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Blog update: The Dream Life kickstarter is Live!

It’s alive! I just launched a new 28 day kickstarter to finance my new Graphic Novel,
the long awaited Dream Life | a late coming of age.

I had it up as a web comic for a long time as part of the TX comics group, it earned me a Webcomics Creator nomination in the Joe Shuster Awards a couple times - 

For the new book launch, I have a 61 page preview for download or viewing via Issue.

The old pages have been edited and such, so I’ve taken them down on the main site but you can still read them here on Facebook and here on Google+. I kind of like the full screen experience on those pages better anyway.

Thanks to everyone who left comments on the old posts, it was really nice having some kind of feedback when i was posting them that way. It ended up being ill paced I think  to the format, so I was not surprised it seldom got a lot of traffic, but some days a good 50 to a 100 people would come and read the whole story! And some of you left very encouraging and flattening notes. You guys helped me keep feeling positive about this project through many darker days and hopeful what I was doing would find a wider audience. Also thanks to Larry Cruz who helped me come up with a great way to describe the narrative style I’ve been trying to develop with this story. I’ll be continuing to use this for some time I expect! :)

“Dream Life is one of those weird comics … It’s more like an orchestral piece, only you allow the artwork, rather than the music, to buffet you through the emotional highs and lows of each movement.”

[link] - Larry Cruz - One Punch Reviews – 4 out of 5

I’m working on getting up a gallery of art that will be on offer as a reward to post in the next day or so. Already two of my 90′s era pages are taken! Encouraging.

I’m going to be working on the two covers so i can get dummies of each version of the book made soon, the limited run of 90 books for the Indiegogo backers, and the Launch edition for TCAF and beyond.

I’m going to be contacting some other shops including those that have stocked Revolver in the past, but right from the start I can say it will be available at The Beguiling, The Dragon, and Strange Adventures.

But that said I really hope I can entice to get the books direct from me via this kickstarter! You can get a full sweet of all three issues of Revolver, and Dream Life for just $50 and help get a nice handful of copies made for the big launch! The same set of books, and a couple more issues of Revolver, AND a downloadable copy of a really cool album [more to come in a separate post about that shortly!], are also on offer as a grand digital option!

Dream Life, and Revolver One - Three

My Saturday morning cartoons | Dream Life & Pin City

Been at the desk a lot this week trying to get ahead of myself for a change. So far so good. First things first, new pages are up on my comics sites…

Dream Life page 71 is here,

And on RevolveЯ, Pin City continues as well

And a peek ahead, after the jump you can check out my pencils for some upcoming pages of Dream Life.


A Blocky Thing sketch from TCAF

Just transferred this from my camera, it’s The Blocky Thing from Dream Life. All to aprorately as I was walking to the cafe to enjoy some AC, i was listening to this, Anime – the philosophy of Japanese animation on The Philosophers Zone [2010 repeat]. Interesting show,  and relevant to the sketch by the fact that The Blocky Thing is very much influenced by the films of Hayao Miyazaki.

Three images, up on the block for a good cause

My lovely lady Ange’s father, Raynald Murphy, is an artist, a “Pleine air” enthusiast.  He recently asked me to participate in a fund raising auction for Le Musée des maîtres et artisans du Québec. So we mounted this triptych of images from The rise and fall of it all and Dream Life [Charlie at the gate], and they will be going up on the block the 26th of May. I’ll be there I think, noshing on some wine and cheese, if your around consider dropping in to support the arts!


UPDATE: You can read my TCAF reporting on Sequential here now, along with all our other special coverage! It was a pretty great show, but FYI i have lots of prints left and would be glad to sell you some and/or my books!

Well, that clearly didn’t work! Wow, a majority, crap. No wait, better, a majority on about 40% of the vote. Damn we really need to have Preferential voting.

OK, well enough of that, life goes ON! Tomorrow after I run about picking up my last minutes, me and the lady get on the bus and head off to my old home town for the best comic festival of them all, TCAF!

I will not have a new book, but I will have art to sell, be up for doing sketches, and I’ll have a pile of cool new posters–see samples in the slide show BELLOW--and copies of the best of my published books! Dream Life vol 1, RevolveЯ One, Ghostbusters, Wonder Woman, and Therefore Repent!

