Revolver One & Zero!


Revolver One & Revolver Zero!: The first, and the final issue of my personal antholagy series Revolver Quarterly. If you’ve just heard of my work, this is a good place to start probably! These two books work as stand alone issues, with no serialized stories, just shorts and one pagers, stand alone tales, pin ups, poems, and Comix Jams!

“Always liked Salgood Sam’s compositions–a bit delirious” – Scott McCloud on A Bastards Tale.

“Salgood’s drifting vision has an incredible sense of space and freedom. Your eye moves across the page continuously, an angel floating through worlds.” – Sherwin Tjia on Revolver One.

“Revolver is – filled with poetic short stories of dreams and loneliness, visually stunning and unique, with just the right mix of reality and fancy.” – Farel Dalrymple on Revolver Three.

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Revolver One: Featuring Pin City, The Rise and Fall of it All. Misplaced, Where the Wild Things Went, and Helpless. With John O’Brien, A.J. Duric, & The MMCJ! The first, critically acclaimed issue of my personal anthology series!

It earned me a 2005 Doug Wright nomination for the first B&W edition, this is a remastered full colour edition! A 52 page Trade Paperback. 8″ x 10″ inches, $15 US $20 CND.

Revolver Zero: Hey, It’s More Comics Kids! You will find two entries of my childhood memoir A Bastards Tale, A poetic ode to Tom Waits fans and barflies I misspent some of my youth with. There’s Comix Jam pages and Monster pinups too! A 52 page Trade Paperback. 8″ x 10″ inches, $15 US, $20 CND.

There were several other volumes of Revolver in the past, but they are all out of print for various reasons today, this book collects all the things that were in them I wanted to keep available and is the last of the Revolver series of my antholagy project. There will be more but going under a new name.

Retailers! Interested in stocking Revolver Quarterly? Drop me a line!

Digital preview copies can be had at request and I offer 50% off for the US, and 40% in Canada wholesale. And 50% off for all libraries and schools. A number of shops have carried my books now.