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I’ve totally fallen behind on updating my blogs!
Things have become pleasantly busy with drawing,
and teaching, keeping me more than occupied.
But still, overdue!

I submit my messy studio
as proof of business.



How is everybody? I’m well. I’m planning an event in Montreal – sign up here to get news about that – There will be news very soon hopefully re guests and things, things are falling in place. It’s to be a night of Jamming and Jawboning for cartoonists and lovers of the form in Montreal.

In other news, The Patreon got off to a nice start but a year in has held stable for a while. Partly due to my intermittence in promoting it I fear. And a recent shift to mostly lower level pledges means the total has gone down a bit in fact, slightly offset by the dramatic decline of the Canadian Dollar recently.

Patreon is in USD, so I get a nice boost from the exchange rate.

LCdragonquestwebrawStill though, I’d like more pledges for sure. The current goal is to get to $350 a month, most of my rent. That means about a 175 pledges at $2 each. Could take fewer if folks pledge more and I have a few reward tiers for that to encourage it. I’ve taken out formal “teaching” as I find that hard to do online. I teach privately at my home though, contact me if you’re interested. But there’s still the option to get postcards or convention sketches!

I did this fantasy illustration as a commision for one of my patrons recently. I’d be glad to do something for you if you pledge too! Once a year you’ll be able to request something like this for yourself or another for a consideration of $15 a month. That’s just 180 a year, a pretty good deal for original art to your specifications.

ravenburnEven without more of those though, still 175 patrons giving just 2$ pledges monthly seems like a reasonable number to hope for in my audience? Certainly from some of the stats I’ve looked at, many can afford it! So I hope I can entice a few more in time! And I think it’s well worth the deal. Free access to a digital library of all my independent comics and bonus patron’s only content shared to the patreon blog!

I think getting a bit more focused about my posting regularly on my site blogs again would help for sure, both comics but other things too. I’ve probably been spending a disproportionate amount of time with the community on Facebook and neglected these platforms. Partly it’s due to mostly working on comics I’m sharing in the rough–lots of process but have to hold back final work on for now. Ironically if you are a patron, you get to see that all sooner. But for now only Kickstarter and Patreon readers get to read Dracula first.

I’m doing a fair bit of posting and instagramming for my classes, and editing my teaching sites for Dynamic Drawing, and Making Comics. And there’s other stuff I could share too, work on commissions and things or just a bit of Blogging. But time is the shortage. I fear it’ll be sporadic this summer at best.

A Bastards Tale is currently holding up Revolver Four, I got it started but then hit a problem….basicly involving how to represent myself, and my dead father in the story! That sounds more dramatic that it is, but it was a tough problem and I ran out of time to get it done, had to get back to drawing Dracula some more, get a big chunk of Dracula done if not rap it all up before I can go back to it! Probably the latter as really, it’s much too late already.

Frustrating but making comes is often about deferred pleasure and keeping and eye on the long game.

So that’s it for now, I’ll post about my thing in April in a week or so…check in here or sign up to the list if you want to come to my MTL comix Salons!

Broken Pencil, Sketchbooks, #TBT, Art done, & Art for sale!

I’ve been pretty active on the new Spilt Ink blog, and generally trying to be regular about updating. The old home site is overdue for a catch-up though!

hurtFirst I want to remind everyone, I have a lot of art up for sale, and take requests as well. 

Generally always interested in selling it but right now it would be especially helpful, so check it out and if you order something, I’ll throw in a copy of my comic Revolver vol 3 with a sketch and thank you! In most instances shipping is included in the price, for sure in the US, EU and Canada.

Also, if you don’t have ALL my books already, why not?! You can order them here from Spilt Ink!

Speaking of my books…

BPSummerIndieScienceThe Summer issue
of Broken Pencil
includes two pieces
related to Dream Life.

Posted on spilt ink originally: There’s a listicle by Alison Lang called “How to Crowdfund a Graphic Novel (without Losing Your Mind and Alienating People)” [pg 22], that came out of a nice long chat I had with Alison the week of TCAF 2014 about fundraising for Dracula and Dream life.

