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I joined Rupert Bottenberg, Raphaele Bard, Tyler K. Rauman, & Mc Baldassari in painting a few pieces of EN MASSE graff at a developers office downtown this week.

Here’s some photos of the work in progress! Think that was the most standing i’ve done in a while. Been some time since I worked on a mural or painted. This time was three days, two full and a half wrapping up the work. Your legs get a good workout!

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall from start to finish....

The main wall, decease ALL DONE!

The main piece is on the inside of the main work area, ampoule the lobby is on the other side of it, there with entrances on each end.

From the POV of the main wall, clinic THIS is the right entrance wing to main wall. Very cool.

The staff seemed to enjoy the show as well. kept to themselves a fair bit, but clearly pretty excited by it. Folks taking their bike in to the room they have set aside for them will see this first thing every morning. — with Rupert Bottenberg, Raphaele Bard, Tyler K. Rauman and Mc Baldassari.

From the POV of the main wall, THIS is the left entrance wing to main wall. I did my version of old school Guilala coming in the door. Was my first bit of graph, as the others called it I think. Gave him Gigan mandibles, because.

From what I saw most people who don't bike or work in the front offices, will see this when they show up for work. — with Rupert Bottenberg and Tyler K. Rauman.

Media center wall. Vegetable head fueled workers have their tentacles in all the things.... — with Raphaele Bard, viagra Tyler K. Rauman and Mc Baldassari.

And back in the Ad dept wall we left a cyber wolf hunting rabbits.. — with Rupert Bottenberg, stomach Raphaele Bard and Mc Baldassari.

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Also was nice to get to know the other artists a little bit. Would love to work with them again. Reminded me of the old monthly jams. It all came out really amazing & fun to do. When you’re up close to it it’s hard to say, but after the drop sheets came away, it all looked pretty great. I can see why Ruppert loves doing this work so much. The whole crew were pros.

For me it was nice to make it through the whole thing physically well. I’ve worked on something with them three times now.

176846_10150159405967228_4229670_oFirst jumping in for a few hours during Henge, the En Masse project @Nuit Blanche 2011, which happened to be the night before I went under the knife for cancer! That was good for the mind and I knew I wanted to do it again.

And I did a year later as part of a huge team that worked together on a room at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. That time unfortunately I was wrecked from a severe bout of gastro and probably the onset of diabetes. It was hard to even hold my arm up for long! Ug.


This time? My stamina held out pretty well! All three days. Yay! And 48 hours later nothing to terrible has happened so it’s officially not a jinx.

Oh and I’ve confirmed I was using stupid brushes before, having picked up a proper set this time. So much better. Loved laying in the big lines with a freestyle paddle brush! Makes me want to prime something. And remember i’ve got a couple unfinished things hidden away…

Must stay on things with Dracula, just working on a new page now. But for sure up for doing it again too.

Hey, by the way. There’s a Patreon campaign for Spilt Ink in the way.

Buy my Art | Buy my Books.

TCAF afterglow…

Back home now, after the show. Ange and I had a lovely week of time off bumbing around Toronto doing nothing to demanding, other than diner with my mother no running around to see family [sorry folks, next time] no working, nothing but having a vacation.

As for my TCAF reporting, check out this post we did on Sequential, and the special coverage in general for more about the show.

Had a great time, diner with the Sequential gang was nice, we need to do that more often – Also had my first sad go at karaoke – Ange and Kalman owned the night on that one.

I got to meet one of the producers behind SGU, a favorite show of mine and Ange’s, seems like a nice guy, sad to hear the studio’s are not going to continue the show. And i’ve got a big pile of new books to read, think i’ll try to post about them in a bit.

Jamie Coville got this nice shot of me, one of the better ones taken of me at a show in a while. I tend to hate photos of me so that’s an accomplishment. His full set of show photos are here

Posters sold really well, but i have lots left of them too, if you’re interested have a look at them here, and let me know.

Expozine Day 1: First attempt at live blogging – FAIL!

So despite getting up early i was a little late getting to the event and thus lost out on getting a proper spot on the floor. Instead for day one i had a table on the stage with the poster artists. Not such a great spot, out of the main traffic i lost out on a lot of spontaneous buyers, really noticed the difference, a 3rd to a quarter my usual sales. Going to try to get in early for Sunday and grab a new spot on the floor.

A lot of people said sales were slow. Customers were looking a bit glazed over buy the shear mass of the offering, and it seems to be the pattern now ever since it became a two day affair: day one browse; day two buy in a mad dash near the end of the day.

Took some vid i’ll deal with latter, and snapped some shots with my phone quick, here’s a little look at the days events. Tried to post this from my phone while i was there but messed it up somehow so this here is my second try from home the old fashion way.

