of my own comics and 5 other short stories!

PS: My editor In chief says we’ve not gotten enough feed back from the comics crowd yet so if you check out the site, take a second to tell carte blanche what you think about about it by filling out their short readers’ survey.

A Blocky Thing sketch from TCAF

Just transferred this from my camera, it’s The Blocky Thing from Dream Life. All to aprorately as I was walking to the cafe to enjoy some AC, i was listening to this, Anime – the philosophy of Japanese animation on The Philosophers Zone [2010 repeat]. Interesting show,  and relevant to the sketch by the fact that The Blocky Thing is very much influenced by the films of Hayao Miyazaki.

Monday monday monday

Did some nice pencils
for the next page of Dream Life – 52 – Want to do till 61,
the end of act 1 in the next week or so as pencils,
get tha chunk ready to ink and colour soon as the Busch project wraps.
Also today, just before those
i was getting into a nice groove
drawing roughs/story boards for
the Adolf Busch project.
Here’s some more of that.
And some of
the newest
finished frames.

Adolph Busch and Drawing Ahead – a bit of the past and a blast of whats next…

I’ve been falling a little behind on Dream Life this month, sorry to say.

Such timing. Much needed big contract came in, so it’s been getting the lion’s share of my time along with major apt cleaning and a prolonged search for the new roommate! One can’t be too careful.

Got a trip coming up too, i’m attending FanExpo 2010, i’ll be at the TXcomics table, seat number P40B. And on a panel with a pile on of Canadian cartoonists, Unfortunately i won’t be going after all it terns out, too busy with work to spare the slack time for this, but check it out anyway if you can….

Comics Programming Spotlight: Drawing Ahead – The Future of Comics – Saturday @ 11AM in Room 205B - Aug. 16, 2010 

While the art and craft of graphic storytelling remains unchanged, there are a variety of new mediums for creators to use to deliver their visions to the world. With the boom in mobile digital devices, paper and print are no longer the limit, and many artists are finding success creating and distributing their work in digital form. Join a panel of leading comics creators to discuss the evolution of comics distribution, the benefits and drawbacks of working with or independently from a publisher, and their current and future projects. A great forum whether you’re an aspiring creator, an established pro considering your options, or a fan interested in new ways of reading comics.

Panelists include: Ramón Pérez (Kukuburi, Butternut Squash), Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare, Bottle of Awesome), Cameron Stewart (Batman and Robin, Sin Titulo),Scott Chantler (Northwest Passage, Two Generals), Willow Dawson (No Girls Allowed), Max Douglas aka Salgood Sam (Sequential Spiltink, Dream Life). 

Moderated by Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col (Kill Shakespeare)

So that hopes to be fun. 

I’ll have copies of Dream Life with me, only a few it looks like 30+, no budget it looks like to get more printed before the show unfortunately. Wanted to get a T done too. Been to busy to make it happen.

The ‘Day Job’ is pretty cool though. A Bravo!FACT grant project, a short partly animated illustrated story of the last three months the german composer and violinist Adolf Busch spent in Germany, and how he responded to the rise of the Nazi Party.

Working title “One Good German”.
Directed by James Murdoch. 

I have to do about 40 to 50 illustrations/frames for it, have 10 done, taken a while to get warmed up into it and start feeling confident with the likenesses, but here’s some of my favorite bits so far. The whole project is being posted as i go here on flickr. 

These are all built in animate-able layers, so Busch will bow the violin…

…applauding hands wave… 

…and so on. 

08 adolph busch quartet at abby road
It’ll be put to music and words,
Busch project art frame 6A 

Getting to play with some cool period imagery.

to make a very stylized looking short run on the cable channel.
Busch project art frame 11

Some Dream life pencils.

Trying to get as much of this done this week as i can, next week is going to be pretty intense getting Sequential to press. Go max go.

Like these two, facing set two count. After the long slow opening and establishing sequence for Charlie, i wanted some nice short bits to follow up with some of the rest of the cast before the next longer scene.

040pencils Dr. Van Horn is IN
041pencils Kali at the call center

Piles of Inking…

…man, kind of cutting it close for the trip. Getting there though, doing a dragon right now, in a novel pose i think, never seen someone do what we’re doing in this scene. Fun.

Can’t show you thought, sorry, secret stuff now, save for the big tada.

Took a few moments from some heavy inking work today to play though. Took a stab and composing the cover for one of my two projects for TCAF.


The text i laid-out a while back, didn’t know what art i wanted to use though at the time. So been sitting on it for the last two years. After i drew the page, it struck me it would be perfect for the job, need to shade it still for the interior, but might use it like this for the cover.

 Want this to be ready for TCAF 2010, thinking probably a small run self published deal for now. Like this, looks handsome and would be easy to get printed well. Going to think on it for a bit but it feels right.

More inking.

Ok, i just like making film clips. I’d like to make a film sometime. For now, making comics. A friend said they wanted to see what was going on better in response to the other inking clip, so this time i did just double speed. Not quite as exciting to watch but informational. Even for me, editing this noticed a lot of little things i should be paying attention to. Should analyze my technique like this more often.

Again music is by Michelle Breslin and co. from the last album recorded buy sadoceanspacebear before braking up as a group. You can hear more here.

Some old animation design work from Fakk2

In ’98 i did a few months on the crew of Fakk2 in preproduction. Just posting a gallery of my old animation work i dug up this stuff, really enjoyed this, not so keen on the film that was made but had a great time doing this work. Thought i’d share a few of them here.

Animation Work done between 1995 and ’00

More of these and work from Eek the cat, Sam and Max, Mangalatina, and Waynehead posted here on Flickr.

Doodleing ‘babar has a big head’

Messing around.
It’s important to remeber play time while i keep looking for work, as an old doodle reminded me the other day when we crossed paths by the river.

Cleanead up a bit this would be a cool T-shirt i think.
I wounder what the best site for that kind of deal is these days?
K wrapps up soon, i’m doing roughs on 10 now. Don’t know what the numbers are on it but it’s been seen all over the pace in QC. I sould take a cammera around and shoot some of the displays the publisher had for it. Pretty good coveage it looks like.

6 is on the stands now, one of the best covers so far i think.