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The FBDM//MCAF this weekend, May 27, 28 & 29th!


Hey friends, this weekend is the fifth annual Montreal Comic Arts Festival (MCAF – FBDM) Festival BD de Montréal!

I’m tabling all weekend – sorry they don’t give us table numbers but it’s in the main tent, at one of those you see without numbers on them in the floor plan I think. They have me on the map listed as Spilt Ink!

I’ll have Dream Life, Therefore, Repent!, prints, postcards, and art with me! And I’ll be taking commissions.

Also, on Saturday i’ll be giving a short workshop borrowed from my comics classTHE ART OF PICKING THE MOMENT, at 2pm on saturday in the ‘Studio’


Introducing, the Spilt Ink Patreon!

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2014-12-14 13.28.55Hello friends, it’s been hectic as I’ve been focusing on Dracula and trying to get Revolver Four out asap, and getting the final batch of Dream Life books out the door? Taking too long, not helped by nasty cold bug last month. Back at it now, playing catchup… sooo late late late.

The only upside of being sick is I got a lot of writing done, including a workable draft of the Patreon page text I’d been meaning to attempt to write since signing up in the summer. Important bit of business as it’s planned to be a key aspect of the market presentation of Revolver Four. The issues will still be available as individual downloads, but with #4 I wanted to offer subscriptions of some kind, and then had a better idea.

It was a good call. Just a few days in I’m already up to $30 pledged a month from my first three patrons! I look at this as a slow and steady thing, that does not need huge numbers to work. So that’s an inspiring nice early start for me. Already time to thank some Patrons!

One wished to be anonymous. Thanks very much for your patronage. Shannon Becker. A long time fan from back in the days of Saint Sinner [she had proof!]. And Ian Hodgkinson! One of my Dracula Kickstarter backers in fact! Thanks for the faith in me Ian!
Thanks to all of you! :)

I have one in the works. But no pitch video so far. I noticed a number of comics related patreon pages without them and doing fine. So not rushing that. I am doing a regular patreon podcast, and the 3rd episode is mostly a discussion of the campaign, you can listen to that here.


Here’s pitch text!

Welcome to The Spilt Ink Patreon!

Hi. My name is Max, aka Salgood Sam. An artist and storyteller. For the last 20 years I’ve primarily made comics and drawn for a living. I also sometimes work as a Designer, Editor and part-time Art Teacher.

I’m developing a patreon clip for my youtube channel, but for the moment I’m just going to post a trailer for my latest book. Dream Life | a late coming of age, above. For the significance of that, read ahead to“The First Goal is $350 monthly”. And for an audio version of some of this, I’ve posted a launch episode of the podcast! I explain in text below and in the podcast what I’m hoping to accomplish.

For those of you new to it, Patreon lets you support creative types like me via a pay-what-you-can sliding scale financial considerations–You can change or cancel your pledge at any time.

A lot of the content I’m posting is already free to read or watch online.

Check out the activity blog to see what I’ve been up to over the past year I’ve been posting content to it pretty frequently and plan to keep the Patreon blog here, current with content I post across the web from Youtube clips, webcomics, sketchbooks, tutorials, my fathers photos and words, to blogging & blogging! I keep busy.

The very short pitch is I’m looking for patrons from as little as $2 monthly, to as much as you feel comfortable pledging! You can even pledge less than $2 if you just want to help out at a minimum with a monthly tip. I’ve set up a range of rewards to accommodate a lot of possibilities. All limited in availability to keep fulfilment from swamping or profit from obscuring the core goals of making and publishing great comics and other creations! And if enough of you choose to support my work in this manner, everyone will get to read all of it, digitally for free!

Ok, here’s a slightly longer version.

Over the last couple of decades I’ve financed my personal projects* via grants, investing portions of my freelancing income, selling a decent number of books and art now and then. And in the last few years crowdfunding has become a serious factor with three modestly successful endeavors so far. More than 20 years and I’m still learning, especially since I’ve been pursuing self publishing more.

*I should note, my personal projects don’t JUST include comics, though most of it is comics or comics related now!

I’ve also been experimenting with formats, webcomics and other digital modes, attempting to move with the changing market and find what suits me best. A diverse range of platforms seem to be the road to go, but what’s missing still is a bit more stability and a simple way to get my content to readers without paying too much of my two bits in fees. I could get a lot more done I think if I could just simply resolve that set of problems. It’s in that hope that enough of you choose to pitch in a cup of coffee’s worth a month on this page, and make it happen!

A few years back I started working on re-booting  Spilt Ink–a boutique self-publishing imprint first launched back in 2002 for websites and small press zines and active ever since–as a more focused, dedicated venture to publish my own serialized solo anthology Revolver Quarterly, and possibly all my future books!

Why Revolver Quarterly? I think a print ready, digital anthology series is best suited to my style of comics. It’s a format and strategy I’m passionate about. And Patreon seems a practical and appealing alternative to traditional subscription models, and includes a viable distribution platform for patrons as well.

