More Tainted Love Reviews and Popgun 4

Couple more reviews in for my last wfh job, not too bad!Dueling Review: Ghostbusters Tainted LoveBy: Robot Overlord | February 21st, 2010 -Ghostbusters' Winston Zeddemore:I'm Ready to Believe HimBy Karaoke Fanboy | February 23rd, 2010Also reviced my copy of Popgun 4 in the mail, nice glossy … Continue reading

News on Ghostbusters: Tainted Love

Crap. We busted our asses to get it done in time but the last people, officials, or weather events in the food chain always have the last say. I was assured it was on time last week, but i just read this from Dara....Hey guys, Dara here. I just found out the scoop on this book's erratic ship date. … Continue reading

Tainted Love

When does Ghostbusters: Tainted Love Come out in comic book shops?The guys at IDW tell me it should hit the stands on the 10th. That may vary in some Canadian locations but I'm assured it will make it. I'm crossing my fingers and things.It was made with love, and can be yours just in time to be a … Continue reading

Fist post of 2010

Starting a few other new projects this year, web comics fully, & i have some Dream Life pages long awaiting inking. Hoping 2010 is better than the last one, dang '09 sucked.I wrapped up the Ghostbusters book for IDW, bumpy ride but came out well. It's inspired me to do some work cleaning up my … Continue reading