For the last 6 years i’ve taught courses at Syn Studio art school in downtown Montreal.

COVID-19 UPDATE: For our spring of 2020 semester Syn Studio Concept Art School has moved all our classes online! You can sign up to take Making Comics with me this summer here!.

So for the first time ever you can take my classes pretty much from anywhere with a good connection. Check the schools site here for the full listing of our courses and instructors

I created a couple sites as online textbooks for some of my courses, Dynamic Drawing,
Making Comics 101, and Intro to Cartooning.

And post clips now and then on YouTube, and i’ve started working on trying to offer some of the same services one on one, both at my studio in Montreal and via Patreon as a reward tier for patronage there. For Zoom based tutoring online by the hour, write me about availability and rates!

Contact me here to book a visit, or consider signing up at Syn for one of my classes there, or maybe pledge on Patreon to join me there! And feel free to use any and all of the publicly available online resources at your own discretion.