Home again home again, jiggidy jig

Back from my trip; whirl wind

through Gatineau

Toronto & Windsor.

fatherdaughter The 9th Rendez-vous international de la BD was lovely, Paul and friends go out of their way to make the guests feel welcomed. Also met some very cool people, made a few new friends. I’ve posted photos from the trip here.

CoverComp-bataCroped-B01In Toronto I got some work done , roughs for Work, and started on a new Bread and Butter project that’s proving to be off to a fun start. Will talk more about that later but for now you can see the art here>>.

I had a short interview with Dalson Chen of The Windsor Star, that ran the week before BookFest Windsor here. Came out well I think. Made me laugh when he asked about graphic novels, there was a national post article just before on the same theme that made me roll my eyes.

BookFest Windsor was a pleasure for the most part, including the funny social drama around the final night’s party, but I’m getting the impression this goes with the small book festival circuit a bit. Booze + Writers and Poets + Travel? :)

I have a few photos and stuff to post from that shortly.

Also spent a great and somewhat inebriated Halloween with my old friend George, roaming about the town checking out costumes and snapping shots. I made a bit of a video of that here.

The Big Launch – Comic Book Tattoo.

Been inking, and writing, and doing a lot of walking still.

Up side to the insanity of visiting Toronto is all the exercise, reminds me to keep it going at home. With the always present list of things to do when your freelance, it easy to forget to get off your ass sometimes.

And of course the net always calls to be fed. To bad it doesn’t take walks and crap itself. Been contemplating getting a dog friend lately.

Didn’t get to the big SDCC this year. Had thought I would but changed my mind. Timing was just not suitable – need to get a lot done this month.

But Damn, it would have been cool to have been there for the official big launch of Comic Book Tattoo, Tori Amos’s monster anthology book!

The photo here of a panel is by the K-Squared: They have a nice full report posted about the panel at the con, with Amos, Rantz, and 6 of the contributors. And the Tori Amos signing later. And there is a clip of the panel posted here on Flicker by, dug up by Russell Lissau.

There’s also some cool shots up on Rantz flicker stream. And K. Star St.Germain posted the first page from what looks like a stunning story here. And i love this shot Sarah Jaffe took of herself with the book. There’s a set here of one of the signings. And bellow is Rantz with some folks who posted this on their feed, proud owners of a limited edition. I believe word is everything that went with them to SDCC is gone, all sold out! There’s a lot of buz on this thing.

Quite excited to see this thing, been kind of holding out in an act of perverse denial of reward i suppose. :)

I hope my story printed well. Kind of afraid to see how it looks along side some of the other stuff in the previews!

ED: New Stuff.
1st Review of the book.

Posed here on Bust. Dug up by Derek.

And CBR has, a TV channel…? First i’ve here of this…

In anticipation of the debut of Comic Book Tattoo at Comic-Con International in San Diego, CBR TV, in association with MySpace Comic Books, caught up with Tori Amos at Amoeba Music in Hollywood for an exclusive one-on-one interview about the new massive Image Comics anthology, which features new work by a host of sequential art’s brightest and most innovative talents, all turning in new work based on the songs of Tori Amos.

There’s that link to Star’s work, and mine & Mark’s up on Myspace, you also get this sneak peek on CBR, these on, this with Jennifer M. Contino on the the PULSE, a publisher’s weekly article here, and does it’s thing here with more lovely art, AOL/Spinner has a huge interview and article with Rantz, Tori, David Mack, Colleen Doran, and Ted McKeever here. And finally from newsarama this is the FULL line up, feast the eyes.

David Mack
Josh Hechinger, Matthew Humphreys, Kristyn Ferretti (L)
Jonathan Tsuei, Eric Canete
Jason Horn, Dean Trippe
Sara Ryan, Jonathan Case
Rantz A. Hoseley, James Stokoe
Tristan Crane, Atticus Wolrab
Nikki Cook
Drew Bell, Kevin Mellon, Mark Sweeney (C)
Jeff Carroll, Mike May
Jeremy Haun, Amber Stone (C)
Leif Jones
Elizabeth Genco, Carla Speed Mcneil, Mark Sweeney (C)
Kelly Sue Deconnick, Andy Macdonald,Nick Filardi(C),Kristyn Ferretti(L)
Cat Mihos, Andre Szymanowicz, Gabe Bautista(C), Kristyn Ferretti(L)
C.B. Cebulksi, Ethan Young, Joey Weltjens & Lee Duhig For Guru Efx (C)
Omaha Perez
Irma Page, Mark Buckingham
Rantz A. Hoseley, Ming Doyle, Mark Sweeney(C), Kristyn Ferretti (L)
Mike Maihack
John Ney Reiber, Ryan Kelly, Kristyn Ferretti (L)
Alice Hunt, Trudy Cooper
Jonathan Hickman
Matthew S. Armstrong
Neil Kleid, Christopher Mitten, Kristyn Ferretti(L)
Stephanie Leong, Sonia Leong
Kelly Sue Deconnick, Laurenn Mccubbin
John Bivens
Hope Larson
Emma Vieceli, Faye Yong(C)
Chris Arrant, Star St.Germain
Mike Dringenberg
Paul Maybury
Jim Bricker, Craig Taillefer
Dame Darcy
G. Willow Wilson, Steve Sampson
Neal Shaffer, Daniel Krall
Adisakdi Tantimedh, Ken Meyer Jr.
Mark Sable, Salgood Sam
Tom Williams
James Owen
Seth Peck, Daniel Heard
Ivan Brandon, Callum Alexander Watt
Leah Moore & John Reppion, Pia Guerra, Mark Sweeney, Kristyn Ferretti
Jessica Staley, Shane White
Ted Mckeever, Chris Chuckry (C)
Jimmie Robinson
Lea Hernandez
Derek Mcculloch, Colleen Doran, Jason Hanley (L)