I was expecting that, but was pleased to find a review of Dream Life in my comp copy as well!

Joel W. Vaughan gave me some high praise with the understandable caveat that being a ‘book one’, it really needs it’s mate to conclude and deliver on any promise. Something I fully intend to do.

“This latest work by the legendary Montreal-based artist Salgood Sam has been called “neo-realist,” but it might be more accurately referred to as “honest.” It follows the seemingly unrelated lives of five young adults in contemporary Canada, detailing everything from call-centres to drug-smugglers. It’s a stellar graphic novel…”

Read the full review in Broken Pencil #64!


As a way to partake in Throwback Thursdays and promote my fathers work, i’ve started posting weekly new photos of his. Right now it’s a series of shots from the  The Toronto Pop Festival! The first two posts feature shots of  Chuck Berry, Sly & the Family Stone, Tiny Tim, Ronny Hawkins, and a 17-year-old Jeanne Beker!

Sketchbooks with Salgood Sam

Posted on Dynamic Drawing originally:
I’ve been recording tours through old sketchbooks for my students recently,
I’ve posted two so far, and probably will make about ten in the end. Here’s the first!


Dracula art!

I’m in the midst of inking between every spare moment right now.
Want to get the next Revolver out to early subscribers in September!
Here’s a look at the pages in progress, don’t peek if you don’t want spoilers!







Read Dracula Son of the Dragon in Revolver!

A visit to the Studio, and a Dracula Update.

Crossposted from SpiltInk:

newsealforclothsWBHere’s some Inking on Dracula! : Currently in production at Spilt Ink, for the next issue of Revolver Quarterly.

sod-015.inksSFSCThe current main feature, my collaboration with Mark Sable, “Dracula Son of the Dragon” is on my desk. Mark needs an update from me for our Kickstarter backers, so here’s the news of the moment: I’m aiming to get 15 to 23 pages done for this next installment, along with a short 10 page entry for A Bastards Tale. I’m giving myself about 60 days to do that. Most the Dracula art is penciled and ready to ink as of this post, so this feels pretty comfortably doable.

On the left here is a new take on the Seal of the Order of the Dragon. Based on historical examples, but not by any means Orthodox. Been making my Dragon’s more serpent like for one thing. Doing a lot of research for the era but also taking liberties for dramatic value & my own amusement.

Speaking of amusement, Revolver is going to host quite a contrasting set of narratives for the next 3 issues! A fictional coming of age for the historic Vlad Tepes, and a memoir of my own childhood, raised by bikers and artists. As the kids say, LOL! Byzantine vampire fantasy, and a child’s memory of the ’70s has been making for some wonderful visual research work.

I’m enjoying it. Exactly what I started the Revolver series to do. [the first instalments of both are available now in Revolver 3]. It’s a challenge, but i’m much happier working on different things over the course of a year, than a singular project for one or more.

As I mentioned, Right this second I’m inking Dracula stuff, and twice a week I teach. My Dynamic Drawing course, and filling in for my comrade Kelly Tindall for his Making Comics class.

I record what I do sometimes at the desk, and post it to youtube to share with students in a drawing class I teach. This clip is one of those done earlier this week.

Starts with a look through an old suitcase I used to use at zine fairs as a display stand for my books, that i’ve now stuffed with all the zines i’ve collected over the years that I still like and keep.

Thinking i’m going to start having Jam parties at my house, and I might bring it out for those for fun.  Maybe take it to events in the future. :) A traveling zine library.

Then I get into some inking panel borders and one of the drawings. My hand gets in the way a lot, sorry about that. used the wrong camera angle.

The current proposed Spilt Ink publishing schedule for the rest of this year looks something like this:

Revolver 4 in September; Revolver 5 in December; And Vol.6 by the end of February 2015.

That will bring us to the end of the first arc of the first Dracula story line! Three more novellas like it are planned in the future, so be assured the Voivode of Wallachia will return to Revolver. But that first book/arc will then be collected and released to the Kickstarter backers who financed the production.