If you dig it and want to help keep it all happening,

pledging $2 monthly will make you my Patron!
Only $24 a year!
[All prices on Patreon are in $US dollars.]

I have two Phases of Goals planned.

$1250 MONTHLY.

For the minimum pledge Patrons will get digital subscriptions to Revolver Quarterly, and be members of The Spilt Ink Patrons club! The club will grow to be an extended suite of digital & print ready publications. Not just my own comics, but also publications related to the websites, and From the start it will include Revolver Quarterly Vol One, Two & Three, and Therefore, Repent! And free to read online already is Sequential Pulp Vol One, Two & Three. I hope you stick around for coming issues of Revolver and more, but out of the gates you’ll have 260 pages of comics waiting for you to read!

The First Goal is $350 monthly!  When we reach it, my newest graphic novel Dream Life | a late coming of age will be added to the library of books patrons can download anytime!

The Second Goal is $650 monthly, and if we achieve it, along with getting more comics done faster thanks to seriously taking care of most of my expenses, I’ll make the 20 min patreon podcast bi-weekly.

The Third Goal is $950 per month, and I’ll be so happy when this happens I’ll throw a Comix Jam Party! You’ll all be invited virtually.



At which time, Revolver and the ENTIRE Spilt Ink digital line,
will go PBS, or if you rather, Open Media!!

100% digitally free!

It will take just 625 generous patrons
$2 a month to unlock this goal.

Obviously the main reason for charging for my work is simply to make a living – it is already how i do it generally as a freelancer. But doing it on my own terms and just for my own projects is what Spilt Ink is all about. And my experience with books like Sea of Red, Therefore, Repent! & now Dream Life, Is that I think i have at least that many potential fans and readers out there? Maybe…

Fingers crossed. I think people enjoy the idea of helping make cool things happen and introducing others to something we like by making it easy to get at.

I’ve never really liked adding adds to my sites to try to make it all pay for itself. We tried it on Sequential for a while but were never happy with the results either financially or aesthetically. So I don’t take that seriously as an option. It’s a lot of work, a whole job, getting The Right advertisers and managing that. And it looks so much better without all that noise on my sites.

A lot of the culture of the web is built around the idea of open media. And at the same time, my experience from crowdfunding is there are also lots of people who are willing to put a couple of dollars on something they like. A tool to address that dynamic is exactly what Conte and company have built here with Patreon I hope, which is potentially pretty amazing.

If my Patron base can become a viable solution to earning a living, you’ll make it easy to give it all away online so everyone can enjoy it with you!

I’ll still be selling print copies of things, after all I like paper and getting to sign books! But I’ll be more than happy if this works In the long run and a large portion of my readers are digital.  You could help make that happen by pledging and joining The Spilt Ink Patrons club.

The Patrons blog includes exclusive video & blog posts, zines of comic jams, live drawing sessions, sketches, and deals on material goods I sell on my site. Premium rewards Include postcards, physical copies of mybooks, handmade things? Art lessons, original art & commissions!

There’s more info here about
the planned contents
of Revolver Quarterly,
check out the rewards
and goals, and thanks for
considering becoming
my patron!


Podcast Info:
Music in opening is a mix up of Nasa Space sounds over Sadoceanspacebear again.
Mid-break is more from an earlier self titled album, called “Kitchen Song”. Sorry i talk over it, you can get the song without me talking over it here.
The episode ends on the awesome “Keep On Knocking” by Death, from “For the Whole World to See”,
I own none of that, if you dig it go buy their music!
Links to things mentioned!
Spilt Ink sites &
That last is of course my personal site, there’s a lot of work up in there. Animation design work is documented in this set of galleries. I only mention one job on the episode but then thought better of listing it all off. You can find pretty much everything here.
The EN MASSE mural work is documented here
Jed Alexander asked the first Questions!
Past two episodes of the podcast are here

Oh yeah, i have a book about the Rapture…

With just days left till the big day, i really should be taking more advantage of it. Thanks NPR, for reminding me!

Therefore, Repent!

By Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam,
160 pages,
Idea & Design Works Llc/NMK
list price: $14.99

This post-Rapture graphic novel would make an excellent stocking stuffer for your favorite disturbed teen, along with black lipstick and a wee nipple ring. Lovebirds Mummy and Raven negotiate the ins and outs of a creepy apocalyptic world in which dogs talk and demonic mutations abound. You might have to don an unattractive bird mask as a reminder of what happened to you during the Rapture. Warning: the feminist figure Lilith takes a hit, as do lesbians, angels and former presidents, but this action-packed narrative is sure to entertain any youth who wears a trench coat to school. Sam Salgood’s imaginative art puts an edgy twist on this world of disaffected youth.

