The Spilt Ink Digital Bundle


Two issues of my personal anthology series Revolver, & my solo 2014 graphic novel Dream Life, a late coming of age. I throw in an annotated edition of Therefore, Repent! Most of the Monthly Montreal Comix Jam zines, some old comics and lit zines, and all the issues of my first run of Sequential Pulp for free! The ultimate digital pack of my independent comics!

“Always liked Salgood Sam’s compositions–a bit delirious” – Scott McCloud on A Bastards Tale.

“Salgood’s drifting vision has an incredible sense of space and freedom. Your eye moves across the page continuously, an angel floating through worlds.” – Sherwin Tjia on Revolver One.

“Revolver is – filled with poetic short stories of dreams and loneliness, visually stunning and unique, with just the right mix of reality and fancy.” – Farel Dalrymple on Revolver Three.

“Those of us who love & cherish-involuntary interior rambles can enjoy more of a good thing diving into Salgood’s universal trance adapter.” – Jim Woodring on Dream Life.

“This latest work by the legendary Montreal-based artist Salgood Sam has been called “neo-realist,” but it might be more accurately referred to as “honest.” — a stellar graphic novel…” – Joel W. Vaughan on Dream Life.

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Get nearly all my Spilt Ink publications, Dream Life book one, Revolver, an extended edition with backmater of Therefore, Repent! A big pile of the classic Monthly Montreal Comix Jam collections and old zines, all in one bundle.

I’ve included three issues of Sequential Pulp I published as free giveaways at TCAF a decade ago! And the Jam Zines are filled with the mad bar room doodling of a large swath of artists over 4 or so years. It’s a deal at a steal!

I think this giant pile of my comics includes a lot of the best work I’ve ever done, hands down!. It fills me with pride to have gotten this collection together. I hope you enjoy it & share with others!