Plans are not final but it’s probable  a version of the first book will then be made publicly available too, likely via Digital formats.

For Revolver Quarterly Vol.7: Nothing more to say publicly about the story that will follow Dracula in vol 7. But I will say i’ve been itching for a while, to do some Sci Fi. A Bastards Tale will probably continue for several more issues as well.

And I plan to bring back The Rise and Fall of it all again as well at some point–first seen as a short in Vol.1. Dream Life book two will also probably start being developed around then. But I don’t really expect to return to the story until late 2015 at the soonest. When I do, it will also be serialized in Revolver as well.

Shipping update and Spilt Ink dot Org


Still feel like I’m playing catch up after the trip to NY last month, closed out the first leg of the Dream Life tour. 

I had some slow weeks after recovering from a pretty intense cold I picked up on the road. We were having a heatwave too, that didn’t help. And here in Montreal a lot of people went on the traditional summer “workers vacation” so not much was getting done outside my studio.

I just heard back from Lounak earlier today that the first batch of books I left with them–that were waiting on a passport renewal. and then the drivers vacation–will now head out this Wednesday! Yay. Was getting worried there.

Good news. Going to want to see the invoice from them for this batch, but this means the next batch should head out soon as well. I have classes to teach mid week, but probably next monday i’ll plan to make a run up to Lounak.

Though it would be nice  to sell more books to help wrap up the last bit of shipping! unfortunately due to NY having been a bust when it came to sales at the shows – both cons there in June were super DEAD I found. Sold about 3 copies of Dream Life between them along with a few other bits and bobs. Most the other folks I talked to at both had the same story too pretty much. Bombs.

I ended up coming away $200 in the hole rather than with the average $500 profit that had come from many of the other shows/weekends on the tour. New York, Ottawa, and the second weekend in Toronto were all  poor sales wise, but with NY being the worst especially, when you factored in the much more expensive tables and travel! I still came out in the black for the other two duds with just a few books sold, but not NY.

That was not good for the budget. It could have been worse — I was able to sell two thirds of the books I had on me to local retailers for decent wholesale rates sunday and monday before coming back. Covered most the losses and bumped the store listings for Dream life nicely in the process too! So I was happy about that. But fiscally it hurt my plan a bit. The shipping budget it just about $400 now, so coming out of NY -$200, not cool.

Covering the latest short fall will be doable, it’s not huge. As it turned out last week I learned I’d be covering for my friend and co-teacher at Syn Studio, Kelly Tindall. Doing a semester of his comics class as well as my regular semester of Dynamic Drawing.

 The hours for that, selling some more books locally, and some freelance work in the works, i’ll be able to work it all out. But yeah, selling a LOT more books would be great for that and, just, in general.

It was over all good on the road, but online there’s been little pick up. I’d like to do more to get things going. Been writing retailers, have a few orders in the works. Also have some requests for books in town too at shops. Also been entertaining finding a way to set up in downtown Cafe’s, to sell the book during festival season?

I’m offering a summer reading sale right now, for the US editions. Need to get the word out more in general though!

 [reminder kickstarter backers are getting signed first Launch Editions, printed on premium paper in Montreal. The books sold now from my site are the US editions, POD copies printed on good but coarser paper in the US, from CreateSpace.]  

I’ve been reluctant to ask before everyone got their copy, but I’d really appreciate any help you can give me spreading the word about the sale, [ 0 shipping for physical copies and 10% off digital ] and generally sharing stuff about the book. To that end….


In other related news I had a chance finally to do some over due web work.

I moved my comics news blog Sequential to a new server, and back on the old one got my publishing imprint Spilt Ink’s home site up and running after years of just having a placeholder there. It’s pretty focused on selling my books, including Dream Life.

Thoses of you who’ve gotten your copies, I’d love to collect your reactions to Dream Life, to post on the site. Even if they are relatively short I’d appreciate it!

Also tell your favorite comic book or book retailer about it too! I can supply books to most places on the glob via the CreateSpace system!