As part of Sequential’s TCAF 2011 special coverage I’ll also be giving out a FREE magazine. You’ll find it all over the place at the event hopefully, but if not come find me and get one, before they run out, ‘cus they do.

This year I’ll be in the TX room, here’s a map of the main floor –>> showing where our space is and a detail shot <<– showing where to find ME, and the all others as well. Going to be fun, my first year at TCAF with the gang, looking forward to it!

See you there, come by and say Hi!












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Working overtime, had to miss the con….

Was planing to attend the Montreal Comic Con today, but had to skip it in favor of inking for the Ghostbusters book. Blew most of my slack at the start of the gig attending cons and stuff, so it goes.

Pages are coming out well, nice to get back to a simple inked line. been considering pulling back on dream life to something like that. Was my original plan, to do it B&W. Might be the best one as far as getting it done anytime soon.

can always colour and tone it later if i want to.

Speaking of colour, here’s a peek at a colored Ghostbusters page by my man, Bernie Mireault.


Come catch me and Jim at Expozine this weekend!

Hey, i’m going to be there

…sell some books, and art i hope – planing to make prints,
{well, in the end I missed all but the last half of day two and only managed to film part of that. Just can’t be in two places at once. Read on to guess why, and look up to see the short Doc I made of Expozine -least got that much done.}

but also penciling WFH gig, ack! time time time. My collaborator on Therefore Repent! Jim Munroe is on a panel with Peggy Burns, Aaron Costain, and Anna Leventhal. The title is “Printed Matter or Printed Doesn’t Matter?” – Moderated by Jeff Miller. Saturday, 3 p.m.
Like to make it but will have to run out from 12 to 3 to attend to some personal business. Sounds interesting, will be there if i can, record it for sequential maybe.

EXPOZINE, November 14 and Sunday, November 15, 2009, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 5035 St-Dominique (Eglise Saint-Enfant Jesus, between St-Joseph and Laurier, near Laurier Metro). [street view links]

Hell with all my friends, @ Salon du livre de Montreal & Expozine!

Was looking for info on something else…

…and found a message from Liliane, sent last year. Not sure i ever got around to posting it, nice little memior inspired she told me from reading Therefore Repent! Made me smile to read it again.

“In the late 70s, there was lots of new religions popping everywhere. They were selling their version of God to anyone who would listen. And mostly try to get the most people to flock to their enlighted gourous. They were recruting in every shopping malls come hell or high water.”…

Just confirmed that i’ll be at
Salon du livre de Montreal
for the first time this year.

Will be appearing with the author of (k), Sophie Bienvenu, Saturday November the 21st, 10h30 to 12h & Sunday November the 22nd, 13h to 14h30.

I’m just wrapping up final art for the BD on (k) today, going to ink it after i post this.
It’ll be good to see Sophie again, not managed to for awhile.

And while book fairs are not typically as fun as the lunch looks to have been – missed that cus’ i was in Toronto for TCAF and wasn’t notified of the date till the day i was leaving town! Rats. – it will still be nice to have a part in promoting the book in the local book market. Just hope my lack of French skills is not too much of a problem.

I will also be at Expozine the week before!

November 14 and Sunday, November 15, 2009, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

We pack them in at the huge room in the belly of 5035 St-Dominique, Eglise Saint-Enfant Jesus, between St-Joseph and Laurier, a walk from, Laurier Metro on either Laurier or from the St-Joseph side, essentially on super trendy Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Near the home of the old MMCJ’s, at Casa del Popolo.
Free admission for that one!
I’ll have the whole flee circus out on display, and be doing sketches, drop in and check out the madness of Expozine!

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Con report birthday cards and ponderings…

So that was pretty fun, the 2009 Montreal Comic Con was a small fan con, with a proportionately large artist alley [to dealers room]. really good crowd Saturday, Sunday i got there late but the crowd was tepid in comparison too. About a quarter maybe to Saturday’s turnout. All in all though good time. Sold lots day one, just enough day two to make showing up worth it. Made a video of the mania on day one….