I don’t want to give away too much for those who have not read the book, but do want to comment on this – “Warning: the feminist figure Lilith takes a hit, as do lesbians, angels and former presidents, ” Takes a hit? We didn’t favour anyone as good or bad by secondary traits, but lesbians are not as a group “hit”, and Lilith is more of an amoral anti-not sure what you’d call her-Oz? Not specifically a “feminist figure” in the imagining. Empowered hot witch or something like that yes but…we’re kind of on her side, even if she does scare the crap out of us!:D

The idea for us was to make a counter point book to the B&W moralities of the Left Behind series, and also just liked the idea of treating the Rapture as a Sci-fi genre.

I should also mention, there’s a sequel! ‘Sword of My Mouth’. Jim worked with my friend Shannon Gerard on that, came out last year. Also a good book to get you through the Tribulations. :D


Drill down – all blog posts on Therefore Repent!


UPDATE: You can read my TCAF reporting on Sequential here now, along with all our other special coverage! It was a pretty great show, but FYI i have lots of prints left and would be glad to sell you some and/or my books!

Well, that clearly didn’t work! Wow, a majority, crap. No wait, better, a majority on about 40% of the vote. Damn we really need to have Preferential voting.

OK, well enough of that, life goes ON! Tomorrow after I run about picking up my last minutes, me and the lady get on the bus and head off to my old home town for the best comic festival of them all, TCAF!

I will not have a new book, but I will have art to sell, be up for doing sketches, and I’ll have a pile of cool new posters–see samples in the slide show BELLOW-and copies of the best of my published books! Dream Life vol 1, RevolveЯ One, Ghostbusters, Wonder Woman, and Therefore Repent!

As part of Sequential’s TCAF 2011 special coverage I’ll also be giving out a FREE magazine. You’ll find it all over the place at the event hopefully, but if not come find me and get one, before they run out, ‘cus they do.

This year I’ll be in the TX room, here’s a map of the main floor –>> showing where our space is and a detail shot <<– showing where to find ME, and the all others as well. Going to be fun, my first year at TCAF with the gang, looking forward to it!

See you there, come by and say Hi!












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1692 downlaods

“…fascinatingly unique, with characters that don’t end up feeling stale and stereotypical.”

It’s nice to know people are still discovering my last graphic novel, the life span of books sometimes can be short. Therefore Repent! a post rapture graphic novel sold ok at the convention this past weekend for me, and now has 1692 downlaods on We recently got another positive shout out on Front Click, a Creative Commons legal torrents listing blog…

“Indeed, “Therefore Repent!” is one of those things that are too good to be true. It’s an awesome graphic novel that has achieved critical and commercial success, yet, it can be read for free! It’s good enough to make you want to buy a copy.”

It’s true, you can read the book for free, and we’d love it if you baught copies for your freinds during the upcoming holidays. See you at word on the street this comic weekend!

Earth 2100 and apocalyptic doomsday scenarios always play well…?

Recently ABC News ran a special report called Earth 2100, imagining possible worst case scenarios for our near future.

The show talked about some heavy stuff and wanted to soften the impact so it featured “graphic novel”-style sequences by Some talented comic artists. A friend, Leland Purvis, was one of the contributors. Also included were Josh Neufeld, Sari Wilson, Joe Infurnari, George O’Connor, And Tim Hamilton.

CBR took the opportunity to do a run down of apocalyptic comics, and Therefore Repent was chosen as one of the 6 tittles chosen, nice!

Six by 6 | Only the end of the world again

Therefore Repent!

a post rapture
graphic novel

Written by Jim Munroe
Drawn by me! Salgood Sam

What if the religious right… were actually right?

Without warning, multitudes of Christians float bodily up into the sky.
For the immoral majority, life goes on pretty much as usual.
Except that after the Rapture, magic works — for those willing to risk demonic mutations.

And an angelic army appears to have been deployed to mop up the sinners.

But through it all, outsiders Raven and Mummy face the possibility of a bigger problem than the end of the world: the end of their relationship.

Critically acclaimed and poplar with readers, Therefore Repent! is an unconventional apocalyptic page turner.

Praise for Therefore Repent!

“Therefore Repent! is great. Loved the conflict between the old and new religions, plus it’s got Jesus and mutants.”
— Joe Meno, author of Hairstyles of the Damned

“Therefore Repent! is impressive, layered, and in places surprisingly funny. I didn’t think it would be my sort of thing, but I enjoyed it.”
–Jim Ottaviani, author of FALLOUT: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, and the Political Science of the Atomic Bomb

“Now, just dealing with the Rapture might be enough of a hook, but Jim and Salgood do a great job of characterization from the very beginning. The two protagonists are so interesting that I had to keep turning page after page to see what and who they were. And yes, Salgood can draw like nobody’s business… I give this book two thumbs up.”
–Chris Pitzer, AdHouse Books

“The tale’s offbeat anarchy and peculiar, parodic charms will win you over. It’s like one of those church pamphlets about salvation gone terribly, terribly wrong.”
–John Burns, The Georgia Straight

“Therefore Repent! is an absolutely boundless piece of fantasy that he wisely grounds in very human relationships… to say it’s an imaginative work would be an understatement: ‘unhinged’ is probably more accurate. I can’t wait for more.”
— Robert J. Wierseman, Quill & Quire

“The art is extraordinarily fluid and the storyline ingenious and sharply intelligent.”
–Jeff VanderMeer, Realms of Fantasy

“It’s completely nuts… It’s a book about what if the Rapture actually happened, and that’s all I’m gonna tell you.”
–Junot Diaz, 2008 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction

Joe Shuster Award Nominee for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer 2008

More press and reviews.