Also the book is on AmazonComiXology, & Goodreads. If you can rate it there as well it would be a HUGE help boosting it’s visibility! Please help me pop it up the ranks?

And lastly, do you do a podcast or write for blogs? Chat me up about appearing on your show or check out the Footnotes section of Spilt Ink, and then write me some interesting questions? Some past interviews and reviews for my books can be found here on thepress page.

Ok, that’s the big ask for today.
Be my Street Team?
Thanks a lot!
I couldn’t have done this without you all!


More stores stocking RevolveЯ!

So as you know if you frequent the site, i’m self publishing RevolveЯ. Including distributing directly to any retailers that will do business with me. Contact me if you own or buy for a comics specialty store, book shop, group, club, or library about getting wholesale discounts ranging from 30% to 50%.

Strange Adventures, three locations.
Dartmouth, Halifax & Fredericton!

Three cities in one go! It was a happy thing
when the first orders for a retailer came in, and it was for three shops at once!

I’m not sure if RevolveЯ will be at all three locations, but you can ask to reserve yours today.

I’ve heard a lot about this small chain of east coast shops. Sometimes hosts of comic jams and 24hr comics events, signings, and often quick to back canuck talents! Full disclosure; Calum is a backer in my successful Indiegogo drive for dream life.

I know for my friends i’n the comics game over the years, they have backed a lot of great Indie books.

Run by owner operator Calum Johnston they seem like really lively places. And I love the look of the Sackville shop. Look for the shots from Kate Beaton’s appearance, totally the kind of place i loved to be taken as a kid.

Another part of the world I’ve never been, that now I have a good excuse to try to get to! Their copies are estimated to arrive by Dec 17.

Strange Adventures

5262 Sackville St, Halifax, NS B3J 1K8| (902) 425-2140
68 York St, Fredericton, NB E3B 3N5 | (506) 450-3759
101 Portland St, Dartmouth, NS | (902) 444-2140
E-mail | Call Toll-Free 1-866-6-COMICS


The Beguiling


Of all the shops that will stock RevolveЯ Quarterly #one for the holidays, In Toronto I’m honored to have it on the shelves of The Beguiling first.

There are a few other shops in my old home town i’d like to have it in as well or course. We want it in ALL the stores! But no shop is quite as close to my hart as the The Beguiling is. Forget that RevolveЯ will be there, if you’ve not yet visited the store, you must. Live out of town? Plan a vacation around it, it’s that good. I could say I’ve been a card carrying member of the shop since a year after it was first opened, if I had not lost my card several moves ago and to another city.  :( ~ I still dig around my studio now and then to see if it’s hiding somewhere.

Along with the Silver Snail and Dragon Lady [rip], it was of the holly triumvirate of downtown comic shops that helped make Toronto the comics community it is today.

They celebrated their 25th anniversary this year, it’s fantastic that they still seem to be going strong.

Peter just did an interview about his tenure as the long time and current owner that’s worth a read, he’s built a fantastic book shop and cultural center out of the indie comic shop he bought off Steve and Sean. And to top it off the comic festival they host, TCAF, has become a defining event for the burgeoning literary comics industry in the region.

Their copies are estimated to arrive by Dec 17, so as if you needed an excuse to hang out there, drop by in the days after that for sure, and ask for RevolveЯ by name.
Say hi to the staff for me too, tell them I sent you!

The Beguiling
601 Markham Street
Toronto, ON M6G 2L7
(416) 533-9168

4 Colour 8 Bit Comics & Games


Joining the growing list of Canadian Comic shops stocking RevolveЯ Quarterly will be 4-Colour, 8-Bit: Comics & Games!

A 5 year old retro themed lounge and hang out style comic and gaming shop with what looks like from the photos a sizable crowd of regulars! A lot of gaming events and comics gatherings, they host 24hr comics days every year. They filled out a Comic Retailers Store Questionnaire for the The Joe Shuster Awards blog in 2010.