The last thing i finished.

So if you read here often you’ll maybe remember in the spring i postponed work on Dream Life a bit to do something exciting that had come up. Over Due to follow that up. I did a short story with Mark Sable [GROUNDED, FEARLESS, HAZED] that rifted of of Tori Amos’s song Upside Down, for her latest project – a huge 12″ x 12″ 480-page comic anthology titled COMIC BOOK TATTOO.

Here’s some highlights of press circuit so far-

Tori Amos’ “Comic Book Tattoo”
on CBR, with art!

Tori Amos’ “Comic Book Tattoo”
to debut at SDCC with signing session on CBR

Here’s a scan of a page from the Jan edition
of SPIN magazine that announced
Comic Book Tattoo, posted on

And Tori Amos anthology due from Image
posted on THE BEAT.

Here’s a picture of the Hardcover Edition taken by our Editor extraordinaire, Rantz Hoseley. Some shots of the inside on the other side of this link. The cover art is by Jason Levesque of

Soon I’ll be able to show you some of my own work, and Mark and i are sloted to do some interviews soon too. Stay tuned!

Weather over the home front

– The big storm as it rolled in –
the clouds inspired some of the work i was doing, so green!

my desk

Cleaning up the studio got the drawing corner sorted now, yeay!

I do my layouts and sketching here, more privet so i can get and stay in the right head space for more cerebral work.

my books

Just finished organizing my books…:)

There was a big storm tonight

I was waiting for the rain to let up a bit so I could go to the D&Q book store opening, but the roof drain was blocked and it all started coming in through the ceiling!

drainholesLandlord had to come over, fist we drilled holes to control where it was coming in – it was pouring out of light fixtures and all over. With the holes it was possible to get it to all drain out in one place. But it came down in torrents! it would fill the bins in about 5 min. So the landlord went up to the roof, saw that the drain was blocked, and that was almost it. Mostly it’s stopped now, except one slow dripper in my bed room, that’s keeping me up……grumble….

Photo essays

Some old photo galleries that have gotten a bit lost in the site, posting here so i can find them easyer later when i do a proper sight overhaul.

Chester Joe and Seth

Well, I didn’t end up taking too many photos at TCAF, planed to but on Saturday I twisted my ankle and it kind of slipped my mind. So I just got a few good ones at the Awards on Friday.

Had a blast at the show, and the launch went well. Not really in the mood to talk more about it all right now but I’ll try to find some time to go on latter.

For now, feed the need at Sequential.

TCAF report

Hey all

So a quick report from the front. Had a bit of a nasty bus ride, but after a few hours sleep the launch went really well. Met up with Jim, Claudia Dávila, and her husband Michael at the tequila book worm, worked out how to use the space and hung our art. Went to reunite with my lovely lady friend after two weeks apart, then after a bit of a brake it was back to the bookworm and things picked up really fast after 8.

GREAT turn out, my only complaint is that I got kind of trapped in the corner of the room and didn’t really get to say hi to a lot of people I’d have liked to. There are a few shots here, taken by my mother so a bit biased in subject but…

Jim tells me we moved a very satisfying number of books, and everyone was really enthusiastic about it.

Friday the Doug Wright awards were not the most exciting presentation but more than saved by a hour or so long conversation between Chester Brown, Joe Matt, and Seth. The trio were reunited after not seeing each other for 4 years. Here’s where I’d have liked to link you to a recoding of the thing, but unfortunately I had a misshape with my mp3 recorder and so it’s lost to the ages. Although not really. The NFB was there, they are doing something involving Seth, and filmed the event. Brad tells me they might be about to provide the TCAF site with an audio copy of the proceedings. Breath baited?

So, then there was an odd after party that seemed, well, kind of high end for our lot. I don’t drink but even so, $6 beers and swanky surroundings is not the sort of thing you plop a bunch of cartoonists into and expect them to be laid back.