Buy the book!

Available now in stores,
Amazon, Chapters/Indigo & more.
And via the publishers,

FREE DIGITAL COPY: Available for download via the NMK site here along with info about the squeal, Sword of My Mouth.

It can be also read or downloaded @!; The long time web geek that i am, that’s pretty cool.
Nice streaming reader interface too.

Enjoy, if you like it please consider buying the paperback for a friend or you’re own shelf.

Update: A lot of shops returned surplus stock when the rescission started in late ’08. I’ve heard from some readers that it was a little hard to find our book, If you haven’t seen it locally try and ask your retailer about ordering you a copy or two of Therefore Repent! for their shop.
Update2: Things are picking up, so for sure now, if you would like to get the book let your local shop know!

Matrix Magazine Review of THEREFORE REPENT!

Montreal’s cool hipster art and lit mag Matrix Magazine reviewed us favorably in issue 80.

The full text is now online here, and added to my big ol’ virtual scrap book on my blog. :)

I like this Vincent guy, will have to track him down and get him a drink…

THEREFORE REPENT! A Post-Rapture Graphic Novel
by Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam
in [ Reviewed in Matrix 80 ]
Read by Vincent Tinguely

The glory of science fiction and fantasy is the “what if?” factor. In Therefore Repent!, the authors gleefully explore one deceptively simple premise: “What if the Rapture actually happened?”

The graphic novel has a fairly obscure geneology, beginning with a comic book originally conceived as the invention of a couple of characters in his previous (non-graphic) novel, An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil. A 24-page comic was conceived and written by Munroe, rendered by Michel Lacombe, and posted online. Having invented the post-Rapture scenario for this project, Munroe was interested in pursuing an expanded narrative about the comic book characters, Raven and Mummy, and the strange world they find themselves in. When Munroe was ready to go ahead with Therefore Repent!, Lacombe was no longer available to do the graphics, but Salgood Sam, who’d collaborated previously with Munroe on other small projects, was eager to take on the task.

The result is a sumptuous feast for the eyes (all in black and white), and a pleasingly complex plot that takes its sweet time in unfolding. Munroe lends the fantastic notion of the Rapture a believable texture by introducing the no-less fantastic “reality” of earthly magic, telepathy, transmigration of souls, inner visions, shape-shifting, prestidigitation, and talking dogs. In a sense, he’s taking on a very real anxiety – that the most powerful military industrial complex on earth is currently controlled by people who believe in fundamentalist quackery – and proposes that the power of such a belief system isn’t as monolithic and indestructable as it might sometimes seem.

Salgood Sam’s drawing skills never flag over the epic sweep of the tale, and he feels free to try any number of innovative framing and sequencing techniques. The characters, bizarre as they might seem – a woman with a bird head and a man who goes about wrapped in bandages like a mummy – become fully-rounded in the course of the story, and even the minor characters feel believable to the reader. The result is a spectacular graphic novel, full of angels, demons and unclassifiable creatures, with a brainy subtext that never interferes with the fun.

Notable Noting

Ted at IDW just sent us some scans of Best American Comics 2008, where Therefore Repent was listed as one of the “Notable” books to read of 2007!

Pretty cool, I’ll have to pick up a copy – looks like it’s worth it anyway, some impressive names in it. :)

More press and reviews here.

Shuffleboil Reviews Therefore Repent!

Been running about madly and forgetting to promote the book, bad max. Ok, got another cool review here by John E. Mitchell, adding it to my big BIG pile of clippings….

The Rapture has provided adventure fodder for those who believe in it – I’m looking at you especially, Tim LeHaye – as well as those who don’t. To the best of my knowledge, though, it’s never been depicted as anything other than exactly what is happening. God has taken all the Christians away to Heaven and the Earth is ruled by the Anti Christ, with the Final Battle soon to follow.

In “Therefore Repent!” Canadian team Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam depict a post-Rapture world where nothing is for certain. The creator turn the bizarre religious belief into a science fiction scenario that has the characters actually searching for explanations beyond the accepted one while still working within the parameters of popular legend we all accept, either with straight face or with conspicuous snickers.

Raven and Mummy are two bohemian performance artists who wander around in their performance costumes. Squatting in an abandoned apartment in a little urban neighborhood, the two become acquainted with their surroundings and the other people left behind. One of the givens of the Rapture is that it would create a world populated mostly by artists and ne’er do wells, at least among the respectable crowds.

Munroe and Salgood also play with the likely post-Rapture psychology in regard to reactionary acting out that provide daily dangers and annoyances to the survivors. The Splitters are a group of people who believe there will be a second Rapture and they have one more chance to follow Jesus. Meanwhile, religious militia with names like “God’s Faithful” roam around spreading dread.

