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The Social Network Agency

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 I’m always hunting for new freelance gigs*.

A piece done in exchange for hooking me up with a gig! Now in the home of Daniel Ha!

A piece done in exchange for hooking me up with a gig! Now in the home of Daniel Ha!

It’s tough out there, It’s around this time freelancers invulnerably say, I wish I had an agent for this.

Unless they do have one! But I don’t. I’ve tried, problem is there are fewer left and most are not taking on new talent just now.

The other night I thought, could you not just crowd source the problem? I’ve got a couple thousand ‘friends’ on Facebook and G+ hundreds daily to my sites. It’s not the biggest but it is a large network. I read recently that said thanks to the net, six degrees of separations is more like three.

Someone out there is the freind of an Art Director, looking for just the right Artist, right now. That’s when I came up with the idea for…

The Social Network Agency

What if I give a 10% finders fee** to that someone if they suggest me to their AD freind and they hire me?

No fronting the 10%, they get it when I get paid. But if they bring me work, it’ll mean a decent pay day starting at $30 for a standard*** B&W illustration [$300]. $50 for a standard*** colour job? [$500]. I often do jobs for a fair bit more, involving more than one image. So not to over play it but 10% of my fees could be a $100 or more for you.

Or alternately, if you like the equivalent in art? con-sketch/sketch-portrait/sketch-request? Either perk would be given happily.

My rates are here for a frame of reference.

And to round out the offer, the same as a discount/perk, if someone hires me with no referral****?
Then you get 10% off my base rates, or a free sketch thrown in?

A standing offer for at least the rest of the year. Inquire here:

My Illustration portfolio & A big post of comics samples! Everything from pencils to ink to colours too, well you’ll see.

[*] I’m especially found of doing things like album design, posters, T-shirts. I don’t get nearly enough of that kind of thing. Tattoos, Book art, theatre posters, set design, editorial illustration, house portraits [ architecture ], trade signs, print design and web graphics? Portraits? Those can be tough but all lovely work to do. Comics too!  Did a one page comic as a wedding invitation recently. That was nice. Oh and working with pleasant clients! Also worth points! :)

[**]  10% is an industry standard for a one time finders fee listed in the The Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines.

[***] [8.5″ x 11″]

[****] clients who come from referrals would not qulify for the perks but I will do postcard sketches for them

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