Looks like the book will find a tight and large audience there, the shop is dedicated to a strong Indie presence and in walking distance of 2 universities and 4 high schools, kid friendly and & a balanced customer base.

I hope they dig RevolveЯ One and future issues, Kingston is in the great lakes transit corridor, a place I could affordably do appearances. If it seems workable schedule wise i’m thinking next September would be a good time for the first tour for RevolveЯ & Dream Life.

Estimated Arrival Date is Tue, Dec 18, 2012

4-Colour, 8-Bit: Comics & Games [FB]
346 Princess Street
Kingston, ON K7L 1B6
(613) 542-1200

Mission: Comics and Art
San Francisco

Mission Comics and Art will own the bragging rights to be the first American comic shop to stock RevolveЯ Quarterly!

The place is very cool looking inside, like a TARDIS, a great sprawling gallery and book store off of an unassuming shop front in the hart of SF’s famous Mission district.

For sure if I manage put together a tour in 2013 it’ll be top of my list of places to stop!

There’s a nice write up about them here, and a flickr set showing off events and highlights like their Graphic Novel Rental Library! I’ve poached photos from there for this post.

Their mission statement describes it thus “Combine a comic book shop with an art gallery in a fresh, exciting way drawing on the unique strengths of the Mission District, its diversity, and eclectic and energetic art community.” More here. The owner Leef sounds to have grown up in the same kind of counter culture environment as i did, look forward to meeting him some day. 

Their copies are estimated to arrive by Dec 13, though you hardly need the excuse of my book to check this place out I think.

Mission: Comics and Art
3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA 94110
Ph. # 415-695-1545

photos sourced from the Internets, if anyone object just let me know and i’ll take your’s down.

RevolveЯ @ Monastiraki & Librairie D&Q, and The Book Depository

Online, as of today the cheapest place to get my book Revolver, is from the The Book Depository

They are a discount re-seller of amazon’s. To be honest i get the least from sales from this site. I make more if you get my book digitally. But at $7.39 CDN I want to get my comics in your hands so hey, this totally will save you some money.

Even with shipping these comics are cheaper than the $15 suggested cover price. Costing it out with standard shipping to Canada I got a price under 14 bucks. For americans it’ll be cheaper still. Go for it with my blessings, go for it hard.

Starting to get
the book
in book stores.

I live in Montreal so lowest hanging fruit:

Took a walk on the first snowy day of the year to visit and stock, two local shops with copies of RevolveЯ One.

I’ll visit more in town but these are the first to stock RevolveЯ Quarterly! Because browsing in shops is always more fun than ordering online!

Chris Librairie D&Q, and the family gallery/curiosity shop of my old jam mate BillyMonastiraki.

Both were busy on the Friday nights I dropped in.

MONASTIRAKI – Le Petit Monastere
5478 St-Laurent
A curiosity shop and art gallery located in the heart of the Mile End.
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore
211 Bernard West.
Montreal’s only curated English language bookstore. Est. 2007

Drawn and Quarterly

Drawn and Quarterly

Galerie Monastiraki

Galerie Monastiraki


Drawn and Quarterly
Drawn and Quarterly
Galerie Monastiraki
Galerie Monastiraki
Drawn and Quarterly  thumbnail
Drawn and Quarterly  thumbnail
Galerie Monastiraki thumbnail
Galerie Monastiraki thumbnail
discountandshaop1 thumbnail




UPDATE: You can read my TCAF reporting on Sequential here now, along with all our other special coverage! It was a pretty great show, but FYI i have lots of prints left and would be glad to sell you some and/or my books!

Well, that clearly didn’t work! Wow, a majority, crap. No wait, better, a majority on about 40% of the vote. Damn we really need to have Preferential voting.

OK, well enough of that, life goes ON! Tomorrow after I run about picking up my last minutes, me and the lady get on the bus and head off to my old home town for the best comic festival of them all, TCAF!

I will not have a new book, but I will have art to sell, be up for doing sketches, and I’ll have a pile of cool new posters–see samples in the slide show BELLOW-and copies of the best of my published books! Dream Life vol 1, RevolveЯ One, Ghostbusters, Wonder Woman, and Therefore Repent!