Day one of TCAF was great till late in the day. Old Victoria Collage is an Incredible space, classic and classy. The Shear number of interesting things to look at is overwhelming. At some point today I’ll try to take some photos.

At our table things motored along really well. Lots of copies sold, Jim even had to go home to restock midway through the day!

The caveat of the day was after a very refreshing energy drink full of vitamins and berry juice, I was feeling really energetic, and went down the stairs a bit too fast. Right foot slipped on the last few and my left paid the price. My ankles all swollen now, bit of a nasty sprain. But I can still hobble fairly well, and Im thinking a cheep cain might be just the thing.

So it’s off to the show again, if you haven’t gone yet I urge you to do so.



PS: For more Bryan has made a Day One post here on Sequential.

My great Uncle Harry

Got word from my grandmother today that her brother died. She sent me this link to a very nice write up about him, here’s the copy by Rebecca Goodman…

Harry Rudney furthered medicine
Chaired biochemistry department at UC

HYDE PARK – The life of Harry Rudney is a Horatio Alger story.

From humble beginnings, Dr. Rudney’s talent and inquisitiveness landed him a job and an education provided by an appreciative benefactor.

He later made an important contribution to humanity through his research on cholesterol, which laid the foundation for the later development of cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins.

Dr. Rudney, chairman emeritus of the department of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, died May 30 at Hospice of Cincinnati in Blue Ash. The Hyde Park resident was 89.

Born in Toronto on April 14, 1918, Dr. Rudney was a member of a struggling Jewish immigrant family, according to his son, Joel Rudney of St. Paul, Minn. With no money for college, Dr. Rudney was tracked into Central Technical High School even though he was interested in biology.

The school recognized his gift for science and hired him after graduation to set up chemistry experiments for students.

Although he couldn’t afford college, he attended public lectures offered by the University of Toronto. Among the lectures he heard was one given by Dr. Bruno Mendel, a Jewish refugee who worked at the Banting Institute. Sir Frederick Banting, who had discovered insulin, conducted research there.

“My father was so excited by what he heard that he wrote to Dr. Mendel and suggested an experiment that he could do and Dr. Mendel was so impressed that he contacted my father and offered him a job in his lab,” Joel Rudney said.

But Dr. Rudney felt he couldn’t break the contract he had with the high school.

Mendel asked Banting to intervene. He arranged for Dr. Rudney to be released from the contract. Dr. Rudney went to work for Mendel, who paid his way through the University of Toronto.

“By the time my father had finished his undergrad degree, he had published seven papers,” Joel Rudney said.

Dr. Rudney went on to receive a master’s degree from the university in 1948 and a Ph.D. from Western Reserve University in Cleveland in 1952. He joined the faculty at Western Reserve before being recruited by the University of Cincinnati to be the chairman of the department of biochemistry and molecular biology.

He was the Andrew Carnegie Professor of Biological Chemistry from 1967 until 1989. After his retirement, he returned to serve as interim chairman of the department of pharmacology for three years. He later served as chairman of the institutional review board. He retired for good at age 87.

Dr. Rudney was elected to the Fellows of the Graduate School at the University of Cincinnati in 1976 and received the George Rieveschl Jr. Award for distinguished research. He served as president of the Association of Medical School Chairmen of Biochemistry and was on the editorial board of the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

While in college in Toronto, Dr. Rudney met his wife, Bernice. The meeting was arranged through friends. He came to her home and chatted with her in the breakfast room.

A week later he called to invite her to a movie. “We just hit it off,” his wife said. He was a “sweetheart.”

“My mother cautioned me that he was a poor boy. I said that didn’t matter. I thought he had prospects.” And she was right. “He went on to do really important things,” she said. “It was a lovely marriage. We would have been married 61 years on June 25. And they were very good years.”

In addition to his wife and son Joel, survivors include another son, Robert Rudney, of Mount Washington; and two sisters, Libby Grant and Pearl Shore, both of Toronto.

Services have been held. Burial was at United Jewish Cemetery in Montgomery.

Lots a big brains in the family, but i didn’t know about his work before now, cool to read about.

It’s been a long time since i last saw Harry, but i recall him being a very warm and good hearted man.

I did a quick google look on him after to see what came up and found this sweet photo of Harry & Bernice from 2005 by Jason D. Geil of The Cincinnati Post.

Art Co-op shop window

Art Co-op shop window, originally uploaded by Maxim.

A sight from my walk today. I like the santa, what’s that kinky guy doin’?

last of first snow – MTL Jan 2007

last of first snow – MTL Jan 2007, originally uploaded by Maxim.

so….whats wrong with this picture?


, originally uploaded by Maxim.

Back at the desk

Back at the desk, originally uploaded by Maxim.


TTC STREAKS, originally uploaded by Maxim.