Some of the books on my shelves, mostly comics...

It’s still good ol’ Comics to me

OP ici on Facebook. "The Term 'Graphic Novel' Has Had A Good Run. We Don't Need It Anymore" - Glen Weldon NPR So, this trivia has come up again. Ok Glen. A distraction then from the encroaching train wreck? I have to suppress a giggle when I get asked about this as a … Continue reading

What’s new?

Crosspost: I've totally fallen behind on updating my blogs! Things have become pleasantly busy with drawing, and teaching, keeping me more than occupied. But still, overdue! I submit my messy studio as proof of business. How is everybody? I'm well. I'm planning an event in Montreal … Continue reading

Introducing, the Spilt Ink Patreon!

Crossposting from Hello friends, it's been hectic as I've been focusing on Dracula and trying to get Revolver Four out asap, and getting the final batch of Dream Life books out the door? Taking too long, not helped by nasty cold bug last month. Back at it now, playing catchup... … Continue reading


I joined Rupert Bottenberg, Raphaele Bard, Tyler K. Rauman, & Mc Baldassari in painting a few pieces of EN MASSE graff at a developers office downtown this week. Here's some photos of the work in progress! Think that was the most standing i've done in a while. Been some time since I worked … Continue reading