As part of Sequential’s TCAF 2011 special coverage I’ll also be giving out a FREE magazine. You’ll find it all over the place at the event hopefully, but if not come find me and get one, before they run out, ‘cus they do.

This year I’ll be in the TX room, here’s a map of the main floor –>> showing where our space is and a detail shot <<– showing where to find ME, and the all others as well. Going to be fun, my first year at TCAF with the gang, looking forward to it!

See you there, come by and say Hi!












wetlands thumbnail
tumbledown thumbnail
tango thumbnail
sunworms thumbnail
sunrise thumbnail
sunfish thumbnail
minatour thumbnail
earthrise thumbnail
cubewithaview thumbnail
bridgeandtunel thumbnail
DLposter thumbnail

Reviewed by El Santo – the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

Webcomic overlook is really one of the best review sites for the medium though, so i was pretty happy to see Dream Life is the subject of the 42nd review! As an h2g2 fan this has and extra bit of WIN for me.

Did good, got a 4 out of 5!

To answer one critique/question, “Sometimes, though, his focus on the imagery can be detrimental. I felt key details (like character names) were unnecessarily banished to the margins of the blog post. Shouldn’t this information be incorporated in the comic somehow?” – Yes, it just has not happened yet.

This is a totally fair point. As a web comic with one page a week going up, the pacing is slow enough i felt it was a good idea to add some notes. But the story was plotted for a book, where you would get to later pages where people address each other by name in a natural context as fast as you feel inclined to read the pages. It crossed my mind this could be a problem online, but I didn’t want to add cheats to the art itself, hence the notes.

I’d also say it’s actually a very story intense comic but the way i’m building it up, and with what has been posted so far, i can totally see how it would seem the story is secondary at this stage. Hopefully El Santo stays tuned long enough to see it come together. Muchas gracias for the attention Señor!

For some great tips on where to find the best comics on the web go check out his site.

Oh, and here’s the latest page!



And an old funny on RevolveR

gots’ ya’ comics right here…


hey buddy…

So I’ve been wanting to add comics to for a while, and was wondering how to go about it.

Then i realized, hey, i draw comics! duh. Been working on a graphic novel called Dream Life for the last while, and it’s been begging for a better site.

To be honest I’ve been reluctant to use Sequential to promote my own work, feel a bit funny about it. But it increasingly seems the best way to continue doing both, and truthfully it was while working out how to get my own work out there that i realized there was a need for something like it in the first place, so of course i should be using it.

Over the last 6 months I’ve been trying to remind myself of that. I’ve Just added a new area to the site, a WordPress webcomics page, hosted at [rss] – for now the main attraction is Dream Life. I had been publishing it on Live Journal but it’s needed a new easier to read/follow site for a while.

For the last week there’s been a new post each day, after page 9 I’ll have new updates every Wednesday.

I want to expand from there, eventually to be a fully online version of RevolveR. I’m still working out how WordPress works, when i get it sorted I’ll be adding an index for other stories of my own….

But if you draw comics, then consider this

Sequential is looking for creators to publish on site.

If you’re interested contact me about publishing your comics on Directly. Ongoing and short stories are both welcomed submissions. I want to leave the subject open on subject matter for the moment, but looking for good story telling and consistent work and i do plan to be picky. It would be great to have s traditional style strip to post right on the main Sequential blog too! Canadiana is very welcomed. Cheers – max.

Research material for future memories

Last night i found a facebook group that had been started up by former Rochdale members. Hi Larry and Walter! Going to be great for helping collect first hand accounts of the place and time.

Led me to do some digging and there’s a few interesting new bits of material online now about this major component of the Story of my parents meeting and life. Been working with the idea of writing and drawing some kind of story about my father and this will be a big part of it. First off are a few entries in the very cool verbal history project murmur – And some really interesting raw bits of video have been posted on you tube by Charasee Press, 4 in all so far.