Also someone at the con told me they knew it was my birthday this past week becuse they saw this, thanks Tom!

I spent some time watching Darwin work on commissions, he’s got a really bloody-minded efficient system for rendering.

I’ve done that general kind of thing before but 10 years ago set off to amuse myself doing more personal work, it’s both enticing and daunting t think about getting back into such a regime. But if i want to get things done faster….
been thinking about what to do for $ now that the illustration market is so dead, working some kind of WFH gig is on the table, talking with some of my friends on the inside it seems tempting and really – after part time dish washing for the last 6 months i’m about ready to do anything just to get back to being paid to draw full time.
Dream Life is still going to happen, but i need something stable to back up things. Always did want to draw Rocket Raccoon, maybe that idea for a one off i joked about is worth following up and pitching…

K, MoCCA and Awesome 2: Awesomer – gone fishin’

Ok, about to take the weekend off and head south for a few days, got some drawing to do tonight and a few errands to run, then catch a train in the am. A quick weekend trip to NY to check out MoCCA for the first time! Woohoo.

Was just at the publishers office, K2: Le dep’ eclaire a des milles a la ronde is on the stands! There’s also another introductory video on the site with author Sophie Bienvenu!

This is the interior BD i did for that, it printed pretty nicely i think.


Was at TCAF, the Canadian version of this, but i’ve wanted to go to MoCCA for a while, haven’t seen the museum since the early 90′s, and the festival seems to promise much! But you know at TCAF i really only got to have real fun in the evenings, the days were work. Didn’t want to do too of those in a row so didn’t think I’d go this year either. But then i decided i had earned a hobo’s weekend.

This time it’s strictly for kicks, see some freinds and look at comic books. Not sitting anywhere or have a single thing planed. Looks to be fun. May spend a lot of time in panels.

Will post stuff if i have the time, photos and such, and probably use the excuse to play reporter a little on sequential. Good way to shift from the TCAF coverage mode.

One of the things I’m really excited to see is the Indy Spinner Anthology i have a story in with Rantz Hoseley, AWESOME 2: AWESOMER. It’s pretty amazing looking, here’s the specks!

Edited by Indie Spinner Rack’s Charlito and Mr. Phil!

You can’t keep a great indie anthology down! The boys at Indie Spinner Rack have been producing the premiere indie comics podcast for over three years, and in 2007 produced the aptly-titled AWESOME anthology. Now they’re back, along with a few dozen of their friends and favorite guests… who happen to be some of the greatest cartoonists in the industry!

AWESOME 2: AWESOMER is edited by Charlito and Mr. Phil, hosts of Indie Spinner Rack, and designed once again by Eisner nominee Jon Adams. Contributors include Chris Duffy, Sarah Glidden, Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, Jeff Lemire, Alex Robinson, J. Chris Campbell, Robert Goodin, Alex Cahill, Chris Schweizer, and MANY more — with a cover by the legendary Jeff Smith!

What’s more, half the proceeds from every book sold will go to fund a student scholarship to the Center for Cartoon Studies! What are you waiting for!? Pick up AWESOMER today! — Softcover Graphic Novel (Anthology) with inserted mini-comic, 200 pages, 6″ x 9″

Awesome 2: Awesomer
$14.95 (US)
Diamond: MAR09443
ISBN: 978-1-60309-039-1

The set from Flicker for my story in that is here.

Report from the desk:

Posted this on P&P and then relized i should put it here…

And a day of rest – geeeeezzzzz, man, came back from TCAF the hard way, had to get a cover and BD done for Monday, and almost, but not quite made it. lettering on the BD is temporary, the publisher is going to use their font once they do final edit.



Last week : TCAF was pretty awesome, though i have some mightily cranky notions about the building we were in – not a fan of the architecture, looks good on camera but where i was sitting, it was not a very human feeling space too me, never was a big fan of that one – i sat right under where this was taken from.

But a lot of people loved it and I’m told the library is ecstatic about the festival and provides the space happily which is not how the last place treated them so that’s great for Peter and Christopher! Probably will grow on me, i just really loved the old Vic building we were in, had great feeling about it.