There is one way to read the Bible – that is between the lines and asking simple questions like “Who is God? What’s his story? Why’s he so vague about where he comes from and what he wants?” While “Therefore Repent!” may not be moving down that road exactly, it’s certainly in that spirit.

The story’s conclusion recontextualizes the circumstances of the Apocalypse in an inventive and fun way – oh, yeah, and it’s kind of corny. But good corny. The kind of corny that twists things inside out and lays out some intriguing possibilities as it unfolds. The kind of corny that’s missing from the eye-rolling corny that infects the belief “Therefore Repents!” lampoons.

Trailer for Therefore Repent! a post-rapture graphic novel


So i heard this song recently – Dogs by Michelle Breslin! – i’ve been planing to do a trailer for Therefore Repent! for a while and this song just fit so perfectly.

You can download the original file here. Quality : 45.0 MB WMV file.

For more of Michelle and her music, check out this site, this one, and this one.

Therefore Repent! update

Damn it’s Damn sweaty. I tell you, I have a beautiful lady with me and we can even stand to touch each other in this – that’s just wrong.

Ok, think about something else.

So big news! A little while ago the first quarter update for the IDW edition came in the mail, and I’m very pleased to say we had a very respectable first go at the plate – with book and direct markets combined; the book market pulling over twice the numbers; Therefore Repent! has moved 3216 copies! Add to that NMK’s 1000 so far, and you get 4216 post-apocalyptic graphic novels, ha ha ha!

Cool. As I have been reminded, the book market orders can boomerang on you, but in a lot of the shops that had it that I’ve been in, it seems to be moving pretty good so I’m optimistic about that.

Also was talking to a Literary agent recently when I mentioned this, and he thought there was a good chance 4000 was an ideal middle number – not so many that sending them back in most store’s cases would be worth it – a lot of single units left over not worth the hassle – and still big enough to result in us getting a decent first royalty check.

At any rate they hold back half our checks right now in case they do come back, and even with that I’m pretty pleased.

So, hey, if you have been thinking about getting it, well I’d sure love to see those numbers stay hi so don’t hesitate on our behalf ;)

If you want to get one signed by Jim you can order from NMK here, & IDW makes it available on their site too.

I have a list of shops I know carry it here, and it seems to be in most of the mega book shops i’ve checked out. And most of the web based book retailers like Amazon carry it too.

But hey, if you want to help us a bit, look for shops that don’t carry it, and ask them about it! Tell them Junot Diaz thinks we’re nuts and loved it, that’ll get their attention. ;)

Read the press.
Buy the book.

Spring breezes are helping to loft Therefore Repent! on the wing…

Man did/do i have a lot of spring cleaning to do! Been at it for a week now. almost done though. Feel itchy to start finishing some of the DL pages for act 1. Poked in to panel and pixel just now, John Muth posted me a link for a review on for Therefore Repent! By Annalee Newitz. Not to sound too stroked but it’s nice reading a review where it feels like the reader has totally got what you hoped you were trying to say. Lots of comments too! That’s cool. :)

Imagine what would happen if all the right-wing Christians suddenly floated up into the sky, and your wiccan lesbian neighbors could suddenly do real magic. That’s the premise of magic realist/scifi/defies description graphic novel Therefore Repent!, written by the awesome scifi author Jim Munroe and drawn beautifully by Salgood Sam. What appeals about Munroe’s post-rapture tale, aside the believable characters in outlandish situations, is the way it serves as a progressive, humane rejoinder to the Christian scifi novels in the Left Behind series, whose premise is almost exactly the same.

Munroe is one of my very favorite scifi writers — he’s the creator of the nanopunk film Infest Wisely (free online!), as well as the author of Everyone in Silico, Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask (free online!), and An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil, the prequel to Therefore Repent! This is his first foray into comics, and he takes to the medium well.

We meet Mummy and Raven, a couple of artists who used to do an act where they dressed up as a mummy and a raven, as they are searching for a home in a world turned upsidown by the rapture of hundreds of thousands of Christians. Those left behind are divided between “splitters,” people who are trying to go as Christian as possible so they’ll be taken up during the Apocalypse (this includes George W. Bush), and people who are happy to live in a world free from Christians. Mummy and Raven are among the latter, and they’ve moved into a cozy squat left abandoned by its raptured inhabitants. Things start to get even more unhinged, however, when angels in military uniforms start machine gunning “sinners,” and dogs start to talk. Plus, ordinary people are starting to develop weird magical powers — one woman can send email by attaching ethernet cables to her piercings, and Raven herself can create birds out of smoke.

As the wiccans, lesbians, and punks start to band together to fight the paramilitary angels, Raven and Mummy start to have relationship difficulties. Mummy is flirting with the cute indie rock girl at the bar down the street, and Raven is keeping her feelings so bottled up that she’s become psychologically stuck. This is the great thing about Munroe’s writing, always: he manages to write weirdly sweet romantic stories set against a backdrop of the apocalypse or some kind of huge technological emergency. Salgood’s drawings manage to be both dark and funny, cute sketches that shade into shadowy gloom, which perfectly harmonizes with the mood of the narrative.