Free Repenting, RevolveR pending, renovations afoot.


Hey all, slow fast and all over the place.

So have you read our book? Therefore Repent!

If not, or if you have and want a easy way to win a convert?

Well here you go; The sequel, Sword of My Mouth is in this month’s Previews, the staff pick no less!!

And to help promote it Jim released the complete Therefore Repent! under a creative commons license for your reading enjoyment.

It comes in PDF, CBR, CBZ, and Bittorrent.

Also it can be read
or downloaded

If you like; return the favor, and drop by the NMK shop.

Help spread the rapture!: We got mentioned on Boing Boing!
And Digg, Digg it and post it to your friends, lets make it viral! :D

If you’ve read it already, send the link to friends you think will enjoy it with our blessings! And don’t forget to drop by the local shop to let them know you want Sword of My Mouth #1. Knit a reminder around your finger so you don’t forget!

And if this is the first you’ve heard of Therefore Repent! or you’ve been trying to decide if you wanted to spend the cash, please do check it out!

Maybe if you like it, buy copy for your library? With the lovely blue ink!

Sword of My Mouth #1
Jim Munroe (w) – Shannon Gerard (a)

If Ella didn’t have her baby, she’d go crazy from the loneliness. But she might still go crazy from the guilt, because the baby isn’t quite right. The world was simpler before the righteous floated away into the sky, and magic started working.

A stand-alone six-issue story continuing on from acclaimed graphic novel Therefore Repent! Sword of My Mouth moves the focus from Chicago, under siege by angels with machine guns, to the urban prairie of Detroit, where a different kind of struggle is faced.

Folks in the D have banded together to turn land with burned out crackhouses into farming tracts, and seem to be on a road to self-sufficiency… until Famine rides into town. This six-issue story arc will be written by creator Jim Munroe (“a pop culture provocateur” – Austin Chronicle) and drawn by Shannon Gerard.

B&W – 32 pages – $3.99
See PREVIEWS page 266.
Diamond Previews code: MAR09 4308

Triton-postcard3In other news, been working on the next things.

Behind on doing some writing, but I’ve been eying the first 6 acts of Thieves Cant. Thinking about the few interesting directions to take, think I’m going to spend a night watching some high caper Royal Crown affair type of flair,


Rebuilt a home for
The rise and fall of it all
over here.

There’s a trailer! And art! And the script and more! Will be adding some other stuff too in the futture. Planning to have this one done in 2010. the mean time it is one of the projects coming back with RevolveR, Along with the fist 60 pages of Dream Life.

sequential.spiltink.orgAlso: rebuilt more of my webpire, Sequential, and CHO! are sporting new hair cuts and I’m thinking about adding funny pages to Sequential some how…

Catching up on neglected house cleaning as well. The studio is a wreck right now, i’m purging stuff, been selling off some art. If your interested in owning an original certified Salgood Sam – one of my drawing that is and not the pen name – have a look see here, and drop me a line.

And last; some recent work to ponder and i hope stimulate your brain cells and tickle your pocket books ;)

023-bwpg 24 Dream Life

Widows PG3InksPG4Inks

Lionel’s first and Last bit of press.

Received these in the mail Friday, amazing stuff. Bellow is a two page center spread from the Toronto Star, a hagiography run a few months after my father died in 79 – it came out just after my 9th birthday as i recall. Bellow that is a clip from a community paper from the neighborhood in Don Mills he lived in as a kid.

Been talking to a lit rep about the bio project, suggested approaching it as a memoir and seems pretty into it. More on Lionel here….

Dream Life pg 17 and some rapture news

Inking some Dream Life, and other things. The winter hibernation urge has set in, Pigging out on Italian Corn Bread and Coffee and trying to be productive.

If your thinking about affordable Christmas gifts,
may i suggest a proven treat?

Modern Post Biblical adventure stories always thrill; Therefore Repent! by Jim Monroe and myself has earned itself small hills of praise for being and engaging page turner.