Saturday was insane! I mean packed! wow.

No one seemed to know were the ac controls were + i had been up pretty late Friday night being social as well as hulling 525 magazines clear across town and back again on foot [transit] Friday afternoon/evening to get to the Seth reading.

I had also chosen to wear something semi formal involving a jacket. = i was wrecked after day one.

Susi diner saved me and had a good time at Chips launch. His new book looks really sweet, hope to actually read a comic soon, it’s in the short stack.

Day two was more mellow, and cool enough i didn’t think about taking off my sweater, which it looks like i should have – this was all nice till later on when it was clear the sales were going to be slow.

Despite repeated attempts i was unable to crack the boredom by starting a rubber band war with Craig A. Taillefer, who just gave me funny looks. yes, that look exactly. Brian Evinou & Liz Baillie were grate neighbors, Brian did a lot of drawing. If i hadn’t been so burnt out both days i might have felt bad about not being into it!

Last minute scramble to spend money in the last half hour left me with a small profit i spent on mothers day dinner. I bet folks with brand new books to sell did well. Also moved I’d say about 450 of 525 copies of the free Sequential magazine which were well received for sure. Got a short list of people who want to be in the next one if there is one.

The After Party Sunday night was nice, and i had a good time hanging out with Eric Kim & Co. Monday. Met a whole bunch of cool people on this trip in fact.

Had a few days off to see family, and got some sketching done. Missed my buss, took 12 hours to get home in all and crashed hard.

Come find me at TCAF!

Hey gang, last minute posting! So it’s that time of every two years again, come on down to the Toronto Reference Library and find me in the pile of comix creators and cool going’s on at TCAF ’09.

I’ll have piles of my old and not so old art – some of these, those this and that to sell. And even cooler, a whole lot of THIS to give away totally free! Yep. And Buttons too, oh my!


See you there!

See you @ EXPOZINE 2008 | Sat Nov 29 & Sun Nov 30

stock for Expozine 08

So I’m going to be at Expozine, along with much of the alternative comix scene for Montreal and many from all over Canada and the US!

Expozine has evolved into the biggest zine fair in Canada now, it’s been amazing to watch; I’ve attended every year so far.

This year I have lots of books. Not as many copies of Therefore Repent as I’d have liked it looks like, just 10!

Ordered more but unless they show up Friday I think they got held up with thanksgiving in the US.

That kind of sucks because i can probably sell 3 times as many as I have. But what you going to do?

I will have other books though, lots of RevolveR‘s, a few copies of Comic Boot Tattoo, Sea of Red, old jam zines and some other older books i’ve done. Also going to bring a long box of old books from my personal collection, stuff i’d like to start divesting myself off. Also, i had some cool new 1″ pins I had made up too, hear they come out well, going to pick them up tomorrow!

The books are above, bellow is the art from the pins! See you at the show! Drop by and say hi if you read the blogs. :)


New York New York

Hey all, I’ll be attending the New York Comic Con this upcoming 18th, 19th and 20th, to promote Therefore Repent! and other stuff in Manhattan.

I will be appearing; *pop*, imp like; on Saturday from 3 to 4 pm with ‘Man of Action’ Joe Kelly at the Image booth to do some sketches and stuff.

& Sunday I’ll be hanging out with my friends at Indy Spinner Rack from 1 to 4pm along with Alec Longstreth in podcast ally.

And finally on Monday the 21st from 6 to 8 pm at Jim Hanley’s Universe [4 West 33rd St.] I’ll be joining pirate captain RICK REMENDER (Fear Agent), TONY MOORE (The Exterminator), & GREG THOMPSON (Sinbad: Rogue of Mars) for the JHU’s “NYCC HANGOVER CURE”.

So see you in Manhattan!

Therefore Repent! @ The Geek OUT! Saturday Feb 23rd

Hey, so I’m going to be giving a projected dramatic presentation of the book at the next Geek OUT! Here in Montreal.

I’ll have copies of the book for sale as well, and theres other stuff going on, check this site for the details.

