A journal of posts relevant to
my profesional work as an artist and teacher.

New Posts On Youtube and Ko-fi (2/12/2019)

Hey all, so I’ve got some new clips i’ve posted over the last while,
and i’ve added Ko-fi to my funding options too.

 I like Patreon, plan to keep using it, but I’m aware some folks are falling of love with the platform, and some people want a more low commitment option than a monthly pre programed payment to help out. So you’ll find buttons like this in the widget section of my site just under the Patreon logo, if you would like to help out you can use that now!

What’s new on YouTube (11/5/2018)

I’ve posted several clips since I last updated
the workblog about my activity there.
Here’s the highlights!

This one documents some of the last bits of inking for my work on Dracula Son of the Dragon.

Here I talk about a basic inking tip re how to place lines relative to the forms you want them to describe.

This one about is how I digitally colour my work.

This one, relates to the last in that it’s about line weight and values.

And these two are about how to draw a horse, but also using gesture, constructive anatomy, and figurative contour, and how Aphantasia does not get in the way of my work.

And last, i’ve made a video presentation of a talk I given in my Making Comics class and at events on the mechanics of sequential art, you can watch the 4 part series here!

Stormy ink & wash (11/3/2018)

I’ve been doing some catching up with things this fall, this commision is one of the last two outstanding I had backlogged.

Details of the work are posted to patreon here, here, here and here.


And here’s a time lapse clip of the inking and washes posted to youtube.

Reading what a clients wants. (9/10/2018)

I posted on Patreon about profiling your clients desires and helping them to visualize what they want more clearly so they can share that with you enabling you to actualize it more efficiently. It’s a key skill in a freelancers toolkit.

The job in question was this one.

Snakes, ladders & closure: The mechanics of comics art (5/21/2018)

FBDM/MCAF is coming up, along with tabling [#72] i’m also hosting a workshop talk on comics this year!

Snakes, ladders & closure:
The mechanics of comics art.

Sun 27th in the ‘studio’ 4pm-4:45pm.

I’m going to try to record the session so I can post a clip of it on Patreon, though not sure if i’ll be able to pull that off.

If you’re in town for the fest come say hello and make sure to remind me if you’re a patreon patron!

Darth Vader Sketch, my first! (5/14/2018)

Just got back from the Ottawa Comic Con, wasn’t a great show for sales this year which is sad, but had a really good time visiting with some fellow comics people.

I had an online commision that didn’t get started before I left so I didn’t necessarily expect them to show up for it, but happy with how the art came out, I put it up for sale on my store now! It could be yours for $100 cnd.


New Album Art Gig : Mirage (5/7/2018)

Hey folks, I posted a process post about this job here on my Patreon blog, and added this new work to my illustration sets! Nice little gig for local band Le Trio BBQ.

Lots of notes on it on the blog post. Just wanted to point out here, it works both right side up and upside down! Catch the development process here on Patreon. It’ll go with their album Mirage.


Blog is back after a long hiatus? (4/29/2018)

Hello! For ages I kept a work blog on this site, which over time kind of drifted to become a mashup of personal blog and stuff basket. The Feature image you might be seeing on the workdiary page on this post is from one of the last incarnations of that blog.

Over time social media sort of took over for such things and the need for one on my site seemed to end. Especially once I started posting my blog like things on Patreon.

I plan to continue doing that, but I’ve decided to start the home site work blog back up fresh, it’ll host some cross posting with Patreon, but mainly I feel like it might be a good idea to keep the home base at least a little bit more active than I have.

This is going to be a trade and craft space exclusively this time though, sketch posts will be the most personal things, nothing else goes here. News about my work, posts that come out of my teaching, how two clips like the recent YouTube clips embedded below, that kind of thing. Hope you enjoy it if you stumble in here, let me know on twitter or facebook if you do!

So yes, here’s a set of more recent work clips from YouTube, i’ve been posting instructional desk side stuff there for a while, subscribe here if you want to get updates as I post!