There’s a terrifically great twist ending which despite my love of spoilers I won’t give away. Suffice to say, the story stays consistently surprising and weird, and the message is never a simple “Christianity is stupid” dogma at all. Instead, the point is to be careful about what kind of paradise you wish for. You just might get it.

You can buy all of Munroe’s books, including Therefore Repent, here.

Also a list of stores carrying Therefore Repent! can be found here allong with other online options.

"Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo" takes on new meaning with this one. Highly recommended."

Another cool one for the clipping pile, from by Byron Kerman

Some readers are never going to pick up Therefore Repent! when they hear about the plot. The graphic novel imagines the biblical Rapture, with the righteous floating up to heaven, and the sinners stuck on a miserable earth roiling with war and suffering. It just sounds too much like it might be the work of a smug Christian author, offering a book-length Jack Chick tract to a general comics readership. Bible camp for the heathens.

Not only is that an erroneous conclusion, it’s a far too simple one. What writer Jim Munroe and artist Salgood Sam have done here is to join mystery, horror, romance, and the lurid excitement of eschatology in a complex tale that manages to be spiritually moving without resorting to organized religion.

We begin with Mummy and Raven, a couple of free spirits wearing the costumes it sounds like they are, as their way of protesting this whole Rapture business. They wander the post-Tribulation streets, squatting in apartments abandoned by the righteous, trying to cook up food without electricity and survive by their wits in a collapsed America. They confab with Jews, Muslims, drinkers, hippies, and “unbelievers” of all stripes, looking for resources, friends, and meaning in a bereft world.

The cover to Therefore Repent. Click for a larger image.Gradually, we witness stranger and stranger doings in this post-Rapture life. Dogs eat the voice boxes of dead people and acquire the power to speak. Some women have the ability to conjure living birds of ash, and cats of dust. The newly pious can walk on water, multiply loaves and fishes, and turn water into wine. Bisexual soldier-angels descend to earth to kill survivors practicing the “dark arts” of divination — levitation, invisibility, and even drumming circles. It’s a mishmash of horrors and wonders that reminded me, with its sheer oddness, of the vibe you get from some Clive Barker stories. Of course, the idea of this particular sick world is only as “new” as the New Testament. I wish I knew more about the Rapture so I could appreciate more here. The genital-less angels, for instance, are a Biblical idea, I understand.

Munroe and Sam convey the action with a deceptively sleepy pace. The practical considerations of what Mummy and Raven should do with their daily surfeit of free time, the bumps in their relationship, and the challenges faced by a few other minor but memorable characters are the meat of the book. We, along with these characters, are waiting for answers. Will there be another, final Rapture? Can the impious yet be saved? Should the stunned non-Christians fight the gun-toting angels of vengeance, or would that be sacrilege? What does anything mean in a world where god has passed judgment, and everyone left is a loser?

The ending is a revelation, in several senses of the term. Let’s just say that the Christians may have been right about how the world will end, but wrong about who’s on either side of the chess board. And the potential for good people to fight their way to salvation — and transformation — in the darkest of times is presented so lovingly, via the delightful couple that is the cosmically tripping Mummy and the defiant Raven (and their talking dog, too), you just marvel at your journey as a reader.

Salgood Sam (the nom de plume of one Max Douglas, spelled backwards, more or less) is a gifted illustrator. His black-and-white drawings are slick like a film storyboard drawn by an exacting crafter. Check out one panel near the end of the book, in which our band of heroes takes out an angel. He falls through the sky upside-down, his huge black wings fluttering helplessly above him on the way down. It’s gorgeous.

It might be a good idea to read Therefore Repent! twice, even. Any confusing plot points at the beginning will be revealed as clever little breadcrumbs.

“Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo” takes on new meaning with this one. Highly recommended. | Byron Kerman

Junot Diaz thinks Jim’s completely nuts

Got a note about this just before leaving for NY, which was cool; when i told folks like the literary agent i talked to at the con that a Pulitzer Prize winner name dropped my last project they tended to take notice. So yeah, Junot Diaz was interviewed by THIS RECORDING April 10th, and when asked about what he’s reading lately this is what he said…

In terms of genre fiction, are you getting to do any reading for pleasure?

I’ve have been reading tremendously. I’m sort of recovering from book-novel-whatever… right now, I’m reading this book called THEREFORE REPENT! (Laughs)

Does it have an exclamation mark at the end?


What’s it about?

It’s completely nuts. Of course you haven’t heard of it. It’s by a guy named Jim Monroe and it’s put out by a small press. It’s a book about what if the rapture actually happened, and that’s all I’m gonna tell you.

Cool. Much thanks to Junot! So I’m going to have to go find some of his work and have a look, I’m told he’s an amazing author, as the Pulitzer would tend to suggest.