Location: MUCS Dining Coop, 2000 Northcliffe, suite 218 (corner De Maisoneuve, near Vendome metro)

Inking Dream Life

Taking a few days to ink, then back to Top Secret project.

Blocky thing takes forever to ink, I’m telling you, Boyo.

Having some interesting conversations with a few writers right now, considering illustration a sort of philosophical picture book, been approached about a couple of comic book ideas that if not too big I might end up doing, and maybe even seeing if I cant think of an interesting animation idea – had a studio contact me about the possibility of talking about developing an idea with them, pretty exciting the more I think about it. Pondering what concepts i’ve been kicking around might make the leap well, or if I have any new notions that might be worth pitching….hmmm.

Also making small steps towards writing a new Sea of Red project, that i’ve pretty much decided I’d like to do sooner than I can draw it, so looking into other artists for that maybe.

Been making plans

to tour for Therefore Repent!

It’s looking very good for me going to the NYCC, and Paradise, and by hock or crook my first visit to the San Diego Comic Con. Also Windsor/Detroit as well in the next 6 months! Maybe more yet, haven’t got a confirmation but might be giving a presentation here in Montreal at the end of the month as well in NDG, hosted by

Jim’s going to hit the road as well a little bit, stay tuned and i’ll have dates and places for all that.

Forgive us our sins –


Local illustrator Salgood Sam and author Jim Munroe create a post-Rapture work in Therefore Repent!


When prolific indie author, quick and dirty filmmaker and DIY organizer Jim Munroe got a grant to create Therefore Repent!, a full-length “post-Rapture” graphic novel, Montreal-based, long-time Munroe fan and sometime collaborator Salgood Sam jumped at the chance to render it. “I’d read an early Munroe novella at a zine fair when I was 19 or 20 and I really liked it,” says Sam. “I’ve been following his stuff ever since. When you really identify with a writer’s vision, they’ve tapped the voice you hear inside yourself, they’re appealing to you on that level.” Sam spent more than a year meticulously bringing Munroe’s ideas to life, drawing on skills honed in both the indie comics realm and through years of grunt work for the likes of Marvel. “Jim’s a good writer to collaborate with because he was into gearing it into what I was into doing,” Sam says. “I didn’t have to do any contortions to visualize the script as I was reading it.” Munroe agrees. “He’s perfect, because he can do the hipsters and the hellspawn,” says Munroe. “He can do urban settings very well and true to life, but also fascinating fantastical things.”

Therefore Repent! begins with the arrival of the fascinating and fantastical Raven and Mummy in a near-future Chicago. Munroe, who’s based in Toronto, set the story in an American city because, as he quips, “They go together like peanut butter and jelly, America and the Rapture.” 144,000 Christians have floated up to heaven, Jesus has joined George W. in the White House, and heavily armed angels from on high are descending to do the Lord’s dirty work on Earth. Things would seem quite hopeless for the rest of us godless (i.e. not fundamentalist) sorts, except that magic is afoot…everything from Eastern cosmic insights to transubstantiation actually works. Soon enough, a grassroots magical insurgency starts to form.

“I was inspired by this idea that the most powerful people in America purport to literally believe in Christians floating into the air, into heaven, which is what George W. Bush says he believes in,” says Munroe. “That’s pretty mind blowing, that in their own mythology they’d have something that wild-especially when the conservatives have problems with Harry Potter.”

After a more ambiguous approach to the idea of evil in An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil, Munroe decided to go for a dark fantasy scenario in which, if miracles, angels and such were to be given free play, then other forms of magic would be just as valid. “Well, if people are going to float into the air, how about less top-down magical manifestations?” Munroe says. “Religion is very top-down, it’s God or who God specifically anoints. But if there is magic from on high, then it is going to emerge from below as well, if people are willing to explore it and not kowtow to the powers that be. I like the idea of it being nascent in all of us, but only if we embrace it-individual power, rather than waiting for other people to anoint us. The whole DIY, coming from the grassroots thing.”

Therefore Repent! launches this Saturday,
Dec. 8 at 7 p.m. at the Drawn & Quarterly
Bookstore (211 Bernard W.)

cool beans!