And why am i talking up my last grafic novel? Is it that i might want to suggest that you get that special comics freindly friend a copy of our book for Christmas?

Yep, might be. I mean, it’s a post rapture grafic novel, what more slightly blasphemous gift could you give your hip and culturally savvy sweet someone?

In Canada and at the cut rate of $10 here on NMK, from Amazon [$11.24 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25]or IDW, or your local comic shop! Everyone likes getting puppies, this one talks and you don’t have to worry about potty training :)

Hah! i should have been a copy writer! har! i kill myself.

OK. I just watched How To Lose Friends And Alienate People and now I’m channeling the main character! He he!

But seriously; it’s also because i wanted an excuse to post a link here too for the big news!

If your one of the many who’ve asked me if there will be a sequel to Therefore Repent, and aren’t already way ahead of me because you regular the NMK blog, then put your eye’s on this sweetness!

The New Post-Rapture Graphic Novel

I’m [Jim Munroe] 2/3rds (AKA 66.6%) of the way through writing the graphic novel follow-up to Therefore Repent! so I thought I’d post some of the amazing sample pages by the new artist, Shannon Gerard.

I don’t want to give away too many details, but it’s set in Detroit, involves one of the Four Horsemen, and the first 22 pages should be debuting at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival in May 2009.

A: Yes there will be and no i won’t be drawing it but don’t you worry none, it’s in very good hands. :D
Go see for yourself, check out the sample pages they posted.

Attending Book Festivals in Gatineau & Windsor

Hey, how was the Turkey?….

So later this month I’ll be on the road again, seems like i’ve been doing that a lot, and i won’t be even as much as half what i had planed to in the spring! Man, doing support touring for a book is crazy, or maybe I’m getting old. – Nawwwww……

From the 23rd to the 26th of October, I’ll be hanging around the Canadian Museum of Civilization – O_o

…attending the

9th Rendez-vous


de la BD

de Gatineau!

I’ll be joined there by 9 other creators, some of who’s stuff is eye popping! ; Philippe Aymond, Johanna, Daniel Bosshart, Thierry Coppee, Delaf & Dubuc, Michel Falardeau, Sandra Breault, and Craig A. Taillefer, who i have to thank for getting invited!

The Program and other details are here, in french, and posted here on Sequential in English.


Thu 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Fri 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
& 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am to 11:00 am
& 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Sun 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
& 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

They have me booked for something calledMasters at Work 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Thursday.

And from 11 to 11:30 am for Live illustration with Salgood Sam on Saturday.

Basically in both cases it looks like they want me to draw live in front of people! Going to be needing the antiperspirants there. All of that’s @ the main venue, The Canadian Museum of Civilization – Level 2 / Foyer of the Museaum’s Theatre [100 Laurier Street]

Looking forward to this. Hope the live show goes well, and if nothing else, getting to spend whatever spare time i have checking out the Museum will be cool!

After that i get on a train – have a few days to kill in Toronto – then I’m booked to attend…

Book Fest Windsor
[across the river from Detroit]

Where I’ll be spending some time with an old buddy of mine,
George Rizok, one of the lifers’ at Rogues Gallery and resident loon on The Comic Book Syndicate [YouTube page].

Saturday at 1pm till 3pm I’ll be on a panel discussion:

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Book!

….ok, corny name i know, but i promise to do my part to make sure it’s interesting! We’ll be i
n the Studio Room, with Mary-Lou Gelissen, Tony Gray, & George!

I’ll also be available for signings and stuff, in the main space of the book festival with the other authors, and Friday I’ll be at the Rogues Gallery comic shop as well from 6pm on.

Going to bring some recent art with me, which I’ll be selling maybe but probably not on sight, at least not in Gatineau anyway – but you’ll be able to look at it and arrange for something if you seem something you like.

Believe books at both events will be supplied, for sure Therefore Repent! will be on hand, and I’ll be making up a batch of RevolveR One’s for the occasion, maybe a little something else too, just for the trip!

Also, Expozine has JUST been announced, going to go over to the site now and register, so see you THERE too!