Therefore Repent & the NYCC

Hey all, some nice stuff for the clip pile here; stumbled across this a bit late, Comic News Insider featured the book on their weekly top three list when it came out in January. This is a clip from Episode 125 – Tue, 29 January 2008!

I’m Going to be at the upcoming New York Comic Con – April 18-20, 2008!

I’ll be joining my pod cast collaborators Charlito and Mr. Phill at the ISR table, and doing an hour or so of sketches and signings at the Image table too.

Also i’ve confirmed with Vito, I’m booked to do a singing for Therefore Repent! on the 21st the Monday after the con with my co-creator on Sea of Red, Rick Remender (Fear Agent) and Tony Moore (Walking Dead) @ Jim Hanley’s Universe downtown store in New York City [map]! If your in town i hope you can make it out to the store.

Also really look forward to meeting the guys, Tony did some awesome work on my covers for Sea of Red, I’ve worked with both of them but i haven’t met either of them in the flesh so it’s going to be cool to actually encounter the real people! Hope it goes well :)

Time TBA

and last…

And we got a nice short blurb in the March 2008 issue of Rue Mourge!

Therefore Repent!: It’s a little late, isn’t it?

Another one on the digital surf this morning, quite enjoyed this for my morning coffee, found it really articulate and of course very flattering. It’s by Chicago blogger Matthew Brady [not Mat of Newsarama], a regular contributer to Indie Pulp, ComiPress & Comics Bulletin

Therefore Repent!: It’s a little late, isn’t it?
By Matthew Brady :) posted March 20, 2008

Therefore Repent!
Written by Jim Munroe
Art by Salgood Sam

So, that “rapture” part of Christian mythology is kind of disturbing, isn’t it (I mean, aside from all the other disturbing stuff in the Bible)? Everybody good (with the definition of “good” meaning you agree to say God exists, or whatever) gets sucked up into the sky, leaving everybody else behind, rejected, ignored, and pretty much left to kill each other and rot in hell. Good times! Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam explore a post-rapture world in this freaky graphic novel, and it’s a weird, ugly place. For some reason, people seem to have developed magical abilities, and an army of angels outfitted in combat gear is going around killing anybody who practices this “witchcraft”. Swell! In the middle of all this are a young couple known only as Mummy and Raven, so called because he wears bandages all over his body and she wears a bird mask over her head. They wander into one of the suburbs of Chicago (but not as far out in the boondocks as the place where I live) and take up residence, getting to know the people in the neighborhood, including a Korean kid who runs his family liquor store, the owner of a local bar, and a couple lesbians who run an interdimensional communications business called “She-mail”. Also, their dog starts talking, and Raven starts developing strange ash-controlling powers. Who knows what’s going on with this strange world.

So it’s a fascinating, rich world that Munroe and Sam have created, but I did find it a bit hard to follow at times. A lot of the story is left up to the reader to infer, or references events and relationships that we don’t see. Part of this might be due to the fact that the book is a sort of sequel to Munroe’s novel An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil (which began life as a series of faux blog posts, which are still online). Munroe also did a sort of prequel comic with artist Michel Lacomb (also viewable online). So it’s not a completely standalone work, but I was able to follow it well enough, especially when it all came together for a very satisfying ending.

But really, I found the best part of the book to be Salgood Sam’s art. I’ve seen his work before on the Image vampire-pirate series Sea of Red, but I didn’t think too much of it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t especially distinctive or interesting to me either. But here, he’s working on a whole new level, sumptuously detailing dingy environments, expressive characters, and fantastical creatures. Being a sort of Chicago native, I loved seeing his work with cityscapes (and his depiction of the infamous “bean” sculpture in Millenium Park):

His depictions of animals are also great; the dog, who is a fairly major character, is expressive and even emotive while not seeming cartoony or anthropomorphized. He also comes up with some great layouts, like this dynamic shot of angels deploying:

And I even find the “less-readable” layouts fascinating:


There are at least three different scenes sort of melting into each other there, and I’m not sure how it all works, but it’s so well put-together, I keep coming back to it. I especially like the thick, but not oppressive, shading, which adds a nice texture to everything. The character work is pretty great too; I love the girl’s expression in this bit: It makes for a funny/sad scene, and those nicely-defined and -detailed characters make for a good, human grounding to Munroe’s crazy world. Finally, I wanted to point out one last bit that wowed me, in which Raven and Mummy have a shared vision that takes the form of the drawings in Mummy’s notebook: It’s an effective shift from Sam’s normal pencil-shaded style, and the sudden “open-ness” of the art is striking and effective. Nice.

So, yeah, I definitely dug this book. Any perceived storytelling deficiencies that I felt while reading were assuaged by the excellent ending, and the exquisite artwork (and well-drawn characters and fully-realized world) kept me going until then. It makes for a really good book, and I definitely recommend it to anybody who is interested in something a little bit outside the mainstream. Good job, guys.

Thanks Matthew!

Art Blog By Bob says Laughed Behind

My mindless minions of borrowed spiders coughed this up this morning, a great Review by Bob, on his blog! I really liked this one…

Laughed Behind

originally published [with art] on March 20, 2008 by Bob

Both scarier and funnier than a library full of only Left Behind novels, Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam’s Therefore Repent!: A Post-Rapture Graphic Novel asks the disturbing question: “What if the religious right… are actually right?” Set in a post-rapture world, when Heaven’s non-elect are left behind to pick up the pieces after the “chosen” have ascended to their just rewards, Therefore Repent! imagines a world in which magical powers become commonplace and the same pre-rapture biases and prejudices rule the day.

Where else but Canada could such a work come from? First published by No Media Kings in Canada and now brought to America by IDW Publishing, Therefore Repent! takes aim at the fundamentalist foibles of the American Christian Right with withering satire. When “Dubya Almighty,” as one character calls him, appears on a television news broadcast to discuss his post-rapture tour of the Red States, Bush spins wildly in response to the question of why he himself has been left behind. When Bush refers to the faux Jesus beside him as “Mr. Christ,” it’s laugh out loud funny as well as cry in your pillow sad, especially if you’re an American surrounded by the consequences of conservative “religion.”

One good aspect of the post-rapture world is the availability of good housing vacated by the chosen. Raven and Mummy, the two main characters of Therefore Repent!, find themselves a new home in the chaos of the aftermath (above). Although basic services are spotty at best, a number of “splitters,” those who believe in a second round of rapture to pick up those who needed to atone during the “tribulation” period before ascending, keep hope alive and the wheels of society turning to a degree. Munroe and Maxim Douglas (Salgood Sam’s real name) create a credible incredible world of “radical splitters” performing the miracles of Jesus, talking dogs, and sibylesque figures who replace e-mail with “she-mail.” Like Milton’s Lucifer in the early sections of Paradise Lost, this depiction of “evil” seems infinitely more interesting and fun than the world of the holy rollers. If you’d “rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints,” post-rapture Earth and America seems not so bad, at least for a while. Douglas’ edgy, almost grimy black and white images compose the perfect atmosphere for this magical realm set in all too familiar places.

Unfortunately, the powers of religious bigotry remain strong after the rapture, and perhaps even gain strength in the vacuum of legitimate authority. Military figures with angels’ wings (above) wreck vengeance on the unfaithful practicing “black” magic. Militiamen calling themselves “God’s Faithful” decide who lives and dies based on their personal creed. In these passages, Munroe and Douglas reveal the roots of the destructive tendencies of the Christian Right in America and their ties to other wings of conservatism such as the militia movement and just how deep those roots go. Of course, Therefore Repent! is fantasy, but only in fantasy can you find the license to connect the dots in such profound and illuminating ways. Therefore Repent! is social commentary disguised as fantasy literature. “It’s just a comic book,” they say, allowing these ideas to get under the radar in a way that more mainstream media no longer provides.

Therefore Repent! begins by quoting the Bible passage from which the title is taken. “Therefore repent!” says Revelations 2:16. “If you do not, I will come to you soon and fight against them with the sword of my mouth.” In Therefore Repent!, Munroe and Douglas use the “sword” of their mouth and pen to fight against those crippling America under the weight of their right-wing prejudices codified in religious language. Those who need to repent are not the sinners but the “saints” who have taken their country down a very strange and twisted path leading to the violence of illegitimate wars and legitimized torture. In Therefore Repent!, we receive a valuable Bible lesson that questions the nature of what it is to be God’s chosen and who has the right to do the choosing.

Therefore Repent! @ The Geek OUT! Saturday Feb 23rd

Hey, so I’m going to be giving a projected dramatic presentation of the book at the next Geek OUT! Here in Montreal.

I’ll have copies of the book for sale as well, and theres other stuff going on, check this site for the details.

Location: MUCS Dining Coop, 2000 Northcliffe, suite 218 (corner De Maisoneuve, near Vendome metro)

Therefore Repent! Makes it to #16 of the Sequential All-Canadian Top 25 and NMK offers deep discounts.

Bryan over on Sequential has been compiling a best sellers list via the BookManager database for a while now, and for the last few weeks the NMK edition of the book has been fluctuating around the top 20 of the All-Canadian list [All-Canadian creators].

This week we made it to our lowest number yet, 16th over all! Perfect timing for the spring cleaning sale Jim is holding this month at NMK

I have SLASHED SLASHED SLASHED prices on my books — as much as 50% in some cases. Go check out the AMAZING deals: And, for people who buy 3 or more books, you get a No Media Kings t-shirt. FREE!

Whaa? I know! I know, you just lost your mind. I’ll wait while you find it. OK?

PLUS if you’re a book club or an educator or an indie bookseller or just a really big Munroe fan, email me for purchases of 10+ — just be prepared to redefine your def of “deep” discounting. I don’t want you to die from the shock of the INSANELY LOW PRICES.

Yeah, Jim is doing shtick :).